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Perfectly Punished

by Unnamed about a year ago in erotic
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I better start the laundry to cover all my bases, I thought as I stepped out of the shower and grabbed my towel.

As soon as I step into the bedroom though I stop dead in my tracks, there he is, starring at me with rage filled eyes. Eyed I have never seen before and in his large, dark brass hand, my soiled panties still wet with my secretions.

He knows.

“Heyyy Ba”..

he grabbed my arm pulling my towel off and bending me over the bed in one swift movement.

He’s never punished me before

I deserve it, I know I deserve it, I’m glad he didn’t leave, I hope he doesn’t leave

His heavy hand landing roughly on my ass leaving a painful sting gets me out of my head and back into the moment.

Thwaaaap, Thwaaaap, Thwaaaap

My white skin already reddened

Thwaaaap, Thwaaaap

I burst into tears, whaling “I’m sorry, I’m sorry daddyyy” as I thrash around on the bed trying my best just to accept my punishment but it really hurt. He didn’t say anything he just kept spanking

Thwaaap, Thwaaap, Thwaaap

Suddenly he stops and again I say “I’m sorry” all he said was “hmm” then I heard the whoosh of his belt being pulled from his pants.


That strike took all my breath away, my now beat red ass felt like it was on fire. After what felt like a whole minute I was able to finally let out a scream only to be immediately cut off by

Thwacccck, Thwacccck, Thwacccck in rapid succession.

I completely lost it I was sobbing uncontrollably now and thrashing about.

He pulled me up onto the bed so I was laying flat instead of bent over the side then with all his mite

Thwacccccccck the hardest hit yet had me screaming at the top of my lungs

He put his hand on the small of my back, leaned close to my ear and said “your ass has been punished” he paused “but that was not the offending part, was it”

“No” I managed between sobs

“Turn over”

I nearly lose it again sobbing and crying but I do as I’m told.

He can’t spank my pussy

Thwaaaaaap his thick hand came down hard on my pussy making me squeal

“Who’s pussy is this?”

“It’s yours daddy, I’m so sorry, please”

He’s sitting on the bed now, my legs forced open around him.

Thwaaaap, Thwaaaap, Thwaaaap striking my lips and hitting my clit each time.

I try to squirm away but there is no escaping his grip

“Please daddy, please, I’m sorry”

Thwaaaap, Thwaaaaap

He gets up “don’t move” and leaves the room

He comes back a few seconds later “this is how we punish whore girls in my culture” he bits off the tip of a chilli pepper and spits it on the floor.

I look at him in complete horror with wide eyes

He rubs the open end of the freshly severed pepper around my clit and labia a few times before shoving it deep inside me. As the seconds tick on the burn gets worse and worse. Soon I am back to sobbing and thrashing around on the bed, the heat is unbearable. He’s standing there just watching me in agony.

“Please pleaseeeeeeeee”

He’s still watching me unphased.

After 10 minutes he takes it out

I am still crying but silently now

“Look at me” I sit up and look up to meet his gaze “you’re my bitch” “that’s MY pussy” he’s said before roughly slapping my face.

“Yes daddy” I manage to say before he slips his cock into my mouth

Sitting on the bed hurts so bad, my ass feels like it is bleeding and my pussy feels like it’s on fire, I still have tears steaming down my face as he fucks it.

He pulls his cock from my mouth “Ass up” he demands

There is no way I can take his huge,rock hard, cock in my burning pussy right now not to mention the pounding against my punished ass.

“Daddyyy” I whine

He puts me in position and thrusts his full length into me, it felt great but hurt at the same time.

He begins slapping my ass as he fucks my pussy from behind. At this point I can’t take anymore and begin sobbing again collapsing on the bed I can’t even hold myself up anymore. He has throughly punished me. He climbs behind me cuddling me as he continues to pound away against my freshly beaten ass and pussy , he grabs my throat and reminds me “you’re my bitch” before cumming deep in my pussy, HIS Pussy.

as I drift of to sleep with his now soft cock still in me, he whispers in my ear

“Things will be different now”...


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If I didn’t live through my story I wouldn’t believe it either

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