Pleasing to Please

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Pleasing to Please

I am laying on my stomach in bed, nude, my arms tucked under my chin and my legs together. I feel you behind me, running your hands down the backs of my calves. You kiss the back of my knees and down my right leg, biting at the insides of each ankle. You run the bridge of your nose down the sole of my right foot and then my left and kiss your way back up my left calf.

Startling me you bite firmly into my thigh just below my ass. I let out a small squeal of surprise and bury my face into my forearms. I can feel your breath across my ass, you kiss the left cheek and then the right. Your hands move between my legs spreading them just enough for your hands to snake under my hips lifting my pelvis off the bed spread. Your elbows crook into my hips locking my thighs against the length of your forearms.

You lift me up further from the bedding. You now have complete control over my body from the waist down and you take it to your advantage. I can feel your breath against the inside of my thighs and across my wet pussy lips. I’m excited now, anticipating the coming pleasure. I bounce a little trying to shimmy backwards to indicate that I know what you’re doing and I want it.

You know how much I want you to eat me out and you’re not about to give it to me. Not now. Not yet. You want me to use my words, to beg you for it. So you give me the tiniest preview, your pointed tongue flicking across the outermost edges of my sex. Here, and there. You do not stop to let me feel any of it before you mercilessly move to a new location, expertly teasing. I attempt to arch backwards trying to press myself directly into your face, but you have my thighs and hips immobile with with a flex of your forearms, your hands cupped over the top of my ass.

I groan. I’m so frustrated, so angry at you now. I want you to give me what I want but you won’t, not until I ask for it. You untangle your forearms from under my thighs and hips and use your hands on my ass to ever so slightly open up my ass and pussy for your full admiration. This time instead of teasing me randomly all over with no time for rest, no time for anticipation of your next move, you start with your tongue curved perfectly so it rests on my clit and you lick a long slow lingering, agonizing, taste of my pussy upward. I moan and you can tell by the sound of it I have a huge smile on my face.

I push up on my forearms and try again to get your face into my ass, but you shove me flat to the bed on my stomach and throw my legs wide. Your strong hands knead into my ass, as you place a few more long licks down my ever wetter pussy and you smile as a soft, needy, “yes” passes over my lips. “Yes?” you ask me, burying your face into me, your tongue working in deep hungry circles. You pull away abruptly just as I start to moan and grasp at the bedding. “Yes? Yes what?” You sit up higher, a little more over me now and you slip your single index finger inside me, rotating it as you drill it slowly and methodically inside me.

“Yes, more.” I whine trying to thrust back onto your hand but finding it maddeningly difficult with my legs spread so wide.

You lean down, forward over me, kissing my lower back, and switching to nibbling along my sides. “Yes, what?” you say again moving your finger ever slower, each stroke feeling like a forever making the every inch of my pussy known to me.

“Please!” I shout out as if it’s been ripped out of me. It startles me too, so I say it again as calm as I can this time, “please. Please I need you to eat me out. I want you to eat my pussy.” Now it’s your turn to smile because this is what you wanted. You lick your lips satisfied that you have made me beg for it, only now are you willing to give me my satisfaction.

You pull your hand out from between my legs and lick your finger the taste of me makes a moan escape you. I can’t see behind me. I don’t know what you’re doing. I am so excited anticipating your mouth on me that I softly whisper, “please, oh please.”

Dropping down again between my thighs you push my right leg to a crooked position flat against the bed. With your left hand you cup my left ass cheek your thumb rubbing up and down across vulnerable and excited parts of me, just enough to pull small squeals of delight from my lips. With your right hand you cup my right ass cheek spreading me apart. Your thumbs hooked gently into my labia

You dart your tongue across me again. I never know where it’s going to land and it drives me crazy with desire. You quickly change your pace to long lingering strokes of you your tongue and I lift myself into you and moan, “please don’t stop.” You are hungry for my pleading now and you eat it from my pussy as every circle of your tongue elicits another please from me. You growl against my body face buried in my wetness. You finally use your hands to tilt my as up making access to my clit easier. Now you are going to make me beg you to stop.

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