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Take the reins

By Clementine LipsPublished 4 years ago 7 min read
Photo by Geran de Klerk via Unsplash

I wondered what it felt like to be a panther. To crawl up the bed, from the feet to the head, over him. To pin his hands down, and take control of everything happening in bed. I wanted to be in charge, to feel that power. I dressed for the occasion: platforms, and a see-through black dress that showed the scarce underwear, that barely covered my bush or my tush. My breasts were supported by a lycra bra surrounding them, but no cover, so that my nipples were clearly visible through the dress. My hair was tied high, and tight in a braided ponytail. I walked dressed up like this for the whole afternoon, to build up the character and the bravery I needed to pull my act off for the first time.

The doorbell rang. The show was about to start. Was he aware of the reason for my invitation, or did he think that I had called him to my apartment for work? Time to find out. I breathed in deeply: one, two, three.

The automatic smile that had stretched on his lips when I opened the door fell, to a gaping hole when he saw me. Okay, so maybe he did think that he was coming to discuss the next step regarding the new customers. However, he did not seem outraged. No frown, just surprise. I moved slightly away, so that he could come in, testing his willingness. This was the decisive moment; he could refuse to enter if he wasn’t interested. However, he came in, his fingers lightly caressing my exposed thighs, as if by mistake. He left the folder he had with him at the entrance side table, and continued into the lounge. Staying slightly behind, I turned on the music. A woman’s voice, husky and deep, started to sing to the jazz melody.

When I came into the lounge, he was sitting on the sofa, waiting for me. I sat over him, my breasts staying inches away from his chin. There was no tension anymore, no uncertainty. I started to unbutton his shirt, slowly. When I finally finished, he raised his arms to help me pull it off. But, this was not my plan, and today we were doing what I said. Full stop. So, I caught his arms in the sleeves, and tied them close together. He could only bring them down, surrounding me now. His arms slid down the small of my back to my buttocks, and nestled there. He seemed okay with the turn of events, and I was definitely enjoying myself.

I brushed my nipples slowly against his lips, left to right and back, keeping him in check when he tried to suck them into his mouth. My finger traced a straight line from his forehead to his lips, his teeth enclosing it before I could pull back. He kissed the inside of my palm and my wrist, and continued up to my shoulder. Nibbling, he approached the cup of my breast. I let him do his thing, let him think he was getting his way. He started to get carried away; there were no more nibbles, but a strong pull to my nipples, his tongue circling around in long arches that left me wet high and low.

I pulled strongly on the sleeves of his T-shirt, ripping his arms free. Not deterred, he put them back on my buttocks, so I grabbed them and pushed them to the sides, onto the sofa. I was stretched down, close to his juicy neck. My lips slid up, inch by inch, to his ear. The kisses punctuated his strong breathing. My fingers tangled in his short hair, I pulled back to stretch his neck, and stroked the thick veins I could see pulsating through the skin. I imagined they would be pulsating in other parts of his body, too.

What should I do next... While I was ruminating on the next move, he grabbed me again. I guess I hadn't been clear enough. I got up brusquely from the sofa, and picked up his shirt. Dragging him by the hand, I led him to the door. I laughed at his panicked face; he must think I was going to chuck him out of the door. Bye-bye, solve your hard-on yourself. Well, no, I wasn't about to miss out on a way to solve my own wetness. Before he could gather what was really happening, I tied his hands with his shirt again and pushed them up, throwing the spare material over the door. Time to try to see if my idea would work out. I closed the door quickly, so that he wouldn't free himself. Then, when he tried to lower his arms, the buttons caught in the frame. He was stuck. Point to myself.

I took a couple of steps back to check out the view. Holy shit. I already liked him before this moment, obviously, but seeing him there, topless and defenseless, gave me another kind of high. I had to touch him. I started from his shoulders down, going over his chest and his stomach. I stopped at the line of his trousers. I kissed him while feeling him over the zipper. He was definitely enjoying this, maybe even more than I was.

Time for a deep dive. I unzipped his trousers, and pulled them down together with his boxers. I kissed his chest, slowly moving onto my knees. I had his member staring me right in the face. I licked the shaft from base to point. He was trying to look down at me, but the position was too uncomfortable, so he just gave up and concentrated on the wetness that was surrounding his member. But I couldn't make it that easy. I pushed his legs aside, so he was left in a splayed out position, his arms fully stretched out above. Was I being too cruel? Maybe. Did I care much? Not really. I engulfed him, and started to move my mouth slowly. He was getting excited; there was no denying it. I had to concentrate on not laughing when I saw he was trying to move his hips. It was already hard enough to balance in his position, never mind moving about like that.

Picture by Oleg Ivanov via Unsplash

I felt sorry for him, so I decided to free him from his DIY manacles. He tumbled onto his knees when I opened the door. Before he could get up, I rolled him over with a little push of my boot. I approached him slowly, enjoying the feeling of power that the sound of my heels on the wooden floor gave me. I released the suspenders that were keeping my tights up. Then, I pulled my embroidered knickers down. Standing on one leg, I placed the tip of my other boot on his chin. I heard him inhale deeply. I pulled down, forcing his mouth open. Time for some fun. With each foot at one side of his head, I descended, squatting with my wet lips close to his. I saw him draw out his tongue, ready to lick me. Relishing my role of power, I arched my lower back, staying just out of his reach. I took his hand and folded all his fingers except the index one. I sucked on it, lubricating it plenty. although there was really no need. Gently, I guided it to my entrance and pushed it inside. I moaned, and his eyes widened. He was trying to get a glimpse, but I wouldn't allow it, not yet. He'd get a close-up soon enough. I moved his hand inside and out, revering at the feeling each time. The second finger wasn't a surprise when it entered, but still I couldn't keep from grunting. I started to touch my breasts; he knew the instructions down below, so there was no need for guidance anymore.

But I wanted more. So, holding his hand so that his fingers would stay inside me, I moved to sit on his face. Immediately, he moved his tongue in search of my clitoris. I moved on top of him, gripping his hair to stabilize myself. Faster and faster. A third finger popped in. Wilder and wilder. I could hear the faint slapping sound of him, touching himself. One last lick, and I was spent. I came, loud. Muffled by my weight on top of him, his orgasm made him open his mouth to my wetness invading his mouth.

His puppy eyes looked up at me, the only part of his face I could still see. "Can I get up now?" they seemed to ask. I lifted myself off from him. He was free to go if he wanted... at least until next time. I had enjoyed this too much to let it be a one-time thing.

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Erotic short story writer (bisexual). My stories center around female characters and their pleasure. Let's reclaim our pussies!

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