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Peeping Passions

by Emily Spankfirst about a year ago in erotic
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Every Hole Is A Goal

Peeping Passions

Drawing back the curtains on a warm summers day, I peered out onto the back garden bedecked in bright sunshine and watched the multicoloured butterflies hovering over the plethora of floral excellence that I had cultivated so lovingly and reflected on my dreary life without George. I needed a hobby or some sort of interest that would get me out of the house and allow me to make friends within the community. I mulled over in my mind as to where I might find the necessary information to solve my need and proceeded to get dressed in a raunchy set of clean and fresh smelling silken underwear which were a little tight fitting but hey ho if you have it, why not flaunt it. I selected a low cut summer t-shirt, a pair of creamy white cheesecloth trousers, white ankle socks and a brand new pair of training shoes I had bought last year to complete my look for the day, which will more than likely turn heads in the village. I have to say I always feel undressed if I don't put my makeup on and brush my golden locks prior to leaving the house, so having completed my appearance I ventured out into the garden along the path and out onto the street leading into the village.

The heat of the mid morning sun was unbearable as the leaves on the trees offered no shelter and I could feel droplets of sweat forming on the expanse of my back, in my hairy armpits and rolls of ivory coloured flesh rippling below my big swinging breasts, which was being soaked up by my blouse making me feel most uncomfortable. It became obvious that unless I took immediate action my clothes would become see-through because of the perspiration now leaking all over my obese body. Walking into the High Street I encountered Dolan's convenience store and ventured inside to purchase my much needed supplies, a cold bottle of spring water, a pack of sanitary towels, large tube of antiseptic cream and a pack of scented baby wipes. Walking down the isle of the convenience store I brushed past a blushing Jim Dolan who said sheepishly “good morning Wendy, we haven't seen you in here for a while, are you ok?” I immediately responded with a wiggle of my ample hips “I am fine thanks Jim but sadly I lost George to a heart attack a few months ago”. A somewhat stunned Jim conveyed his condolences and put his arms around me before giving my large buttocks a gentle squeeze and uttering “if you ever need anything, I will be happy to oblige” I hesitated to reply before blurting out “Jean won't be very happy Jim”. Jim quickly changed the subject to the state of the weather leaving me in no uncertain terms what he meant as he has always held a candle for me even though we were both married and one hundred percent faithful to our spouses apart from the occasional grope or stroke by a horny Jim.

Jean Dolan, Jim's wife was always a little forthright and gave the impression that she wore the trousers in their marital home with Jim doing as he was told without question or else. She was totally different in appearance, a good ten years younger than me and was devoid of any sense of humor when having a deep and meaningful conversation. Jean was a regular church goer who did her utmost to care for the sick and elderly in the community which ensured her popularity in the parish. I wouldn't say that Jean and I are the best of friends but we have conversed over the odd cup of coffee in the local café in the company of a reluctant Jim who was often sporting an erection upon saying our goodbyes. I caught him on many occasions attempting to look down my ample cleavage in the hope of seeing my large erect nipples whilst gently stroking his twitching penis through his trousers, either when she was out of the room or not looking. I have long held the belief that Jim and Jean were married at a young age and it was more a marriage of convenience than born out of love or physical attraction as Jean I would guess is a sixty year old borderline anorexic. She is approximately five foot eight inches tall, with curly auburn hair, it would appear flat chested, with two small handfuls of buttocks and a thick lipped cameltoe. Whereas Jim is about the same age as Jean, rather portly in build, virtually bald with a blonde hairy chest, a large pot belly, with bulging wedding tackle and large rounded buttocks with firm thighs beneath.

Having reached the ice cream freezer I purposely bent over facing Jim who was standing behind the counter allowing my cleavage to swing from side to side and tremble with the humming of the freezer motor right before his now bulging eyes. Looking left and right and making certain no one was looking he took one breast in each trembling hand and massaged them roughly whilst pinching my stiffening nipples through my taught fitting t-shirt. Our breathing reached a unified crescendo as a far from satisfied Jim eased his quivering fingers inside my straining bra and cupped the soft flesh of my naked breasts sending squirts of vaginal juice into my already soaking gusset and jets of silken sperm exploding into his underwear. My legs turned to jelly and it was all I could do to steady my quivering torso against the freezer whilst my aching breasts slipped from Jim's grasp and swung unrestrained against my silky bra . A totally drained Jim stood upright and staggered back to the wall allowing my gaze to fall to his bulging groin where large wet stains of sperm had soaked through his trousers close to the tip of what I could only guess was a twelve inch penis supporting his heavy swinging testicles. Basking in the aura created by unrequited sexual engagement I was suddenly disturbed by the telephone ringing in the backroom of the shop, so Jim hurriedly gathered his thoughts and emotions and answered the call politely whilst I scooped my wrinkled breasts back into my bra. Over the deathly silence I could just about here a disgruntled Jean at the other end of the telephone giving Jim a hard time about a delivery that afternoon and the need to be in the shop as she was out of town on business and would not be back till late. Jim confirmed that he understood Jean's instructions and would make sure to close the store for the duration of the delivery before blowing her sweet kisses and telling her “I love you” then putting the handset down abruptly.

Making his way back to the counter Jim slid a tissued hand down the inside of his trousers to readjust his throbbing penis in his underwear and wipe up any residue of sperm that remained from around his aching testicles, pulsating penis and quivering thighs. I meanwhile placed the items that I wished to buy on the counter top including a large popsicle to cool me down a little, Jim looked up at me and sighed appreciatively before telling me to put my money away as the goods were on the house. A very observant Jim seeing the state my clothes were in offered me the use of the staff toilet as Jean was out of town and the village public toilets were not very clean of late what with used sanitary towels or used toilet paper strewn about the floor and graffiti on the walls, I pondered his kind offer whilst finishing the sweet cool juice of my popsicle before taking him up on it and following him into the rear of the shop whilst appreciating the movement of his old fully clothed tight buttocks for my eyes only. Upon reaching the toilet door, Jim opened it for me and I entered before locking it behind me. I waited a few seconds so I could hear Jim go back to the counter before loosening my waistband and pulling my cheesecloth trousers down round my plump ankles, closely followed by my soaking wet silky panties. Suddenly out the corner of my eye I realized I was being watched as a peephole became visually active much to my initial horror, my kneejerk reaction was should I scream but what would be the point there is only Jim and me in the store who would come to my aid. It was too late to pull my trousers and pants back up as the peephole had given him the perfect view of my big fat ivory buttocks and my pouting bright pink vulva.

Taking a deep breath I turned to face the opposite wall to the peephole and bent over fully revealing not only my splayed stretch marked cellulite buttocks but the light brown puckered ring of my anus glistening with a mixture of perspiration and vaginal juices. I heard a loud gasp and heavy breathing as an overexcited Jim got the full picture of my lower body and what sounded like squelching as I assumed Jim was jacking off in appreciation. I suddenly realized I had reached a crossroads in this unrequited and passion filled encounter and I need to decide:

Do I masturbate in front of Jim and let him cum all over his hands?

Do I act all offended, scream like a wailing banshee and storm out of the place?

Do I open the door and drag the dirty old man in and drain the life out of his pulsating penis and tightening testicles?

Oh dear god what am I to do, the man is married, it would be so wrong on all levels!

Totally confused with my innermost feelings I slide the bolt on the door and pushed it wide open, Jim appears physically shocked that he has been discovered and tries to cover his bobbing manhood from my gaze. Unfortunately his penis is far too large for any cover up and I make a grab for the brown skinned thick veined penis swinging between his trembling thighs and stooping down with my ample thighs spread I take the glistening tip into my velvety mouth and suck with all my might. Not wishing for Jim to have all the pleasure I place my free hand down onto my pouting vagina and bury four fingers knuckle deep in one thrust forcing a loud groan of pleasure from my penis filled mouth. I lick greedily around the head of Jim's tingling penis and pump my hand back and forth squeezing and relaxing his love muscle into submission before releasing the undeniable suction and allowing the thick girth of his penis to stretch my mouth to full capacity and butt up against my tingling tonsils. Jim was determined that I should take his twelve inch penis orally and applied gentle but sustained pressure as his penis slid down my throat making me convulse and gag continually. Very soon the extreme girth of Jim's penis stretched the walls of my throat and apart from his veins grazing my tonsils making me gag I started to enjoy the whole unusual experience as he pumped his rock hard penis deep into my salivating throat and banged my chin against his large mousey haired testicle bag. I got the impression that Jim was struggling to cum as his breathing reached a crescendo but the pressure building in his testicles was not sufficient for his silvery salty sperm to explode from his penis. I removed my four squelching fingers from my soaking wet pouting vagina and reaching under his straining testicles I slipped a slippery finger into the hairy crease of his bum crack before sliding two temporarily rebuffed fingertips inside Jim's tight hairy anus and despite his protests explored deep into his excreta coated rectum whilst gently sucking his penis to the back of my throat. Jim's hips started to convulse violently as his excitement built in his anus and testicle ball bag, relishing the erotic feelings derived from anal fingering and deep throat oral penetration. Try as he might Jim could not hold his warm salty cum back any longer and in a fit of loud groans he emptied the contents of his love shaft down my throat and I swallowed every salty drop with relish whilst continuing to plunge my dirty wrinkled digits deep into his quivering rectum.

Uneasy on his feet a now drained Jim slumped back against the toilet wall and my excreta laden digits slipped from his squelching anus closely followed by a resounding Ffffffaaaarrrrrtttttt of pungent anal gas which filled the vicinity with a foul acrid aroma. His once throbbing erection had softened considerably in such a short space of time but still twitched with miniature muscle spasms releasing the last dribbles of cum from the head of his penis as it disappeared inside his long fatty foreskin. For a very short moment I think Jim thought that he had done his duty and I would be satisfied with drinking his warm salty cum as he attempted to pull his underwear and trousers up over his groin much to my verbal disdain. With his stinky smelly excreta still coating my fingers I grasped the girth of his flagging manhood once more and pushed his torso down onto the hard plastic toilet seat before sitting astride his thighs and guiding his reinvigorated penis to my wrinkled saggy vaginal lips. Feeling the hot wetness between my now spread vaginal cavity only served to reignite Jim's lust and he proceeded to push my t-shirt and silky bra skywards allowing my ample stretch marked ivory breasts to swing free before his eyes. My my, Jim's erect penis was creating magical feelings between my thighs as the bulbous head of his manhood butted up against my tingling clitoris sending shockwaves of pleasure surging through my pelvic region. I wanted his huge penis ssssooooo badly as I have never seen let alone felt a penis so large in all my born days and with the imminent possibility of penetration looming I had this overwhelming urge to shuffle my obese ivory buttocks up to his trembling groin and take it all in one go. Jim meanwhile had taken the liberty of taking a large heavy swinging breast in each hand and proceeded to mold and massage them roughly before scooping my dark brown erect nipples up and sucking hard forcing squeals and groans from my lips and trickles of sweet juices to flow from my over excited vagina. My unsatisfied lust was surging through my quivering torso at an alarming rate so gripping Jim around his beer belly I shuffled my vagina onto his pulsating penis as he ground his groin in a rhythmic motion causing his massive manhood to graze against my tingling clitoris sending waves of pleasure rippling through my wrinkled old ovaries.

Slowly but surely I slid down the length of Jim's trembling veiny shaft forcing groans of pleasure from his throat before withdrawing halfway and thrusting my thunder thighs down onto his tightening testicles. Jim's eyes were bulging and his mouth open wide as he gurgled approval whilst I twisted, pinched and pulled on his erect nipples before raking my nails down his back leaving deep scratch marks and trails of drawn blood trickling down his tender flesh. Jim not wishing to be outdone inflicted his own lustful retribution and reached under my massive ivory buttocks and rammed three fingers deep inside my gaping anus releasing an invisible but pungent smell of anal gas from my rectum. Filling his lungs with the aroma of hot excreta only served to increase Jim's deep thrusts into my aching and battered love cavity as his heavenly penis throbbed and trembled against the juice covered walls releasing small dribbles of semen deep inside me. Sensing that Jim was reaching the point of no return I reached down between my ample thighs, past his pulsating penis and took both of his tight hairy testicles in hand before caressing and squeezing them in turn whilst rocking my wobbling hips back and forth much to his appreciation. Jim's anal embedded fingers were probing deeper and harder into my squelching anal cavity causing multiple orgasms to form inside my quivering lions, whilst his own orgasms consumed all his senses as our joint breathing reached a crescendo. A now flagging and emotionally drained Jim pulled my enormous hips hard down onto his pulsating penis before flooding my vagina with stream after stream of his hot semen releasing my own earthshattering orgasms and vaginal juice gushing all over his twitching testicles as his fingers continued to probe my stretched excreta infused anus.

Determined to extract every last drop of semen from Jim's aching testicles I continued my thrusts along his now softening penis and slipped a finger knuckle deep inside his tight anus ring. I sensed that Jim was not too keen on having his anus fingered as his buttocks tightened and he squeezed his anal muscles together in a vain attempt to force my finger out of his puckered anal ring. How dare he, after all Jim still has three fingers deep inside my anus without so much as a may I or a would you like me to, not that I am complaining in the slightest but fair is fair after all. In between Jim's anal muscle spasms my probing finger plunged in and out of his slippery anus forcing groans of hidden excitement from his throat until Jim relaxed his anus and allowed my probing finger full access and the last streams of semen to refill my vaginal cavity to overflowing. Totally satisfied I eased my excreta coated finger from Jim's squelching rectum much to his disapproval and fall across his drained torso releasing his semi erect penis from my semen flooded vagina and his three excreta covered fingers from my battered and bruised anus much to my embarrassment as a puddle of warm silken semen gushed on to the floor between Jim's feet despite my attempted vaginal contractions.

My wrinkled old body seemed to quiver for an eternity from all the sexual exertions inflicted upon it as I reveled in all the pleasure derived from Jim's pulsating manhood and thrusting torso that I was now reliving through my trance like mental illusion. Suddenly to our mutual horror there was a loud banging on the toilet door which destroyed the self inflicted spell I was under as a highly irritated Jean shouted “Jim are you in there?”. A somewhat startled Jim reached out his right hand to slide the lock into position but lost his balance spilling my naked obese body onto the cold hard floor as the toilet door swung wide open. A horrified Jean stood in the doorway and vented her anger at a startled Jim “what the bloody hell are you doing Jim, you lowdown son of a bow legged camel?” a red faced Jim shrugged his shoulders, whilst I sat in a heap trying in vain to cover my large swinging ivory breasts and gapping vaginal lips from her disapproving gaze. I could feel the tears fill my eyes and start to trickled down my wrinkled face as Jean ranted and raved at me about how she had always regarded me as family and how she would give me the shirt off her back if I needed it. Grabbing me by the hair she pulled me to my feet and dragged me hollering and screaming back to the shop floor before allowing me to dress and banishing me from the shop for life as she pushed me out on to the crowded street vowing that vengeance would be both swift and sweet. Emotionally and physically drained I ventured steadily back in the direction of my house becoming increasingly aware that the remainder of Jim's silky semen was dribbling unabated into the soaking wet gusset of my silk panties along with copious amounts of rectum secretions oozing from my finger stretched anus.

I reflected whilst walking on Jean's reaction to finding Jim and myself in a compromising position and could only imagine how she took him to task over being unfaithful after 40 years of marriage.

Getting to my front door I breathed a huge sigh of relief that none of my neighbors had seen the growing stains in the gusset of my white cheesecloth trousers or smelt the aroma of warm salty semen on my breath.

Finally my weary mind drifted back to a disgruntled Jean's parting words to me as she banished me from her shop, whatever did she mean and would I live to regret it?

Only time will tell!!!!


About the author

Emily Spankfirst

Born into a world of swinging on a grand scale back in the nineteen fifties I developed an over active mind for all things erotic and started out on a quest to share some inspiration with my fellow human beings through my tales of lust.

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