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Pierced on the boardwalk

by D. M. McCoy about a year ago in erotic
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When getting a piercing turns naughty.

I was walking down the boardwalk one summer evening while on vacation in Miami and came across a tattoo shop with a sign that read 50% off on body piercings. I thought to myself, I wonder if now would be an excellent time to get a clit piercing. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time so, I debated this choice for a few minutes before walking in.

The guy at the front desk was very attractive with his dreamy blue eyes, shaggy blonde hair, and chiseled muscles. Plus, I think he may have been checking me out when I walked in, as I was wearing a pink string bikini with daisy dukes, and a crop top. Once I reached the front desk, he greeted me and said how can I help you? Maybe you could help me with getting a clit piercing, I said in a flirty voice. At first, he tried to sway me from doing it saying it could hurt a lot and that in some cases the female can have an orgasm right there in the chair. And that this was very awkward for him to deal with. But as we talked more and more he began to change his mind and led me back to his piercing room.

Once in the room, he instructed me to set down on the chair in the middle of the room. By the way, this room was small and felt sort of intimate in a way. He shut the door and then sat down in front of me. He began explaining to me how the procedure was going to go, and I must have gotten bored cause I found myself staring at the bulge in his shorts. He must have realized I was staring at his cock because he stopped talking, and jokingly said my face is up here not down there. I giggled and flirtingly said I couldn’t help myself. Well, you did come here to get a piercing, not fucked by me right? Yeah, I guess you’re right, but I wasn’t expecting you to be so damn hot. He blushed and then asked me to lay back after taking my shorts and bikini bottom off. I know he didn’t mean it sexually but boy did it turn me on. I obliged and stripped my shorts and bikini bottom off as he intently watched. I could tell as I laid down that I had turned him on, as well. He sat back down in between my legs trying to act natural and begin cleaning my vulva with a wipe. He then grabbed a marker and marked the spot on my clit for the piercing. Nothing about this was sexual, but I could feel my vagina getting wetter and wetter the more he touched me.

He reached over and grabbed the piercing gun while asking me if I was sure I wanted to do this. I breathlessly said yes, and within a few seconds I could feel the needle going through my nub. With that, I felt this rush sudden rush of pleasure all over my body. I tried not to make a noise, but I couldn’t help myself and let out a loud moan as he was pulling the clit ring through. I started to blush from embarrassment but then noticed he was watching me. I was so horny at this point that I begged him to take me in his mouth and taste me. He looked shocked at first and then sat the piercing gun down. He then looked at me for a second before beginning to lightly kiss and caress my inner thighs. He slowly worked his way up to my labia, licking and sucking on the lips. I moaned in delight, I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, and I didn’t want it to stop!

He licked his way up to my clit and started sucking and flicking his tongue on it while sliding two fingers into me. It was painful at first being freshly pierced and all, but within seconds it became very pleasurable. I responded by wrapping my legs around his head and pulling him in closer. I let my hands run through his hair and gently pulled it as he worked his tongue around my vulva. He moaned in response and moved his tongue and fingers faster working me into an orgasm. I felt myself let loose and my pussy juices flowing onto his face.

He pulled his head up licking his lips saying I tasted delicious! I was like let me taste, and he slowly kissed his way up my pelvis, along my stomach, over my breast, and then onto my lips. I sucked and nibbled on his lips while moaning that I did taste oh so good! I could feel him grind his erection into my pelvis as he continued to kiss and caress his way onto my big luscious breast. He aggressively took one of my nipples into his mouth sucking and pulling firmly on it. While furiously pinching and squeezing the other one. He had me purring with pleasure, and wanting so much more. It was as if he could tell what my body was craving before I even knew it. Because, then he began to tease me by blunging his fingers in and out of my creamy slit, making me moan even louder. He kissed me harder just then to soften my moans so we wouldn’t get caught.

He stopped kissing me to ask if I was ready, and I nodded a yes, please fuck me. He stood up taking his t-shirt off and slowly unbuttoning his shorts as I watched with intent as his manhood stood at attention for me. I nearly came undone as he bent over me and deeply penetrated me with his hard cock. I moaned into his ear, and he began to thrust deeper and faster. Pulling his shaft in and out and then burying it deep within my warm wet pussy. I could feel myself building into another orgasm, but just then he pulled his cock out flipping me over and then slamming it back into my pussy. He reached up and yanked my hair making me scream with pleasure! Then, he rapidly plunged his cock in and out of me, working us up into the most glorious orgasm of our lives. Leaving me trembling and him so weak that he collapsed into me.

And we laid there in the chair for a few minutes, before he began kissing the back of my neck. He then whispered in my ear, was this as good for you as it was me? I moaned out a yes as he kissed me once more before getting up! While pulling up his shorts, there I laid half-naked looking at this man I didn’t know, thinking this had been the most pleasurable sex of my life.


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