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Racing Against Anna, Part Two

A tale of panting and pants

By Doc SherwoodPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

The minute I tried to dive under the hurdle, upside-down Anna smartly swung herself the rest of the way to the ground and landed blocking my path, the heels of her sparkling sneakers clapped together. I stumbled, flushing. If I tried what I'd been planning now, I'd run face-first into her feet!

Before my staring eyes she pushed out her butt at me, maddeningly, and then sprinted off.

Furious, I hitched up my shorts so high that my light blue underpants showed, and did my best to vault over the hurdle right away and give chase. My best wasn't good enough. Trip! Splat! Where Anna had done a graceful handstand to get over the thing, showing off, I couldn't even jump it the way we were supposed to. For the second time that day I found myself sprawling dazed on the grass.

I picked myself up, hurt but refusing to quit, more determined than ever that Anna shouldn't get the better of me. She had quite a lead by now, of course, but I made myself move. Downhill I could surely go just as fast as any girl!

It turned out I couldn't though. However much I pushed myself, until my breath came in giant gasps and my boy-bits bouncing up and down in front of my pants were driving me into a frenzy, I just couldn't catch up with that awesome girl-butt in tight lycra shorts moving so smoothly ahead of me!

What was I doing wrong, I thought to myself in desperation? This was the fastest I could go!

It was hopeless though. A feeling of defeat flooded through me as Anna passed the finish line, an impossible distance from where I was. It felt like ages before I blundered through those same posts and came at last to rest, where for about a minute I had to stay bent over double and haul in breaths as if I'd never stop. I knew my shorts must have pulled up in back and my blue underwear would be poking out again, but there was no way I could straighten up again until I'd recovered!

Anna meanwhile was calmly doing her after-race stretches. My eyes burned at her as I hunkered there panting hard. She didn't even look pink.

So of course, I didn't win the prize I'd badly wanted. I felt like sniffling and crying as I watched Anna receive it instead, and I just knew a girl like her would never share. Much later that afternoon I was still hanging round the racetrack on my own, dejectedly, thinking of nothing but how badly I'd done and how silly I must have looked losing to a girl that way.

I'd got my breath back by now, but was still hot about the cheeks. That wasn't from overexerting myself! Something told me I wasn't going to get rid of this blush for the rest of the day.

Then all of a sudden I had a whole other reason to turn red, when I discovered I wasn't quite as alone as I'd thought!

Reaching the top of a little foothill, I very nearly dropped in unexpectedly on Heather and a boy her age, who I remembered as having won against her in a race earlier on. They were nestled amidst the long grass in the hollow below me, and I quickly crouched down and hid, because they hadn't noticed I was there. Sports and Activities Day it may have been, but I guessed Heather and her little boyfriend wouldn't have much appreciated spectators for this particular activity!

"I love you with all my boobs," Heather whispered to him. "I'd say my heart, but my boobs are bigger."

"I can't think of anyone I'd rather sit with in silence while we stare into our phones," he breathed back to her.

"You're really good at running," Heather told him, and I longed for a girl to one day say that to me. "You didn't have to try and climb under a hurdle to get past me!"

This she scoffed as an afterthought, and I blushed with shame to hear her speak so of me. Her boyfriend said with a smirk: "Even if I had, it wouldn't have been the first time I've slipped between your legs!"

"Is it nice there?" Heather asked throatily, moving her lips near his.

"Unbearably cobwebby and horrid," was as much as he managed to moan, before their mouths clamped together.

I watched from hiding, weak with envy as they wriggled and murmured in front of me. Now I really was starting to cry. What Heather's boyfriend was enjoying right now I wanted even more than the prize Anna had won, but it looked like there were no participation-prizes for boys like me who couldn't even win against a girl!



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