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Pop-corn and a Three-way Anyone?

by Ciara Wholey 2 months ago in erotic

A True Story

Pop-corn and a Three-way Anyone?
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I'll preface this by saying. If you're a child, maybe don't read it. But what do I care? I'm not a cop. If you're easily offended by sex, maybe don't read it. If you're my mom, PLEASE just don't read it.

Okay, it isn't really that bad. Just your typical wild 20-something city-girl lifestyle. So this one time I was seeing this guy. We will call him Adam. We hadn't been seeing each other very long and a bunch of my friends and I, and he and a bunch of his friends were all going to meet up for a night of general debauchery.

We all meet up at the bar. Now I was wearing a short skirt, like Brittany Spears-circa-2006, short. I did not exactly realize this until much later. Also, none of my friends felt the need to let me know just how short it was and that maybe tights or something would have been wise to accompany such attire.

The night starts off normal enough. We were all drinking. Heavily. At a speakeasy style bar in Boston Seaport. At around midnight, my friends and I made the fantastic discovery that they serve pop-corn after a certain time. The bar tenders give most people their own small bowls. However, I demanded that I receive the giant serving bowl. I should add that this was a couple years ago and Covid had not yet occurred.

So this is about the time were things get fuzzy. Now I remember everyone paying their checks. I remember leaving my number for the hot bartender. Now you might be thinking, "oh that's who the threesome was with." Well you're wrong. Adam had brought his coworker who we will call Nick to this gathering. Also, to be completely honest, I do not remember what this guys name was anyway so I'm just hoping it wasn't Nick.

Nick was also heavily intoxicated and no-one was about to drive home in such a state. Adam, Nick and I are all headed back to Adams place around the corner. Adam starts bringing up various details of my body that are "great, perky, tight as hell." Stuff like that. Nick kind of just goes with it. I also, kind of just go with it.

We were just hanging out in Adam's apartment, getting ready for bed. When,"Hey man, you should grab her boobs." Adam says as if he's auctioning off car parts. "I mean if that's cool....." Nick is still not sold on the car apparently. I was just going with it. If anything this was working out great for me. Within seconds I had one man's head between my legs and another at my mouth. All bases thoroughly covered.

Now I've been to Paris, but the following Eiffel Tower situation was a bit different than what I'd seen there. But I must say both versions were quite enjoyable. This one had less light shows though. So Nick "finishes" up first. and I'm thinking; "okay, now what? I just go pee like any other self-respecting young lady who doesn't want a UTI?" that's what I did. As I'm walking back from the bathroom I hear "Awh Man! You got cum on my sheets!" In the same tone someone might say if they spilled ketchup on their shirt.

Then we all just went to sleep Nick drove home in the morning and I took my hungover ass to work in the same clothes I wore the day before. One might call it the "walk of shame." I however prefer "stride of pride."

Ciara Wholey
Ciara Wholey
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