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Perfect Strangers

A soulmate

By DSPublished 3 years ago 9 min read
Perfect Strangers
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

My name is Calvin. I was sitting at a local department store late one night to pick up my daughter from her job. She works for a traveling inventory service, and they are never on time, especially on the way home after payday.

I was checking my phone for a message when suddenly, my passenger car door opened. I met a beautiful girl in her early twenties. She had a tube top that barely kept her goodies inside of it. They were huge. Her long blonde hair went to the waistline of her small skirt. She was only wearing a pair of flip flops for shoes.

Without saying anything she reached over and undone my jeans and had my member in her mouth. She was sucking on the tip like a lollipop. She had me huge within a minute. She started stroking my shaft with both hands. Her mouth was busy sucking on the tip so hard. She had me all lathered up with her mouth. Each stroke she made me want more. Her hands found my balls and she started squeezing them.

I was in heaven. Only problem was she had me ready to blow my load in the short time she had been with me. I exploded into her mouth, and she made sure to swallow every ounce. She used her tongue and cleaned my whole shaft.

She then neatly put my tool away. She zipped my jeans back up and kissed my mound of manhood.

She gave me a long-wet kiss and put my hands on her huge breasts so I could squeeze them. She then hopped out and ran over to the bench and set down with her suitcase beside her.

I turned on the radio and waited for my daughter to get there. About ten minutes passed and the van showed up with her crew.

My daughter ran over, and the mystery girl met her halfway to the car. They hugged and both started walking over. My daughter, Laura opened the door and peeked in.

Laura started talking. She had said that Beth, her friend, recently got fired from the company and lost her home because of it. She went on and said that she offered our home until she got on her feet. She said she would help with chores and do stuff around the house to earn her keep.

I simply smiled and told her that would be fine. They both jumped in the car, and we headed home. Beth and my daughter chatted the whole way home. They made plans for our dinner that sounded great. We needed a few ingredients from the store though, so I stopped on the way home at the store. My daughter said she would go in and grab it while we got to know one another.

My daughter was barely out of sight when Beth started talking. Beth started with, yup you guessed it. She said that I tasted so sweet compared to most men my age. She loved my size and promised she would do more for me once she got settled in. She told me that Laura had told her of my recent divorce and my hectic schedule. She said you had no time to seek out pleasure and that you please yourself often when you think she is not around. She does not want to embarrass you, so she lets you finish and get yourself cleaned up before she comes in to check on you. I have been in one failed relationship after another, and I would love to just have the comfort of a man without having to worry if he is cheating on me or is going to leave me. I told Laura I would take care of you for her. She really does love her dad and hates to see how her mom has treated you. When she ran off with that old professor of hers from the university.

She went on to say that I should not be shy around her. If I wanted her or something from her to simply come over and ask. It should be natural, and she enjoys the attention. Your daughter says you are quite active, sometimes up to five or six times a day. She said you have denied yourself the love of another woman because you do not want to hurt her feelings. Laura just wants to see you happy again and so we worked this out between us, we were just going to have me stay over a few times but with me getting fired I need the place to stay so we changed it up some.

Laura was walking to the car, so Beth grabbed my hair and pulled me to her mouth and gave me a long kiss before sitting back down and getting her seatbelt on.

Laura climbed in the car and said, “I got everything we need. I also ran into Teri, and she is going to come over tonight for some drinks with us if that is ok dad? “

I said, “That would be fine baby. I know with working you and Teri do not spend much time together now. “

We made it home and had a great dinner. The girls both took care of the dishes while I went in and found a movie for us to watch on Laura’s Xbox. I picked out a wonderful drama with a lot of nudity. I love seeing the female form naked.

Teri showed up at the door and I let her in. She was so hot. Too bad she plays for the other team. Her golden-brown hair was shoulder length and feathered back on the sides. She had on a pair of silk short shorts that showed off her lip’s underneath. A hint of moisture was showing in front of them. Her breasts were very naked and very big under a half-tee that when she moved her arms just right it showed you everything. Her nipples were so hard and showing through it already.

Teri handed me a big bag from the liquor store that had a ton of wine coolers in it and asked me to put them in the fridge. She had brought me a twelve pack of my favorite beer and said she would put it in the front room mini fridge for me.

Beth and Laura, not wanting to be outdone by Teri went into my daughter’s bedroom and changed into some string bikinis. The kind that has a little triangle that barely covers their nipples and nether regions.

We all sat down and popped the top on a cold beverage and started the show. Beth sat right next to me on the couch. Teri and Laura sat on the love seat. You could not tell where Teri began, and Laura ended though. They were so entangled with one another.

We made it through most of the movie and Teri and Laura grabbed a new wine cooler and headed to her bedroom. Leaving me and Beth on the couch. She did not waste any time. She pulled off her strands of clothing and pulled me out of my jeans.

It was so hard already from her rubbing my shaft during the movie. She made sure to keep me nice and hard. She pulled my jeans completely off and then took my shirt off me. Beth straddled me so she could see my face. She reached down and took my shaft in her hand and started rubbing her little hard nubbin with my head. Between my juices of excitement and her sweet nectar that was erupting from her it was such great pleasure. She used my hard shaft and head to masturbate herself to an earth-shattering orgasm. It had covered my whole tool. It was so big.

She then lifted herself up and placed my tool at her entryway and pushed it into her very tight love portal. Slow at first till she got used to my size. Once she had me all in, she started just lifting a little then sliding back to bottom. Gyrating her hips to and fro. She was so tight that I felt every move. My tip was pressing on something so soft and juicy inside her. I believe I had hit bottom and she was using my tool to massage herself there. With each move she was groaning. Each one louder and more intense. She was kissing me, and I had her breasts in both hands squeezing them with her movements.

Soon after what seemed to last forever, she arched her back and screamed in ecstasy. Her body emptied a tsunami on my member. It was wave after wave of hot sweet-smelling juices. It was all too much, and I groaned in pleasure and erupted deep inside of her body to add my juices to hers. It felt so earth shattering. My legs were quivering. My gut felt like it was empty. I have not had this feeling in so long I forgot how good it felt.

After a few minutes Beth pulled herself back into my arms and squeezed me so tight. Her pillowy breasts squished into my chest. It felt so right even though she was near half my age. She knew how to make love like she had been doing it for a thousand ages. Her soul and mine in perfect synchronicity.

Beth had fallen asleep in my arms as I sat there. My tool still partly inside of her love nest. She was truly wiped out and very comfortable. I sat holding her basking in the afterglow. It energized me. Made me feel alive once again. All my feelings of dread were no longer at the forefront of my mind. It felt as if I had found my soulmate.

I noticed a light go out in the bathroom. It was Teri. She was coming out of it. She came over, naked as a jaybird. She walked right up to us and bent over and kissed me.

Teri whispered as not to wake Beth, “I am so happy for you, you needed this so much. Now maybe we can do this more often that you have someone to play too. “Then she scampered off to Laura’s room.

I stood up still cradling Beth by her ass cheeks and started my way to my bedroom. As I was walking by my daughter's room, I heard running feet and a light pop on. My daughter came out and kissed me on the cheek. She then ran back in and dove on her bed. I heard giggling coming from her room afterwards.

I awoke the next morning to breakfast in bed. Teri, Beth, and Laura were all sitting on my bed waiting for me to finish my breakfast. It was almost noon. They let me sleep while they played in the pool.

Laura spoke first, “I see you got your first good night's rest since mom left us. Do you feel better now? You look great, like when I was little. “

I answered, “I feel wonderful girls. There is nothing like waking to a wonderful bunch like you and having breakfast in bed is just a bonus. Thank you, Laura, for looking after your poor old dad. I feel like I am reborn. My passion for life has returned. “

All the girls started giggling and pointing. In unison they said, “Yes we see your passion now. “

I looked down and my tool had grown to full size under the covers. My face flushed with embarrassing red cheeks. I smiled.

They each kissed me and scampered off. They said I had to get ready. We were all going to the lake today to water ski on Teri’s boat that her dad gave her. I had the honor of being a pilot for the marine adventure.

Kids can surprise you with how much they learn and how much they care. Beth and I ended up getting married and are still a very loving and caring family. Teri and my daughter also got married to after they saw what happiness can happen with true love.


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