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Political Passions Erotic Story

by Timothy A Rowland 2 years ago in politics
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Politics and the One Night Stand

Political Passions Erotic Story
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Democratic Candidate Office

Karen gathered the papers as she barely listened to the candidate’s speech about how everyone had tried their best, but it just wasn’t in the cards this year. One by one she fed the papers into a shredder, stopping a moment to tighten her ponytail a little tighter. Looking at her phone, she looked at the time and then began to pick up her pace a little. If she didn’t hurry, she would be late to the Feminists Society meeting on campus. If she was late again, the others would never let her hear the end of it. What was the point of trying to finish here anyway? They lost and all that was left was to try to pick up the pieces as everyone either cried or complained. It had only been a couple hours and already two people had come up to her saying, “We’ll get them next time.” She was sick of it already.

Few minutes later, she looked up and saw anther person walking toward her with that fake grin on their face. Karen rolled her eyes, turned around, shoved the remaining papers into someone else’s hands, grabbed her bookbag, and then quickly headed for the door. She burst out through the door and started to walk down the sidewalk with her head down a bit. Campus was only a short walk away and after all these months, she could make her way back with her eyes closed if she had to.

(Moments later)

She walked up to the room and turned the knob as she pushed. Nothing. Locked. “Damn it!” She backed up a bit and looked at the door closer. There was a note pinned to the center of the door that she hadn’t even noticed.


We have moved the meeting to Sara’s house to help her set up for tonight party that she is throwing for our chapter President. If you need the address, feel free to text or call the committee members and they will help you get there.


Tara, Chairwoman of the Feminist Society

“Oh great! Sara’s house is all the way past the other side of campus. Going to be late again!”

By Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Republican Candidate Office

Richard looked around at all the celebrating and smiled. He felt proud for all of his work that helped lead to this moment. They hadn’t only gotten their candidate re-elected; they had saved a country today. He heard the shouts about having a victory party here and having one somewhere else. He was sure he would find a party to go to, but right now, he just wanted to get everything in the bag, so he could get out the door.

“Richard! You coming to the party at my house?”

Looking up, he didn’t bother to see who it was before uttering, “Sure. What’s the address?” As the man started to rattle off the address, he turned and walked away. Richard started to repeat what he heard, but before he had the chance, the man had vanished into the sea of people still dancing and cheering. Not wanting to get swept into the crowd, Richard just finished throwing papers and a few other things into a bookbag and then turned to run out the door.

Few moments later, he was outside and free of the loud commotion. He started a brisk pace down the sidewalk and toward the neighborhood just outside the campus. Well before approaching his destination though, he could hear music and women shouting. Already, he was shaking his head and dreading what he was about to have to put up with.

Two Worlds Collide

With her head down a little and listening to music in her earphones, Karen didn’t feel much like attending a party but she had to make the meeting on time. Hopefully, she wasn’t already late. With that thought, she picked up her pace even more.

Richard wanted to get this over with as soon as possible, so he just stared at the ground and planned in his head how to get in and out as fast as he could. Hopefully, without having to deal with any of those annoying…


Dazed a little, and suddenly on his back, Richard sat up and saw the woman that had run into him. All of his papers had fallen out of his bookbag and were spreading out everywhere. “Perfect!”

Her ass hurt a little from the impact of landing on it. Sitting up she could see the inconsiderate asshole that run into her, spilling her bookbag everywhere. She laughed at him for a second as he chased his own papers around, until she realized she had to catch hers too.

From the porch, a woman stood shaking her head at the pair of idiots scrambling around to gather papers. They both grabbed papers and shoved them into bookbags, and then after giving each other a look that seemed to say, “you did this” they both started to walk toward her at the same time. The woman was still shaking her head as she turned and walked inside saying out loud to nobody, “I can’t even deal with either of you right now.”

After walking through the front door of the house, Richard and Karen went their separate ways. Karen walked into the kitchen and Richard made his way down the hallway.

By Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash

Her Revenge

Karen walked into the kitchen and saw Sara leaned against the counter, drinking way too much already. Obviously, she was mad, again. Also obvious was that Karen had missed the meeting and the party was getting set up already. Members of the Feminists Society were running around hanging decorations and doing odd jobs. Just as Karen approached her, Sara threw her hand up at her with a look of disgust.

“Karen, I don’t even want to hear it. You really think that you are ever going to be Chapter President after I graduate this year? You can’t even get to the meetings on time! Yeah, yeah, I know, you’re busy with your political thing, but we should come first! Always.” Karen started to say something, but again, Sara threw her hand up.

“Like I said, I don’t even want to hear it. Besides, my boyfriend will be here soon to bring me the dress he bought me yesterday. I don’t have time to get into this with you.”

As Karen tried to say, “I think he’s already here, we literally ran into each other,” Sara was already walking away and into the living room. Now, more than a little angry herself, Karen spun around on her heels and headed toward the hallway. She really needed to just go somewhere in the back of the house and cool off. She and Sara never fully got along, but everyone in the Society knew that Karen wanted to be the next Chapter President to help her political journey.

Half way down the hall, Karen noticed the man walking toward her. Still boiling from the scene in the kitchen, she grabbed him as he almost passed by her.

“You’re here for Sara, right?”

“Well, I was bringing her something…”

“Good. Thought so. I have a better idea.”

With that she laughed more to herself than for anyone else to hear, as she pulled him by the shirt into the nearest room. As soon as they were inside, and their bookbags were thrown to the floor, she slammed the door behind him and then pushed him to the wall. A second later, her lips were on his and her hands laid on his chest.

“You know, that consent thing goes both ways, right?”

“Whatever. Listen! I’m pissed at Sara and tired of her shit. You’re a man. I know what you guys are like. Don’t tell me that you want to pass up a chance to get laid.”

At first, he got angry, and then he felt like maybe she deserved to punished in a fun way. As a grin formed on his face, she tore off her shirt loudly saying, “So, are you going to fuck me or not?”

“No bra?”

“Shut up.”

Passionate Rage

Quickly, her shoes were off and she took down her pants and kicked them aside; her lack of panties leaving her now naked body exposed to him in the half-lit room. His shoes were already off and then his pants and underwear fell on top of her clothes on the floor. He leaned against the wall and smirked a little at her. He glanced down at his semi-hard dick and then back up at her.

“If you want to get back at Sara and do this, you’re going to have to work a little for it.”

She threw a side eye glance at him and then with a huff, she stepped closer and went to her knees. Behind her expression of frustration and disgust, she was pleased with what she was seeing. She looked up, still with that look on her face, and the smug look on his face only drove her further into her feelings. She didn’t care though; she was too pissed off and now she was committed to proving her point with Sara. She shook her head a little at him, and then felt his hand on the back of her head. She opened her mouth to voice an objection, but as her mouth opened, it was filled with his already growing cock. His forceful nature wasn’t overpowering, but was certainly strong and full of intent. She wasn’t used to this. Her boy-toys never dared do this sort of thing. She liked it, which only made her even more angry.

Suddenly she realized; her anger was coming through in sucking him harder and deeper, like she was starved for it and wanted him as deep as he would go. She gagged a little and threw her head back, causing his now large cock to fall from her lips.


“You couldn’t handle that.”

She stood up and flipped him a bird as she wiped the saliva from her mouth. He was grinning and it was pissing her off. She turned her back to him and took a few steps further into the room.

He watched her ass a moment and his grin grew wider. Quickly, he scooped her up into his arms and then taking a few more steps, he threw her onto the bed. She landed hard and let out more of a squeak than a yell. He laughed to himself and then grabbed her legs, pulling her to the edge of the bedside. With not a word spoken, he threw her legs over his shoulders as he got to his knees. Like an animal, he trapped her pussy in his mouth and took ownership of her clit…then her opening…then back to her clit again. The more she squirmed at his tongue’s efforts, the harder and faster he went.

Moments later, just as she was about to reach orgasm, he stopped. Again, she shot a look that should have cut him to the core, but he just laughed a little; provoking further anger. Truth was, he was still angry too. Her lack of respect and pre-judgmental hatred of him being a man, had him determined to be the animal she saw him to be.

Again, with not a word spoken, he stood up onto his feet next to the bed, reached down with both arms and grabbed her legs, wrapping them over his arms. In one motion, he pulled her up so that her ass was off the bed and her lower half hovered in the air… at his mercy. He made sure to give her another grin that would get a rise out of her, as he pushed every inch of the rise, she gotten from him, deeper and deeper inside her. She let out a groan-style moan, and it was obvious that she hated herself for giving him that indication of how it had felt.

“Fuck you.” She said with a mix of pleasure and grimace on her face.

“Exactly.” He said with a smirk and nod of his head.

His pounding was so instant, hard, and fast, that she saw his body move, before she started to feel the impact that tremored her body over and over. It was a flash of pleasure and slight pain… pain that she also felt pleasure from. Despite herself, she was screaming and moaning. He was grunting and moaning as he towered over her, giving her every inch, stretching her out just enough to make his thrusts more intense.

After minute after minute of pounding, he finally slowed down. Pumping in and out slower now and obviously catching his breath. She was furious that he had been able to make her feel so good, but even more furious that she had not been able to hide it from him.

“Tired already? Fuck me, you Asshole!” She said through ragged breath, obviously a little worn herself. Looking up, she knew her words had hit their mark. A second later, the look on his face was now telling her that she, perhaps, was about to pay for her remark.

By Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Animal Heat

Her words sparked a fury that only built on the anger he had been feeling. Meaning to only follow the thoughts in his head, he suddenly heard them coming out of his mouth.

“If you want to act like a bitch, I’m going to fuck you like one!”

Her eyes got wide as she looked up at him. He pulled out quickly, grabbed her legs again, and used them to flip her onto her stomach. She laughed, partly from nervousness and partly from surprise. Even as she still laughed, his hands fell to her waist and she was lifted up onto her knees. She raised her top half up onto her hands, but he pushed her back down so that her head and breast were pushed into the bed. There, on her neck and shoulders, his hands stayed, holding her with an angry passion.

“Don’t worry! I’m not going to stop until you beg me to!”

She could hear both the anger and the excitement in his voice. She knew that mix of feelings, all too well in this moment. She was smiling, but trying her best to bury her smile into the covers against her face. She felt him slap her ass hard…grunt…and then she felt him lift his other hand from her neck and shoulder area.

He pulled her ample ass cheeks apart and leaned into it as he plunged himself balls deep from behind. She let out another squeak with a gasp, but instinctively also pushed back against his thrust. Before either of them had time to adjust to the sensation, he grabbed both side of her hips and began pulling her body into every hard, short, bursting thrust. He thrusted into her hard and with his full length; once… twice…three times…a fourth.

With each thrust, she let out a gasping squeak. One final hard and quick thrust, driving deep. Then he began to jackhammer her dripping pussy fast and still just as hard and deep. She cried out, but this time purely in obvious pleasure. He too was letting out his sounds of pleasure, neither of them bothering to try to hide it anymore. They were no longer pissed, they were just fucking like animals and loving every second of it.

Realization and Return to Anger

Both of them pouring sweat and both acting and sounding more animal than human, they continued to force their bodies together over and over. His hands on her hips; the only thing keeping her body from being forced across the bed. Her ass cheeks were red, simply from the pounding of his waist into them with each impact.

Her body started to shake and her moans and squeaks had now turned into screams of pleasure. Her orgasm broke free and she came on his cock hard, though he did not slow down or ease up. As she came and he continued to pound into her over and over, it became all too intense. The constant and intense fucking, was causing her to come again and again. Finally, she was drained, and it was obvious that he was too. However; he was clearly keeping his word.

A sudden and frightening realization struck her, almost as hard as his cock’s thrust, and she shouted at him as she threw herself both from his grip and off of his steel rod.

“Shit! Stop! You’re not wearing a….”

Before her sentence found its end, he let out a final groaning low yell. Within seconds after, she felt the hot spray of thick and sticky cum all over her face as a little made its way into her mouth and rested on her tongue. Instantly, she froze in place with her eyes closed and her mouth opened. Unable to not taste the cum on her tongue, or feel the rest sliding down her face and down between her breasts, her anger started to grow again. More and more her temper began to rise, then quicker still as she could suddenly hear him laughing, though he was clearly trying to hide it.

She wiped her face a bit and made sure it was safe to open her eyes. It was, so she did. Already he was getting dressed. She jumped off of the bed, realizing that she shouldn’t have, as her legs almost gave out from under her.

“Really? Asshole!”

He just laughed a little as he finished dressing, grabbed the door handle, and then looked back at her.

“Keep laughing. When I tell Sara about this, it’ll be the last you get for a long while.”

Again, he laughed as he opened the door. He turned to her, still smiling.

“Afraid not. Oh, and when you tell Sara about this… tell my sister that I put the photo album she wanted on her desk, and that she owes me $20 for losing the bet.”

Despite her shock and fury, curiosity had her. “You’re her brother? And, what bet?”

He smiled wider. “My candidate won and her Democratic criminal lost.”

Her eyes got wide as the full reality of the situation sank in. He walked out, laughing again to himself a bit, but enough for her to hear. The door closed and she fell back onto the bed.

She smiled up at the ceiling and then burst into laughter herself. “Well, damn. Didn’t see that one coming.” She rolled over onto her side, still laughing and then slowly got up and started getting dressed.


About the author

Timothy A Rowland

I’m an every day human Xennial living in the Southeastern United States. I have many interest. I just want to improve your life and maybe entertain you.

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