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Peach Fuzz

The sweetest way to start the day...

By Sarjé HaynesPublished 4 years ago 7 min read
Detail from "Visceral Agate."

Audrey’s eyelashes fluttered open, and she slowly took in the morning light filtering through the lace curtains. Dust motes flashed in the sun’s rays, slowly falling like glitter-snow in a globe. She felt the gentle pressure of Thomas’ morning wood behind her, and his warm weight resting gently against her back. She pressed back against him ever so slightly, felt herself stir slightly, then pressed her cheek back into the downy pillow and closed her eyes again, drifting back into momentary slumber. Thomas felt her supple ass against him, and began to awaken. He slowly ran a hand up her side, from mid-thigh up to her waist. He slid the hand down her midsection and curled his arm around her breasts, his hand crossing between them, feeling her heartbeat. He rested there for only a moment, then stroked a finger up her clavicle and neck, up to Audrey’s left ear, where he ran the fingers gently through her hair. She shifted, a small smile on her lips, and again pressed her rear against his growing member. He pressed his face into her neck, kissing her softly behind the ear. Thomas slid his hand back down her arm, appreciating the softness of her skin, and squeezed her hand for a moment. She squeezed back, but kept her eyes closed. The signal.

Thomas’ hand soon was back at Audrey’s midsection, pulling up the tank she was wearing, feeling more smooth skin under its hem. He was growing harder as he touched her, and she responded with almost imperceptible moans, way in the back of her throat, and she shivered under his touch. He skimmed the waist of her panties, and she squeezed her thighs gently. His fingers were soon inside the waistband and skating over her pubis, reaching down into the warmth between her legs. She was dripping like a baklava, honey-soaked. He touched her lightly, and she pressed down into him, lifting up her left knee, and now her left hand was sliding against his torso, squeezing his side, his glutes, as she squirmed at his gentle touch. Audrey always marveled that he touched her the way she touched herself, knew just the right amount of pressure, the right speed. He could bring her close to an orgasm in less than thirty seconds, but he would slow down just so, and kiss her neck.

And then any pretense of sleep slipped away, and her underwear were off, tangled up somewhere in the sheets. She pulled at the cinched waist of his pajamas. He looked at the corner of her eye, and breathed “Already?” She nodded. They didn’t have to spend long on foreplay when they woke up horny. He pulled his bottoms off, lost in the bedding with her underwear, and put his hands on her waist. She still had her knee raised, and she angled back so he could enter her more easily. He pushed in an inch, and she smiled. Another inch, and a slight gasp. He pulled out, rubbing the top of his head over her clit. She shivered again. She turned to look him more fully in the eye. “Fuck me.”

Thomas pushed himself back into Audrey, slowly, lubricating his aching cock in her ripe honey, as she touched her clit with her left fingers, and moaned more audibly. He pushed her over onto her stomach more, rolling on top of her. He kissed the back of her neck, biting into the flesh of her shoulders, as he continued to slowly shift his hips forward and aft, sliding his full length slowly into and out of her. She writhed under him, raising and lowering her ass gently to slightly change the angle for them both. He whispered her name into her ear and kissed down her jawline as he pushed fully into her again, a bit more forcefully. She gasped loudly. Her pussy tightened around him and his eyes rolled back for a moment. He stayed still while she squeezed him and shifted for a moment. Then she went a bit limp, and he regained the control.

Thomas now pulled out fully again, and lifted Audrey’s hips up, and she followed suit, raising herself up on all fours. He admired his view for a moment, and then pressed himself back into her, beginning a quicker paced thrusting. He occasionally spanked her, which elicited a gleeful yelp each time. She arched her back and began to moan as he pushed more vigorously into her. He began to finger her clit again, and she cried out “yes!” as he rubbed tiny circles around it, to the rhythm of his pounding. He felt himself getting close to an orgasm he wasn’t yet ready for. He pulled out and continued to touch her, putting his head down between her legs and licking her wet lips. She shuddered and looked back. “Switch?” she asked, breathlessly. He nodded and laid back.

Audrey now crawled forward and straddled his stomach carefully, not touching his penis. She was slippery and her clit felt like a raw nerve against his skin. She would come so quickly now. She leaned over him and kissed his eyes, the peach fuzz on his jawline, his neck. Thomas ran his hands along her sides and up to her breasts, still covered in her tank top. He felt the erect nipples through the thin fabric. She pushed herself up on her arms and looked into his eyes, hazy but intense, and slowly began to kiss the corners of his mouth. He pursed his lips, but she moved at her pace, and he relaxed back into the bed. She ran her tongue lightly over the very middle of his mouth, like a key unlocking a door. He kissed her back as she allowed, and their tongues met briefly, then pulled away while she gently bit his top lip.

His fingers were now pulling at the hem of the shirt again, tugging it upward. She sat up and took off the top, then went on kissing him, as his hands caressed her breasts. He pinched a nipple, and she sucked on his bottom lip, hard. Their tongues met again while she snaked her body slowly down toward his hardness, and she reached back and slid his head into her again. She kissed him a moment more, then slowly sat up, pressing her hips back and down, and looked into his eyes as she began to catch the rhythm. He cupped and squeezed her breasts as they bounced ever so slightly with her force. She started to pick up the pace, and he took her hands, supporting her as she moved on top of him, and he thrust back from below.

They both gasped at the pleasure washing over them, as they gripped hands, she allowing her head to loll back from ecstasy, he admiring, worshiping her beautiful form, and letting the exhilaration build. “Oh God,” she cried, as her thighs quivered, “I’m gonna come soon!” Thomas smiled and squeezed her hands. She pressed into him, her clit touching his pubis, rubbing her into rapture. He pulled himself up some, pressing their torsos together, scratching her back as he pushed into her vigorously from below, feeling her start to squeeze around him again. He was ready to explode. “I’m coming too!” he growled into her ear, and then he felt the release as she tightened her whole body around him, constricting him like a boa. She squeezed and squeezed while his juice filled her. She was still feeling waves of orgasmic pleasure and slightly rocked on him for a few moments while he finished coming. Then he fell back, and she with him, her head on his shoulder.

They lay like that for a few moments, before Audrey carefully slid off of him, kissing his cheek. “Good morning, sweetheart,” she whispered. Thomas smiled happily, eyes closed, and squeezed her hand. She squeezed back, and looked up to the window, watching the dust motes again for a moment before she climbed out of bed.

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Sarjé Haynes

Sarjé is a painter and writer living in Kalapuya ancestral territory. You can learn more about her at

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