Jess and Matt were out in the car having a lovely drive in the countryside. I was a beautiful warm day; the sun was shining not a cloud in the sky. The music was blaring through the car speakers, the windows down. They pulled over into a secluded spot for a picnic. They lay out the rug and set the food out on it. They settled down to enjoy their food and talked about the past week in their respective jobs. They didn’t see each other much during the week due to both having full time jobs that conflicted in shifts. They snuggled up close and lay there looking up in the sky. Jess had her head resting on Matt’s lap as he stroked her hair. She turned her head to look up at her boyfriend, she told him how much she loved him, and he responded with a kiss to the forehead. She reached up and put her hand on the back of his head and pulled him in for a kiss. It was a gentle kiss, a long lingering kiss that contained so much emotion. He responded with a harder kiss. His tongue running along her lips until she parted her own. His tongue slipped inside her mouth and they wrestled. They both had feelings stirring in their loins, but she pulled away. She turned around and sat on his lap. Her hands running through his hair and she pulled him back in for another kiss. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her while they deeply kissed.

She could feel the swelling in his crotch, it twitched beneath her letting her know exactly how he felt. Her mouth left his and made its way down to his neck. She licked and kissed his neck making him moan slightly. His hands went up the back of her top and undid her bra. He moved them round to play with her large, firm breasts. He cupped the swollen mounds and brushed the nipples gently with his thumbs sending shivers through her body. He was now nuzzling her neck, along her collar bone and shoulders. He lifted her top and removed it. He lifted her breast to his mouth so that he may kiss the soft flesh. He made his way to her nipple, flicking his tongue over the hard-little bud. A moan escaped her and threw her head back in extasy. She lifted herself off his lap and removed her panties. She lowered herself again and began rubbing her mound against the restrained swelling in his trousers. She felt the wetness flood her pussy as she came over his jeans. He smiled at her knowing he had bought her to orgasm so easily.

He lifted her off and undid his flies. He reached in and gabbed his cock, pulling it into the open. It sprang out and bobbed slightly until it became still. She shuffled back onto his lap and reached down to take hold. She rubbed it along the length of her slit, making it slippery to the touch. She nudged the head of his cock at the opening to her pussy before sitting down on it. A groan left her as she sunk down the whole length of his cock. He grabbed her ass and lifted her up, just enough to keep his cock within her then dropped her back down on it. She gasped each time he let her drop as the tip of his cock hitting her g-spot. She reached back and fondled his balls whilst he fucked her. She knew it could take a while to make him cum, so she took over and sped up her rocking to give herself another orgasm.

They heard a noise in the bushes and stopped what they were doing. She saw a ma standing there with his cock in hand. He didn’t say anything, he just stared at them and nodded. As she had been so close to cumming again, she returned to rocking on her boyfriend’s cock. She felt her orgasm building again and she increased her efforts to get the release she so desired. She let out a long moan as wave after wave of pleasure flooded her body. The juice from her cunt, dribbling out over Matt’s lap. He pulled her down on him harder, making her orgasm last longer. She heard a grunt from the bushes and looked up to see the voyeur rapidly pumping his cock. She watched as the white fluid spurted from the end of his cock. She smiled at herself, knowing it was down to them that he had had some relief. Movement in her peripheral vision made her look to the other side and there was another man standing there also playing with himself.

She did not slow her movement on the huge cock inside her but looked further around her. She noticed that there were more men watching them. She was wary but the sensations washing through her were too much to ignore. She focused back on her boyfriend who now had his head between both of her breasts. He was licking and sucking each tit in turn. They heard a gentle cough next to them, and one of the men had approached. He asked if they minded him being this close, she looked down at Matt, smiled and told him to join in if he wanted to. The man could not believe his ears. He rapidly stripped off and knelt behind her. Matt laid down and pulled her with him. The other guy shuffled up and placed the head of his cock near her puckered arsehole. She stiffened in anticipation but forced herself to relax. He nudged her arse gently before slowly pushing his cock into her rectum. Matt had stopped fucking her to allow the other guy to get into place.

She did not move. She allowed the pair to juggle between them and get the rhythm that they were happy with. As Matt thrust inside her, the other guy pulled out. She always had cock deep inside her and the feeling of the other guys cock inside her, made Matt hornier. He had never done this with anyone before but had always wanted to. They slowly started their double onslaught, allowing her to get used to the rhythm. They increased the frequency of their thrusts and she began to moan loudly. Matt could feel himself getting close to cumming, so he began to pump harder into her. The other guy matched his speed and she was soon screaming that she was going to cum. Both men began to grunt that they were too, and they simultaneously filled her holes with their cum. They all collapsed in a heap, exhausted. The guy pulled out of her and moved back to clean himself up. He thanked them for letting him join in and he walked away. She looked around to see the crowd, still tugging on their cocks. She sat up and looked at Matt. He was spent from fucking her so hard, so she looked to the others to see who would step up. She had a few volunteers and she called them all over.

1 guy smiled at her but looked at Matt with more interest. She chuckled to herself, then leant over and whispered in Matt’s ear. Matt looked round to see the man and looked him up and down. He just nodded and called him over. The guy came over and sat beside him. He said all he wanted was to suck the cum off Matt’s cock. Matt lay flat on his back and allowed the man to approach. He took hold of Matts flaccid cock and gently rubbed it. Went it was hard again, he lowered his head and swallowed the whole thing. Matt was amazed at how much cock this guy could fit in his mouth, but he didn’t say anything. He closed his eyes and imagined that it was Jess sucking it. Jess, in the meantime, had been approached by a thick set man who had an average sized cock. She was bobbing her head back and forth as she sucked on the other guy’s hard cock. She was playing with his balls at the same time. The guy was groaning at how good she was then suddenly pulled out of her mouth and jissed over her face. She had come dripping off her nose and into her mouth. Another guy had come up behind he and was fingering her ass while shoving his cock inside her. Each time a guy came, he was replaced by another.

Matt was now watching Jess intently, as the man ministered to his cock. She was being used as a cum bucket and he didn’t care. She was loving the attention as all the men commented and complimented her when they had finished using her. Matt started to feel his cock and balls twitch as he was getting near to cumming himself. He warned the guy sucking his cock that it was about to happen, and the man increased his efforts. When Matt finally came, the guy just swallowed his cum.

Finally, when all the watchers had had a go, Matt and Jess cleaned themselves up, packed up the picnic and got in the car and went home. They would remember this day and this spot for future reference.

Lucy Lilithian Brown
Lucy Lilithian Brown
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