Raw n' Real vs. Set Up n' Scripted!

by Kai Storm about a year ago in erotic


Raw n' Real vs. Set Up n' Scripted!

Based on the fact that I write erotic blogs, have written a BDSM story or two, and I come straight to the point no matter what subject, that alone should tell you that I may have perused the site. I can't exactly remember how I came in contact with Pornhub (the heavy weed smoker that I am makes things in my past a bit blurry....don't judge me, join me) but it could've happened in any one of the three ways. Pornhub does get mentioned a lot in social media circuits, conversations, and jokes, so I could've overheard someone talking about it (with my nosy ass). Another way could've been via an inbox message, as I often get messages from all kinds of people from all parts of the world. A good percentage of my inbox messages are full of information I don't want, have no interest in, or can't afford to look at because it's involving monies that I just don't have. The possibility of someone sending me a Pornhub link and me clicking & thoroughly enjoying the video might also be a possibility as to how I connected with the site, but nobody's admitting that right now. I'm sure you can agree with me that we can wait to get clarity on that. Another way that I could have connected with Pornhub is I often turn to my best snitch on staff, aka Google when I'm doing 'research' on things to write about in these blogs. My 'research' always tends to lead me to erotic pictures, memes, and yes, videos full of sexual content so the possibility of finding a Pornhub link would definitely exist there. Whatever you believe is the right answer is for the big question: HOW DID KAI STORM FIND PORNHUB? is not something that needs to be discussed out loud....at least not where I can hear you. What I do want to discuss is the quality of the content in a raw n' real video versus the set up n' scripted videos.

You're probably saying to yourself, "are you really about to critique a porn video?" YES I AM. Why not? I feel like the cell phone, home camera, very real videos have way more levels of TURN ON than the scripted ones. The commentary on scripted porn sound mechanical and forced sometimes whereas a home video you hear real talk, real horny, real wetness, real emotion, and most of all, real orgasms. As a voyeur, you actually feel it because you're watching something real (SHAMELESS PLUG: I Watched You!). Scripted porn has perfect bodies whereas the cell phone porn has meaty bodies with even meatier body parts involved in the most intense sexual acts. I don't know about you, but Kai Storm appreciates the REAL in everything in life. Based on the hits that the cell phone and home camera videos get, I can't be the only one who also appreciates REAL. What do you think of the subject? Do you appreciate raw n' real or set up n' scripted? Or better yet, do you just want to go on record that you've never heard of Pornhub and would never visit such a site? I'm not judging, just asking a question or two. We're all grown, right? We can talk about things and be truthful with each other, right? How about this....my email address is [email protected] Use this email to let me know what you think of this blog, any particulars you have on the subject matter, and I promise no one will know about it....unless you give me the permission to use it in a future blog....otherwise it's just between us. Deal or no?

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