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by CR. Phoenix 2 years ago in erotic · updated 6 months ago
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Heat of the night

The sun begins to fizzle out under the nights shrouding shadow. My thoughts start to race with sheer unadulterated anticipation. A lustful freedom that cannot be contained within my skin. The only images are these...

Bubbles break clear waters, as the steam from the hot tub hovers over the brewing intoxication.

There she sits in her wet suit, skin glistening from the heat and the sprinkle of warm aqua. Her gaze reveals her wishful intent and I catch her hint beneath the swaying waves above. Her tiny hand gently lays upon my knee as her fingers begin to fiddle as though she were tenderly pressing the ivory keys of a piano.

The electricity of her touch sent a pulse to my heart and a surging throbbing ache between my legs. A smile lines her rosy cheeks as a gleam shines from her crystal blue eyes.

She slides her hand lightly over my leg and around the inner part of my thigh. The pores on my skin ignite the nervous system like lightning in the dark.

Do I dare return the tenderness. My senses heighten with every stroke of her hand inching ever so close to my longing pulsing member.

She has no idea what I want for her and from her. My hunger and desires escalate and before she could finally reach beneath my swim trunks hoping to feel my rigidity generated from her.

I can no longer stand her slight of hand gestures and drive my body out of the water, pulling my shorts off simultaneously, standing before her in all my wetness.

Staring deeply into her eyes, I can see her delight and how she craves, starving for a taste she extends her hand, her finger tips remotely caress the muscle; I yearns for her, calling to her to devour me and doesn’t disappoint.

She glances up at me for a moment then deliberately pulls her hand over me to expose the gorging tip of my hard cock. And before I could exhale, her tongue fell over me, slowly rolling around the head. She had me melting in her mouth. Her lips so warm, so tender, so loving.

She lead me to heavens gate. I can feel her soaring energy with each gaze up at me. Our eyes connected so intimately, but I knew I was to give her my pleasure by having her find her pearly white gates.

Softly I placed my hand on her face and guided her up to meet mine. Once we stood, our bodies gingerly touching, dripping from the warmth of the water. I grabbed her hand, pulled her in closer kissed her madly then picked her up, turned her around and tenderly sat her on the edge of the deck.

We continued to kiss passionately, falling deeper into one another. My right hand rested behind her head and my mouth began wandering now, kissing her all over her face and back to her trembling lips.

Gently letting her head fall, my lips would trace her entire neck, running up along her earlobe and down to her shoulder. Her swim suit strap barely on, so I helped it along its descent. My fingers pinched it and pulled it away from her skin. As it inched lower my lips followed.

At the threshold of excitement, I let the strap rest on your arm for a second only to slide my hand up your beautiful round breast. A shudder escaped her body as I soon wrapped my hand firmly over your right mound.

I glimpse up at her face before tugging on her suit, letting her breast loose. In one motion I cupped her in my hand and sank my mouth over her pink edible nipple. Squeezing and sucking her so erotically then pausing slightly to tease and play with her nipple. Blowing over her rose bud and watching it fill so succulently then wrap my mouth over her whole breast, again and again.

Her breathe short, her chest heaving with ecstasy, but I was longing to tear her completely away from her suit. And I help lure her out of it. As she lay naked, I couldn’t help, but dive right back over her tits, taking a hold of both of them in my hands, pressing them and kissing them more.

Then the trail of kisses lead south to the centre of her sweet nectar. I hungered for a taste of my own. My tongue fell along the it’s edge tracing a river down over her belly button, around her last rib and to her waist. Nibbling on her hip and over onto her inner thigh. She gasp electrically and I feel her quiver the moment my tongue fills the slit of her moist sensual core.

Slowly lifting her clit, flicking it, arousing her every intention to explode. Firmly I place my lips over it and begin to suck hard, stroking her pussy with my hearts content. Her moans carry out through the night and in her break to a moment of silence. I place my rock hard cock on her swollen clit, rubbing her with the tip of my rod and feeling her wet urgency.

I enter her with the slow grace of a syringe. I return almost completely away from her juices only to plunge more deeply into her. Her legs are lifted and I’m driving my hips harder, sinking further into her until I’m drilling her like an oil rig, pumping her like a jack hammer. Then for a second test inside her throbbing all the while pressing my body onto her and holding her close. Look into her eyes, kiss her passionately and continue to push my body into yours begging together for release and it comes as we do ... not one ounce of energy wasted.


About the author

CR. Phoenix

I live moment by moment, creatively writing from an ensemble of memories, lessons and experiences.

All images are from my personal collection

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