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Part one

By Karen Published 3 years ago 3 min read
Photo by Altınay Dinç on Unsplash

She liked this bar. She has been coming here for weeks now. She slips into the same booth, in the corner, hiding in the shadows. People left her alone and that was the way she preferred it. She got enough attention during the day and she didn’t need any now. The dark shadows provided the protection she wanted in order to be able to watch.

People do strange things when they don’t think they are being watched. They act differently under the darkness of a bar, with the strength of liquor able to mask their fears. The CEO that acts coy and weak in order to not intimidate a potential sexual encounter. The meek and shy cubicle worker that struts in, head held high, demanding all eyes to turn their attention to him.

Normally, watching was enough, but tonight she wanted more. She knew she was ready. Others warned her, starting at a bar was going to be too much, too fast. They warned her she wasn’t ready. She was tired of the scraps that they would provide her. The hunger for more was too much. No one could be expected to survive off the weakness that was given to her.

There was a man at the bar. She has seen him before. Despite her attempts to blend into the corner, this man seemed to study her as thoroughly as she has been studying everyone else.

He was handsome enough. Strong build with short dark hair. She took a sip of her martini and contemplated what she could do with him, correction, to him. She met his gaze at that moment, holding it. A smile slowly formed on her lips at the variety of thoughts running through her mind. She finished her drink as a plan formed for the evening.

Consequences be damned. This was going to be her night. She didn’t need guidance anymore, she could do this on her own.

She stood while meeting his stare. He hadn’t moved the entire time. His beer was forgotten at his elbow. She turned away from him and strolled towards the exit. At the last minute she paused and turned to face him. She lifted her arm and indicated with her single finger to follow her as she slipped into the night.

As he exited out the bar the cold night hit him like a slap in the face. What in the world was he doing? The thought slipped from his mind as quickly as it came when he saw a slender figure turn into an alley down the block.

She saw his hesitation as he appeared in the alleyway opening. She smiled and leaned against the cold brick wall. He approached slowly, hands in his pockets. His approach quickened when she signed and arced against the wall, calling to him. She needed him, needed what he could provide her. This is what she was made for. This was her time, he was hers now.

Desire swirled in the air between them. He leaned into her, the warmth of the desire chasing away the chill from her skin. His hands were almost burning to her skin, even through her sweater. She could feel the desirous heat seeping into her, spreading through her, heating her to the core.

Her body tingled as the anticipation from him swept into her. Her lips parted. He seized the opportunity and crushed his mouth against hers.

Within mere moments the warmth and tingling overwhelmed her and she pushed him back from the wall gasping for air. She wasn’t ready. She wasn’t prepared to handle the quick infusion from him.

“I’m sorry” She panted and fled from the alley.


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