Poke to the Butt

by Monique Star about a month ago in geek

Should Patton feel weird for liking a certain poke to his butt?

Warnings: sexual themes, nudity/partial nudity

Under ordinary circumstances, Patton would be too frightened to go to the Dark Side of the Mind, especially in the nighttime. However, he felt uncomfortable while trying to sleep in his room and thought that falling asleep with someone else might be helpful. He didn't want to disturb Roman, Logan, or Deceit, and he still felt tension between himself and Virgil, so he walked to the room of the only Side left he could think of...Remus. The only thing he knew of the Duke's sleeping habits was that he sleeps in the buff, so there was no telling if he'd actually be awake by the time Patton made it to the door. After three knocks, he was greeted by a nude Remus with a smirk on his face and Patton looked at him with a blush every time he accidentally glanced down.

"Patton? The Side of authority and innocence? What brings you here at this time for nightmares?" Remus asked while chuckling.

"Umm...I had trouble sleeping and I didn't want to disturb anyone else. Is it okay if I slept in your bed with you?" Patton nervously asked.

There was a silence between the moral opposites as Remus eyed the innocent up and down before wordlessly bringing Patton to the bed. He held Patton's hand as he did so just to make sure he didn't trip over the closed garbage bags filled with who-knows-what. Patton squinted to see Remus get into the bed before setting his glasses aside and getting into the bed himself.

"Thank you," Patton faintly expressed.

"Every monster has a soft spot," Remus whispered.

The next morning, as Patton was making breakfast for everyone, he couldn't help but think about what he felt as he was waking up. He felt...something poke his clothed butt. He wasn't bothered or scared, but he found that he...enjoyed it and hoped for a little more of it. He didn't know what it meant, but he didn't think it would feel right to ask anyone else about it for fear of being judged if they found out he spent the night in Remus's room. He knew there were some things that caused him to only feel part of that bump, so he figured it might be a good idea to try to simulate it without some of the limitations when he was alone.

After they all had breakfast and he did the dishes, Patton made it to his room without seeming suspicious and found himself thinking. What could feel similar to that poke to his butt? He looked to his trash can and started to dig in there for an idea. He, soon, pulled out a bottle and cut off the top half to put that to good use. He brought it to the bed and took a deep breath before nervously removing his pants. He sat on the top half of the bottle and groaned as he felt the poke in his butt that felt simultaneously familiar and foreign. He groaned as his butt rose and sunk. Something still didn't feel right to him, but he couldn't pinpoint what. He flinched as he removed his underwear before sitting on the top half of the bottle again. It felt better to the point of making him less hesitant to rise and sink onto it, but he still needed...something, but he wasn't sure what it was or if he should feel ashamed.

He didn't have enough time to figure it out since he was busy doing errands, helping Thomas, and doing family activities with the other Sides. He kept to his thoughts, but the only ones who verbally expressed concern and curiosity were Thomas and Roman. Logan seemed to enjoy the lack of puns, Remus showed off his signature smirk, Deceit was barely active in the group, and Virgil, well...

Patton's thoughts kept him from falling asleep. Without much thought and with a different set of pajamas, he found himself walking towards Remus's door again. He knocked again and was, once again, greeted to a nude Remus.

"Back for more?" Remus teased.

"Actually, I need some advice," Patton confessed.

"What kind of advice would you wish to seek from me?" Remus asked curiously.

"Well...I felt a poke to my butt this morning and...I was trying to simulate it, but I might need some help," Patton explained.

Remus seemed to be thinking before giving off the familiar smirk.

"Oh, I guess you liked feeling a piece of my morning wood. How about this: rather than advice, I'll give you the real deal, then you can come back any time you wish," Remus suggested.

Patton was slightly shaking in anticipation as Remus pulled him inside before locking the door behind them.

Monique Star
Monique Star
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