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Rachel Reveals All

by Rose 17 days ago in erotic
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Going Live: Sex on Camera

Rachel Reveals All
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

The moon was high in the sky, it wasn't quite full but it was almost there and I delighted in its light. My bed was made with silk sheets that felt amazing against the smoothness of my legs, the candles were lit, the camera and ring light was set up and I was just about ready to go live.

As soon as I hit start the comments flooded in from all my loving followers, I loved reading their comments it got me wet and ready to tease. I started as I always did by saying hello in my sultry voice that hung in the air and made everyone go wild with desire.

I was wearing a fancy lace lingerie set that had a practically see-through bra and crotchless panties, I felt confident in my body and felt comfortable showing it off. Everyone had anonymous names and those that paid extra got to send me private messages.

Someone called CockKing56 asks me to use the toy he sent me, it is a dildo that has been molded around his erect cock. 'Stick my cock in you baby, let me watch you fuck yourself with it'. I get it out of the bedside draw and hold it up to the camera so that he can see I really am using his. I take the cock and deep throat it making sure I've gotten it perfectly lubed up.

More comments pour in.

'I'd like to fuck your face.'

'good girl.'

'I want to see you ride it.'

I take the now lubed up dildo and stand it up on my chair, I then slide slowly on top of it moaning as I do. The dildo is of average size and fits me comfortably, though I find myself craving more pleasure.

A private message pops up from someone called sexyS she's sent me a picture of her gorgeous body, her breasts are larger than mine and so there is plenty of cleavage hanging out of the top of her bra, which I realise is actually one of my used garments that she's purchased from my online store.

I check out her profile all the while bouncing up and down the cock, biting my lip a little for the camera. I can see from her profile that she lives in the same city as me and so feeling a little adventurous I send her a direct message saying 'how would you like a chance to fuck me for real?' she wastes no time replying and within seconds I'm sending her my address. I announce to my fans that I have a special treat for them tonight and that a guest will be joining me.

I unlocked the door for her so she was able to just walk right in whilst I continued to entertain the viewers and she did just that. sexyS has arrived I let them know as she begins to strip off. Seeing her breasts spring out of the same bra she was wearing in the photo, has me desperately craving her touch. She saunters over like she has done this a thousand times before and waves at the camera.

The fans eat it up and comments keep pouring in with all sorts of requests and sexyS skims through them before choosing a scenario she likes. She heads over to my selection of toys laid out on the bed behind me she selects the silk restraints and ties my hands up behind the back of the chair and then kisses her way down my neck and torso before spreading my legs apart and tying them to a leg of the chair.

My cunt is fully exposed to the camera and I watch the screen seeing all the tips pouring in and I moan a little at the exhilaration. She slaps a hand against an entrance which makes an audible wet sound and sends pleasure rippling through me.

She then gets to work spreading my folds and lapping at my juices and when she thinks that I need to begin dripping more she takes my clit into her perfect mouth and begins sucking. The pleasure is overwhelming and I'm not sure I can bare it. My hips start bucking but I'm unable to twist away due to the restraints. 'Please please please' I begin begging desperate to feel release.

I think she is about to give it to me but instead she starts pumping two of her fingers in and out of me agonizingly slowly making me whimper. 'Can't let you finish too quickly baby it wouldn't be fair on the viewers' she says into my ear but loud enough for the microphone to pick up.

One viewer says 'make her cum over and over again' other commenters voice their agreement and CockKing56 appears back in the dms telling me how he would like to fill me up with his hot cum and make SexyS clean me up with her pretty little mouth.

I moan aloud and then start screaming in ectasy as sexyS speeds up her pumping fingers and has me squirting for the first time all over he hand. She doesn't stop going until she has taken from me all that she can.

With a wave and a wink at the camera, she closes my little show saying she has some dessert to finish up.

Then she proceeds to untie me plants a kiss on my lips and sachets out the door without a word. Later that night I get a message from her saying 'that was fun next time I'll bring my boyfriend' .


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Hi, I'm 21 and this vocal media profile is dedicated to giving you the pleasure freedom and inspiration you deserve. Read my stories, subscribe and let yourself relax.

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  • David Thomas10 days ago

    I loved every moment of it.

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