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Physical Game

by Roman Gabrielo 3 years ago in erotic

Rough Sex on the First Date

Photo courtesy of Rodolfo

Gabriel and Hazel were a match made on the basketball court. They met when he started following her video blog. In between teaching sessions at the local community college, Gabriel would log on to see what she was up to at her campus 50 miles away. Gabriel loved following Hazel's campus dating life and her fascination for sports.

Hazel was short, he guessed. She might have stood just above five feet, with a curvy and athletic body, as if she was the setter on a volleyball team. He could tell she was Hispanic in some way, with her thick, dark, shoulder-length hair and well-tanned skin. The light brown eyes and the child-like dimples drew him in every time she’d talk into the video. Her energy was addictive.

After a few private chats, they agreed to meet up. The gym a few miles from her apartment was a perfect setting. It was public and they could sweat on each other to break the ice.

He was smitten upon his first real-life look at Hazel. She wore black Adidas shorts that showed off her strong legs. She had on a hot pink tanktop and a black sports bra that barely hid her full bosom. He could see her panty line but tried not to stare at it. And even though her hair was pulled back (he loved seeing a girl’s mane fall on her shoulders), it helped draw attention Hazel’s light-brown eyes. They looked hungry and sparkly all at once.

They hugged quickly in the parking lot and went straight to the gym.

Gabriel and Hazel shot around the court and made small talk, updating each other on previous conversations they’d had online. When she hit her first three jumpers, his eyes bulged.

“You’re a ringer!”

“I shot a little high school ball. And by little I mean I was an all-star three years.”

“Yep. A ringer. I”m still taking you on. One-on-one ‘til 11?”

“It’s a bet.”

It was a close game. They traded jump shots, barely playing defense and just taking a few moments to flirt. Hazel would stick out her rear before spinning around to notch a layup. Gabriel would wink, graze her breasts before stepping back and launching a fadeaway.

The score was tied eight to nine, with Gabriel winning. The shots turned from safe, outside jumpers to baskets from underneath the rim. Hazel used her butt for more than just flirting. She checked Gabriel hard with her hips before muscling in a basket. Gabriel responded to her hip check with an elbow high on her chest before scoring his own. He chuckled on the way to the hoop.

Hazel let out a cough.

“Are you OK?”

She coughed a few more times, eyes watering.

“I’m so sorry, “ said Gabriel in a panic. “We can stop now.”

“Fuck you,” she said after finishing her coughing spat. “Is that all you got?”

Gabriel raised an eyebrow. “Game on, then.”

Hazel took the ball out from the top of the free throw line. Gabriel crouched down low, trying to intimidate her with his eyes and 10 inch height advantage. A few ball fakes sent Gabriel backwards, leaving Hazel an open jumper for the winner. But instead of taking it, she waited for Gabriel to get his composure back.

Then she drove in. Hard. He ran towards her. Their bodies clashed just before she let the ball go. He fell on top of her, with his back on her torso. He laughed and stayed on her chest. Hazel couldn’t move, and knew he was too big to push off. She exhaled and lay still until he decided to pick the loose ball up and score the easy winner.

“Game over, babe.”

Hazel got up and scowled. She flipped Gabriel a middle finger.

“That’s not very polite,” he said.

“I’m a shit loser,” she responded. “But…”

Hazell walked up to him, head bowed down. “Good game.”

He tried to look down her shirt when she bowed. “I guess I get the prize, eh?”

“Huh?” she said quizzically, raising her head back up. “ We didn’t bet!”

“Winners always win something.”

“Fair enough,” Hazel conceded. “I sure as hell woulda got something from you if that basket went in. So what is it? Another date? Free dinner?”

“Only thing I want is to shower at your place, not mine.”

Hazel looked at him dumbfounded.

“Um. Uh. Ok. Weird as fuck, but ok.”

“Well,” Gabriel explained, “the gym showers here are nasty and I don’t feel like driving all the way home and coming back. I still promised you smoothies later, so no dinner needed.”

Hazel sighed. “Ok.” She stepped close up to Gabriel, nipples barely touching his lower chest. She looked him in the eyes. As soon as a corner of his mouth turned up to grin, she sucker punched him in the gut. “Gotta beat me there!” Hazel ran to the parking lot.

He was surprised, but strong enough to take it without losing breath.

They raced their cars to her apartment. They laughed about nearly knocking over two bodybuilders on the way out of the parking lot. Gabriel offered to wait in his car until she was done showering.

“Nah. You can go first. I’ll make us some drinks while you wash off your funk.”

He walked into the sparsely decorated apartment. A brown couch, a fridge, and a few pictures of family on the wall. The bookshelf, though, caught his attention. She had a few trophies on the top shelf. One of them had a martial arts figure and “4th place 2017 Valley TKD Championship” inscribed at the bottom.

“Tae Kwon Do. That explains the strong punch,” he thought to himself.

Gabriel stripped down in the bathroom and started up the shower. It was surprisingly scalding hot within seconds. The mirrors steamed up quickly. “What kinda nuclear heater you got here?” he shouted.

“I made some adjustments. I like it hot,” she answered.

Gabriel finished his quick rinse-off and went to the bedroom to change. He fixed the towel around his waist and opened the bathroom door to the bedroom.

That’s when Hazel, wearing her just her sports bra and shorts, made her move.

She was crouched between the bed and the dresser drawer. This put her out of Gabriel’s view, which made it even easier to pull his towel down. While he was in his moment of shock, Hazel circled behind him and jumped on his back. She got a forearm under his chin, wrapped her legs around his waist, and started laughing.

“Come on, tough guy. Think you can take me?”

Gabriel was irritated. He thought she was cute and liked her spunk, but this last move finally got under his skin.

“You’re a damn punk, you know that?” he muttered. Gabriel knelt down quickly and flipped Hazel off of his back and she fell onto the bed. She laughed. But as soon as she turned onto her belly to crawl off, he was on her back.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Still in her gym clothes, Hazel tried to wriggle from underneath him.

“You’re not that tough. I can get out of this.”

“The fuck you can!” Gabrielle retorted. He pressed even more of his naked, muscular body onto her. When she could barely get a breath out, he grabbed her wrists, spread her arms, and held them in place. Now the two were horizontal across the short side of her bed. Hazel’s head hung over the edge.

“Fuck,” she groaned.

“Now, where are you going?” Gabriel said in delight.

“I guess nowhere.” She started to pant, lungs grasping for whatever oxygen it could get out of the steamy bedroom.

“Fucking right, you aren’t.”

He couldn’t see it, but Hazel was grinning.

“I think I still have a chance.” She started to push her ass against Gabriel’s groin.

It started to work. His flaccid cock welcomed the pressure, and the blood flow made it swell. The shape and the warmth of Hazel pinned under him started to take control of his hormones.

“A chance at what? I’m not fucking letting you go. I’m gonna keep you pinned here until you give up.”

“Oh, really? How are you gonna do that?” she pushed against him more. That made Gabriel hold her wrists tighter.

“Stop. Or… Or I’ll put something in you that’s gonna keep you still.”

Hazel tried to pull her wrists free, but it was no use. At least, not to someone who really wanted to be unbound.

“Ugh!” she groaned, while swiveling her hips from side to side. “What you gonna pin me with?”

Gabriel paused. He couldn’t believe he was becoming fully erect from this fight. But something clicked in him. He knew what he needed to say and do.

“Well, you little bitch,” he started in a low voice, “I’m gonna start here.”

Gabriel lifted his body up just a few inches. He let go of Hazel’s wrists, but put a forearm against the back of her neck to keep her head over the mattress edge. He used his other arm to yank her gym shorts down.

She wasn’t wearing panties like she was during the basketball game.

Gabriel put his knees on the inside of hers and spread her legs open. She pressed back, but not with much pressure.

“And then,” he said, “I’m gonna put something in you that’s gonna keep you down, bitch.”

Gabriel spit on his free hand and rubbed it on the head of his cock. He took two fingers to spread open Hazel’s pussy, which was now very wet and warm. Once he got his tip in, he pushed his forearm down even more.

With a quick thrust, Gabriel groaned and drove every inch of his manhood into Hazel.

“Oh, fuck!” she screamed.

“You like that, little girl?” he asked, gritting his teeth.

She didn’t answer. She pushed her ass up higher and gripped the bottom of the bed frame with her fingers.

He pumped her hard three more times.

“Answer me? Do you like that?”

Hazel moaned loudly and then muttered something while Gabriel continued to slide himself in and out of her slowly.

After the fifth stroke, he let his forearm off of her neck, gripped her hair, and pulled her head up while he fucked.

“I can’t hear you,”

“Fuck yes, Daddy! Don’t fucking stop, you weak bastard!”

“WEAK?!” he shouted.

Gabriel took the cue to push even harder into Hazel’s pussy. He loved the way her full ass bounced off the skin of his thighs. He wanted to feel more with every stroke, so he took his other arm to grab underneath Hazel’s waist and pull her closer.

The steam from the bathroom and the sweat of their bodies coated the skin between his legs and her ass. No doubt the neighbors could hear the smacking sound. “Hell yeah, baby,” he cheered between strokes. “You hear that shit? I’m fucking the mess out of you. You ain’t going nowhere.”

Hazel was speechless. Her neck was exposed. Her back was fully arched. She was taking in so much dick so hard and fast she had nothing left to say but grunts. All she could do was climax in the moment and slap the bed frame.

And when her pussy got even wetter, Gabriel fucked faster.

“Ahh. Ahh. Ahh!” he shouted as he started to feel himself cum. On the last stroke he pulled out his cock. He let go of Hazel’s hair and pushed down with his hand on her neck. She splayed herself out, gripped the comforter and began to quiver from her own orgasm as he stroked his load onto the back of her sports bra.

When he was done, Gabriel collapsed next to her panting heavy like thirsting dogs, with their heads hanging over the bed.

“That,” said Gabriel, “was fucking epic.”

“That,” Hazel said, “was a game winner.”


Roman Gabrielo

Roman Gabrielo is a writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. He specializes in erotic short stories, namely his 48XTC series that explores encounters stemming from a mysterious phone app. Follow him on Snapchat : Alamedaking510

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Roman Gabrielo
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