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by Jackie 2 months ago in erotic
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Alex and James punish their brat

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

I pulled my hands down, meeting the cold resistance from the handcuffs securing my arms above my head. Curiously, I pull at them again, but to no avail. They were secure. "What the - ," I mumbled to myself as I leaned my head up, seeing my feet just as secure at the foot of the bed.

A chuckle sounded from the hallway before the booming of footsteps made their way to my spread-eagle body. "Did you have a good nap, baby?" James called from the doorframe.

I lifted my head up to look at him, and saw him standing alongside Alex, both men with their arms crossed over their broad chests. The disappointed looks sprawled on their features behind their lust blown eyes influenced my decision to remain silent, so I responded with a nod.

I had no clue why they would be disappointed or why I had woken up to being restrained in retaliation, but I couldn't deny the excitement that grew in my core as I made eye contact with their sullen faces. Alex was only slightly taller than James, but both men had short brown hair and had their jaws covered in trimmed beards. 

I watched as Alex stalked his way in the room, eyes focused on my core as he watched me grow wetter merely at the tones of their voices. "Baby girl, do you remember what you did last night?"

"Fuck. I shouldn't have had those drinks," I thought to myself as I watched his hand ghost over my calf, goosebumps rising in his wake.

"He asked you a question, baby," James boomed from the door. My eyes shot to meet his, watching as he grew more and more impatient at my disobedience.

"No, I don't remember," I mumbled softly.

Alex hummed as his fingers teased along my wet folds, eyes watching as arousal began to drip from my body.

I heard James scoff from the door causing my eyes to peel away from Alex's as I met James' glare. He took two long strides to meet me on the bed before responding harshly, "you don't remember acting like a slut last night?"

His words pierced straight to my core, instantly making me wetter at his foul words. I shook my head at his question, not once questioning if it were rhetorical.

Alex's hand left my calf, leaving my skin to burn for the touch before two fingers slipped their way side me. James scoffed at my groan, grabbing the sides of my face as my back arched slightly. His fingers pressed into my cheeks until my mouth was open. He spat in my open mouth, using his thumb to clean away the spittle around my lips before filling my mouth with the digit. "Tell the whore what she did last night, Alex," James demanded, his eyes not once leaving mine as he watched as I sucked around his thumb and swallowed his saliva.

The salacious sound of Alex's fingers in my slick filled the room as I switched my gaze to Alex, who was licking his lips hungrily at the sight of my cunt absorbing his digits. "Such a hungry little whore," he spat, eyes trained on the fingers inside me. "Are we not good enough for you, little slut?"

I groaned at his words, nodding my head furiously as James dropped his thumb from your mouth.

With his hand now free, James brought it against my face, slapping it as I felt the coil begin to tighten within me at the harshness of their tones and actions.

"You wanna cum, little whore? Act like the slut you thought you were last night when you were begging strangers to come home with you?" Alex asked before spitting on my pussy as his fingers curled towards the spongey spot in your walls.

A moan drew out of my mouth as my breathing heaved and I knew that I was going to soak Alex's fingers any moment. James watched pointedly, his hand palming over a tent in his pants as I writhed against Alex's hand.

"Can I cum, please?" I asked James, knowing he was always the one in charge, especially when it came to being punished.

His expression softened momentarily, his free hand met my cheek again as his thumb pressed my lips apart gently and he nodded softly with a smile. "Of course, baby," he mumbled softly. I smiled in return, watching as his expression turned back to his hardened, angry state, before spitting down on my face.

I moaned in shock, releasing myself around Alex's fingers as he leaned down to level himself with my face. His fingers continued plunging into me, and massaging my walls as he reached his tongue out across my face, cleaning James' spit off of my sweat slicked skin.

I peeled my eyes open, desperate to keep up with their punishment and look at James as I came, only to see his hand fully in his sweatpants, fist around his cock as he groaned, "looking like a dirty slut."

I whimpered at his words as I came down from my high, watching as they switched positions. James lowered his face to my cunt, teeth nipping softly around my clit as he laid himself on his stomach and wrapped his arms around my bound legs.

Alex took the opportunity to take his pants off, kneeling next to my face as he stroked his swollen cock. "Remember now, baby girl? Remember the guy you were throwing yourself on last night?"

I groaned as you nodded in agreement, tongue sticking out to reach his tip as he shook his head at me. "Don't lie to us, baby. It's not going to make this any different," I heard James mutter against my core.

I pouted as his tongue flattened against me, tasting my arousal before sucking my clit into his mouth. Alex was growing impatient and grabbed my face to turn it and meet his cock. Hungrily, I dropped my mouth open, waiting patiently for the weight of his cock to meet my tongue. His hand wrapped around his cock, tapping it on my tongue as he tsked. "Do you even feel sorry, baby? Or do you act like a slut to be treated like a slut?" Alex asked, fisting my hair and shoving his cock as far back into my mouth as he could, only pulling when I gagged.

I nodded my head, spit trailing between my lips and his cock as I apologized profusely. The men chuckled darkly, but neither seized their actions. James maintained his lips wrapped around my clit, sucking the bead relentlessly until I was bucking my hips against him as best as I could, and Alex continued his assault on my mouth, pushing his cock in until I choked around him, holding my head down until my chest was heaving for air and lips were drenched in spit. Then he would pull me away from his cock to watch the strings of spit connect our bodies together in the most sinful way.

Alex tilted my head up, his lips crashing against mine in a heated, dominated kiss as my cunt clenched around nothing and I came while James' lips held my nub hostage.

I groaned as I coated James' chin, body jerking as he left kitten licks at my sensitive clit. I opened your eyes as I came down from my second orgasm, watching as both men stood in front of me and stroked their cocks, deciding who would take me in which way next.

I took the moments of reprieve to calm down, knowing they would not let me get away with my actions with only two orgasms, and mentally prepared for the long night ahead of us.

"Alex, do that thing where you make her cum with her tits," James offered, and Alex smirked.

I shook my head softly, unsure if I could do that again… I was sure it was a fluke. I was so worked up, being teased by them all day long, that Alex had been able to make me cum by playing with my tits. Both men smirked at my head shake, nodding to one another before Alex hovered over me and licked a bold stripe up your body. His tongue started at the top of my pussy, ghosting softly up your body as he tasted the salty skin.

I whimpered at the sensation, instantly knowing I was no match for them when they were like this. Smirking at my reaction, Alex licked my nipple, blowing cool air against the nub and humming in approval as he watched it pebble and harden under his breath alone. "You begged a stranger to make you cum when we can make you cum with such minute touches. You should be ashamed of yourself, you greedy slut," Alex spoke softly, his breath blowing against my wet nipples as my back arched into his mouth gently.

I groaned at his words, the sensation making my brain fuzzy and unable to conceive words. I glanced over to see James, sitting against the pillow beside me with his fist working over his cock. He sent you a wink as Alex nibbled at my nipple, using his beard to rough the nub up before flicking it with his tongue relentlessly and drawing a long groan from me.

James hummed, his thumb teasing over the tip of his cock as he instructed Alex, "do that again, I think she's close."

I mentally cursed the man for being able to know my body so well, for being able to make me cum with only my nipples, but I was not strong enough to maintain my pride and keep myself from coming when Alex turned to my other nipple and gave it the same beard treatment.

I breathed deeply, eyes clamped shut as I came down once again, and groaned when fingers swiped along my dripping core, body jerking at the feeling of being overstimulated. I whimpered at the men, wordlessly begging them to let me slip back to sleep and to stop their torture, but I knew better than to say the words. I watched as they looked at me hungrily, glancing to one another before welcoming each other in a warm embrace and heated kiss.

A breathless moan left my body at the embrace, but my core was grateful for the moment alone, without being touched. Of course, it was short lived. The men pulled away from one another and turned their attention back to me as James hovered over your body, pecking gentle kisses along my neck before proclaiming, "You're going to cum on my cock, now, baby." I groaned wildly when he ended his proclamation with his cock sinking deep into my walls.

I whimpered against him, hands pulling gently against their restraints as he steadily rubbed against my cervix. "Please, sir," I whined, trying to pull my thighs together despite the fact they were locked in place with the restraints against my ankles. James pouted down at me, his hand soothing over my cheek as he shushed my cries.

Tears welled up in my eyes as he continued, his cock brushing against my gspot with every thrust. It felt so good, but it hurt so much. I wanted him to stop, but I didn't want him to stop. It hurt so good.

A tear slowly trailed down my face as that coil began to tighten, bringing James to kiss it away before barking, "Shut her up, Alex. She was desperate for this last night."

Alex kneeled beside my face where he had been previously, his hand wound in my hair tightly as he quickly pushed his cock in my mouth. My eyes screwed shut as I whimpered around him, focusing on relaxing around him so I didn't choke. To no avail, Alex pushed me down on his cock as his hips thrust to meet my face, spit falling from the sides of my mouth as my cunt began to squeeze around James' cock.

He groaned at the feeling, his thumb coming down to my clit where he rubbed harsh circles. "Make her choke, Alex. She loves it."

I whined around his cock, taking it down my throat as my body writhed relentlessly underneath James. "Is that right, baby? Such a dirty slut that you love choking on cock?" Alex taunted as he continued his rampage on my face.

I didn't answer - couldn't answer - to Alex's dismay and his hand found its way to your cheek. It wasn't as harsh as James' prior, but it was enough to push me over the edge.

My pussy clenched around James' cock, making it hard for the man to thrust into your walls as I came around him. The sight alone was enough to bring Alex out of your mouth, stroking his cock over my chest as he spurted his hot ropes on my chest.

"Baby, boy," James chides, holding his cock inside my cunt still as he spoke to Alex. "You were supposed to make her cum again."

Alex huffed and puffed against James, kissing him gently as he shrugged, "Can't help it, baby. Look how fucking sexy she is under us."

I giggled softly at the praise, my eyes half-mast as sleep begged to take over my body. "Please, sir. It's too much," I begged, taking the opportunity of James stilling inside me to beg for him to stop the bittersweet torture.

James chuckled darkly before lowering himself to meet my face. His hand soothed over my cheek, free hand running gently along my throat as his lips feathered kisses along my face. "Not yet, baby girl. You've got one more in there for us," he said softly.

I whimpered at him, lips trying to catch his in a kiss as he pulled out of your reach. "Please?" I begged again, watching as his eyes softened and met mine. His hips pulled away from me slowly, stilling with just his tip in me before slowly plunging back into my core.

His fingers left my throat, ghosting down my body to my clit as he traced soft circles against the sore nub, "baby girl. Are you gonna ask strangers to come home with you, again?"

I shook my head, muttering a negative as tears fell from my eyes at the intense feeling. "Whose slut are you, baby? Who's little whore are you?" He continued, his eyes not once leaving my face as I gasped for enough oxygen to provide a response.

"Yours, James. I'm your slut. And Alex's slut. Yours, sir, please!"

With a hum of appreciation, his tongue left his mouth and traced the tear-stained lines on my cheeks, clearing away your sobs as I glanced around to see Alex stroking his cock breathlessly once more.

A sob choked back in my throat as you muttered, "I'm gonna cum, sir."

James watched down at me in adoration, nodding his head as he continued his soft touched and slow thrusts. "Come on, baby. Cum on my cock and we can take a bath."

I moaned as his lips wrapped around my sore nipples, using every opportunity to push me over the edge and bring tears out of my eyes again. I sobbed against his touch, hips bucking against him desperately as I lost myself and came on his cock, squeezing around his appendage until he groaned in my neck and spurted himself against my walls.

A deep moan sounded from Alex's mouth as he came again, white ropes painting his chest as the three of you laid side by side panting.

After a moment both men jolted up, remembering the restraints and unlocked the handcuffs around me, leaving soft kisses to the skin in their wake.

I laid lifelessly and hummed in appreciation as they rested my hands beside my body and closed my legs, their hands gently brushing my hair down as Alex cooed beside you, "Are you okay, baby?"

I giggled, eyes remaining shut as I nodded softly, earning chuckles from them as I mumbled, "Fucking perfect."

"Yeah?" James asked, smirking down at me as he pulled a blanket around my body. "Guess that guy won't know what you're capable of, will he?"

My eyes opened to meet his gaze, now soft and full of love, before speaking, "That wasn't a joke? There was really a guy?"

Alex chuckled, shaking his head as James walked away to run the bath. "No, baby. There was no man. You did get really drunk last night at the party, but the mystery man was just a scenario."

I hummed happily as I closed my eyes again, feeling Alex lift my limp body to carry me in the bathroom as I mumbled, "so much fun."


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