Playing Innocence (Part 1)

by Ma Lev about a year ago in erotic

The First Night...

Playing Innocence (Part 1)

She likes to play innocent; like she has no experience. But she does. More than most. When she meets a new guy, she plays it cool. She flirts, shyly at first, but seemingly becomes better at it as the night goes on. She lures in whoever she sets herself on. Tonight it is a tall, handsome brunette. His name is Jeffery. Getting the guy is not hard to do. She's beautiful, long hair down to her ass: perfect for being grabbed and pulled when she gets the man into bed. She has her hair a different color almost every month. Tonight she has a fresh color: silver. As Jeffery begins to fall for this innocent act she has begun playing, she allows him to take her home. This is all part of her game.

Once she is home with Jeffery, the innocence continues. She allows Jeffery to feel in control, like he has all the experience and he's showing her a night she has never experienced. Jeffery begins by lifting her, Rosy, off her feet right inside the front door. He begins kissing her slowly at first, falling for her act of innocence. Once Rosy seemingly gets the hang of the kissing, he gets heavier, more passionate, while carrying her through his house, into his bedroom, and laying her down on the bed. He stands up, unbuttoning his pants, looking Rosy right in the eyes and asking, "are you ready?"

"Y-yes," Rosy replies trying to sound sheepish; still playing her character. Without muttering another word, Jeffery pulls off Rosy's skirt, leaving her in her lacy white panties. Jeffery leaves them on her while he kisses gently up her inner thigh, trying to get Rosy wet. He suddenly sticks his finger up under the panties and into her pussy, satisfied with the wetness he feels in return. Jeffery continues with his fingers for just a moment more before pulling the white panties off and begins using his tongue on Rosy's already wet pussy. Rosy lets out some moans. They are not completely fake. She does enjoy when a man pleasures her in this way. After a few more moments at this, Jeffery begins kissing up Rosy's body, running his hands up her sides, and slowly pulling her tank top off her body revealing her breasts. He takes some time to stop his mouth on each nipple, licking and biting them gently.

By now Jeffery has his pants off and has pulled off his shirt while looking Rosy in the eyes. Jeffery sees the wanting lust in Rosy's eyes, and he believes it. He gets on top of her and thrusts himself into Rosy's wet pussy. He slides in easily, and begins to kiss down her neck, leaving a hickey or two. Rosy lets out an instant moan of pleasure, something someone with little experience would do. Jeffery likes the sound of pleasure coming from Rosy and continues to thrust himself hard into her. Eventually, Jeffery flips them over and puts Rosy on top. She becomes shy. "Just give it a try," says Jeffery.

"What if I'm no good?" Rosy replies sheepishly.

"You'll do fine, just try it a little," Jeffery insists.

"O-okay, I'll try it," Rosy gives in. She goes slow, up and down on Jeffery's dick, acting as if she has never ridden a guy before. Jeffery is turned on by this innocence and slowness, and it eventually causes his to cum. Rosy climbs off Jeffery's cock and mutters the words, "I guess I did okay then?" with an added giggle at the end.

"I told you you'd do fine! It's always fun to try something new!" Jeffery exclaims.

"I'm glad you said that! I'd like to do this again sometime," Rosy says while beginning to get dressed.

"Any time gorgeous, just give me a call. I'd love to teach you some things!" Jeffery replies, over confidently.

"Right.. I'll call you then," Rosy answers before leaving Jeffery's house. Rosy leaves, satisfied with the sex yes, but even more satisfied that Jeffery had fallen for her act. Now she was ready to teach HIM some things.

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