Our Understanding - Part Two

by Dan StrawberryHall 7 months ago in erotic

An Anal Sex Erotic Short Story

Our Understanding - Part Two

Isobelle wraps her fingers around my cock as we kiss. I’m so hard I’m hurting now. She asks me if I want to fuck her in the arse, and it’s tempting, we didn’t do that last night. I’m feeling lazy though. I tell her to suck me instead.

I roll onto my back as Isobelle hops up. Her eyes are shining, her face and chest are flushed a deep red from her climax, she’s radiating joy and vitality. She’s always at her most beautiful when she’s just come.

Isobelle moves to kneel between my spread legs, but I grab hold of her waist with both hands. She squeals as I lift her roughly, she laughs as I reposition and drop her so she’s sideways on top of me. Her head’s still over my spread thighs, but both of her knees are close to the right side of my chest now and I can reach up and grasp her bent bottom with both hands.

I groan as Isobelle takes hold of my rigid cock again. I groan louder as she presses her soft lips against the tip of me. She opens her mouth and takes me into her. Warmth and wetness enfold me, a jolt of electric pleasure run down and through my body.

Isobelle sucks me hard and a glorious vacuum forms around the head of me. She sinks down and her tight lips slide along my shaft, it makes me pulse it feels so good. But then she stops.

Isobelle teases me as I teased her earlier. She holds the base of my aching prick in a tight grip with one hand, but she doesn’t move it. She kisses my cock all over, she drags her wet tongue over it, she curls it around the head of me, and it feels glorious, it makes me pulse in her hand, but I need more. I need to be in her mouth and Isobelle knows it.

I knead Isobelle’s beautiful arse as she licks and kisses me. I squeeze her hard and she moans for me. I spread her cheeks and run my fingers between. Her cunt is dripping, her arsehole is still slick with the lube and my saliva. I have an idea.

Isobelle groans loud as I slide two fingers into her pussy. She groans again and her thighs shake as I slide a finger from my other hand into her lubed, slack arse. She’s so wet and open it slides in easily. I push it in all the way.

Her hand on my cock stays still, but Isobelle’s so fired up from her climax, so horny still, she starts to move her body above me. She presses herself back onto my fingers, she writhes and squirms her hips for more.

I hold still though. Isobelle’s squirms grow more insistent, I can feel her frustration growing, and then she gets it. I see Isobelle shake her head, but then she opens her lips and takes me into her mouth again.

We moan together. Isobelle lowers her head and takes me deeper as I slide my fingers out of her cunt and then press them home again. I wriggle my finger in her arse, I feel her whole body react to it.

We fall into a mutual rhythm. Isobelle sucks me slowly, she drops down low taking most of me into her hot, tight mouth, then she raises up right to the tip of me. I gasp and shudder each time her lips pass over the sensitive rim around the head of my dick. I slide my fingers slowly in and out of her pussy, I stroke them over her g-spot as I press them deep. I move my finger in and out of her arse, and this is supposed to be my treat, but Isobelle makes just as much noise as I do.

I try to focus on what she’s doing. Isobelle sucks me like no one else and I want to savour every second of it. She lets her mouth fill with saliva as she moves up and down me, it makes her mouth feel even warmer, it makes everything more intense. She holds her lips tight around me, but every now and then she opens her mouth a touch to let a gobbet of saliva slip out and run down my cock. She rubs it onto me with her hand pumping my shaft.

Isobelle slowly moves faster. She knows me, she can read my reactions, she understands exactly what pace to use. She bobs her head up and down a fraction too slow than I need. She draws my pleasure out, she takes her time, it’s frustrating as hell, but it always makes my eventual climax all the more spectacular. She lets more and more saliva run down me until I’m coated in it, until I’m slippery and glistening.

I finger-fuck Isobelle in time with her mouth. I rub her g-spot more firmly, I work a second finger into her arse and she groans around my dick in her mouth. I’m throbbing now I’m so hard and desperate for release.

Isobelle wets the fingers of her free hand on my messy, dripping cock. She slips her hand under my balls; she rubs her wet fingertips against my arsehole. She tickles me there, she circles a finger around me, then she presses, just as I did to her earlier.

I feel myself come open around her finger. A new point of pleasure blossoms inside me as she works it slowly into my arse.

We get louder together, more urgent, more frantic as our pleasure grows, as we hear and feel it in each other. I thrust up to meet Isobelle’s mouth each time she sinks down onto my prick. She presses herself back onto my fingers as I slide them in and out of her cunt and arse.

We move faster and faster. Tension builds at the base of my prick. Isobelle slides her finger deeper into me, she wriggles it around and that tension expands and floods through my lower body.

Isobelle moans louder around my dick, she’s losing control, buts she keeps sucking and tickling me. She’s moving with growing urgency above me, but she’s sucking me skilfully still. I can tell she’s paying attention to me, how I’m reacting, she’s waiting for the right moment. She takes me to the edge of climax, she gets me so close, but she denies me my release. She keeps me there until the tension gets so intense its almost unbearable, and then she does it.

Isobelle curls her finger inside my body. The tip of it finds my prostate, she presses gently, she flicks her fingertip back and forth and the tension inside me bursts.

A wave of pleasure like nothing else surges through me. What feels like molten lava rises up through my dick as explosions start to detonate behind my eyes. The lava meets the tip of me, my stomach tightens, then releases, and I come, at last, in Isobelle’s hot mouth.

My cock pulses over and over as it surges out of me. Isobelle swallows, she keeps sucking, she keeps moving her mouth, her hand around the base of my prick, her finger in my arse, and my pleasure comes on stronger and harder; it overwhelms me.

I fuck Isobelle’s cunt and arse roughly as I climax. I can’t help it. I’m not thinking, I’m lost to my pleasure. I slide a third finger into her pussy, a third into her arse, I need to get as deep into her as I can.

Isobelle keeps on, she keeps that magic finger moving over my prostate and I come for so long there can’t be anything left inside me. My climax rises, it peaks, it throbs through me, it eventually falls away, but Isobelle keeps going and my cock stays hard. This happens occasionally, but only when Isobelle has her finger in me there.

She keeps sucking my dick, the glorious little devil, she takes her time, she looks like she’s enjoying herself as much as I am. I’ve still got my fingers inside her, so maybe she is.

When Isobelle eventually raises up and turns to grin at me, I see what a mess we’ve made. My cock is coated in her saliva and the come she didn’t manage to swallow. Isobelle’s grinning, laughing face is soaked too, her saliva and my come is glistening around her mouth, on her cheeks, down her chin.

Isobelle looks down at my still standing, solid, straining prick. She glances around for something on the bed. She sees it, she reaches down and plucks up the tube of lube. She pours it onto her hands, then she rubs it all over my prick, although I’m so wet I’m not sure it’s required.

Isobelle looks me in the eyes. She tells me to fuck her in the arse. She practically begs. She tells me how good my fingers were in her behind, how empty she feels, how she’s not had it like that for such a long time. Not since I was here last.

I get up onto my knees as fast as I can. I’m still hard as a rock, there’s no sign of me softening. Isobelle finds her vibrator. She covers it in more lube, then she gets onto all fours in front of me. She tells me to wait a moment as she works her vibrator into her cunt. She pushes it in deep and it stays lodged inside her.

I take hold of Isobelle’s hips and adjust her position. I pour lube onto her arsehole; I push great dollops of into her slack sphincter with my fingers and thumbs. I hold my prick and rub it over her glistening arsehole. I stay still with it against her. I tell Isobelle to press herself back onto me, but she’s moving already.

The head of my cock slides into her arsehole easily. Isobelle gasps, but she keeps going until the first few inches of me are inside her.

I fight to keep my hips still. I’m dying to thrust into her, I want to bury my cock all the way into her arse in one long push, but I manage to hold myself back. Isobelle takes deep breaths, and I let her take her time pressing back onto me. I watch as she swallows my pulsing dick with her magnificent behind.

I love the feel of sinking my fingers into Isobelle’s arse, but this is so much better. This is heaven. She’s so warm inside, she’s snug, her sphincter holds me so tight I can feel her heartbeat. And fuck, what a view. Her beautiful back, those dimples, the perfect curves of her arse, and my cock disappearing between them, it’s divine.

Isobelle shakes and gasps and groans as she moves. She keeps working me into her until her arse cheeks meet my stomach and I’m buried in her all the way; her anus squeezing the base of my prick like a soft vice.

She holds still as she takes deep breaths to relax herself around me. I can feel the vibrator in her cunt, it’s pressed up against my dick, but it feels soft. She reaches down, she twists the base of it, and we gasp together as it buzzes and thrums inside her. I feel her arse clench around me for a moment as vibrations fill her body and mine, but then Isobelle looks back at me over her shoulder. She begs me again to fuck her in her arse.

I go slow at first, or I try to. I draw out just a touch before I slide deeper again, but each movement feels better and better, and I can’t hold back for long. Everything feels so intense, and the sight of my slippery cock sliding in and out between her spread cheeks is too much to take.

I start to fuck Isobelle harder, faster, I can’t stop. Isobelle’s head is in the same messed up, desperate, animal place mine’s in though, as she looks over her shoulder at me again, and she begs me to fuck her even harder.

We lose ourselves to it together. I grasp Isobelle’s arse as I fuck her, I squeeze and maul her cheeks, I spank her hard. She gasps and grunts and mewls like a rutting beast. She rubs her clit with one hand, she squeezes her breasts and pulls on her nipples with the other. She keeps looking over her shoulder at me, her face is bright red, she’s shining with sweat. We hold eye contact as I fuck her, we share the moment together, we don’t hide ourselves.

Neither of us lasts for long, but fucking like that, how could we? If you’d ever told me before I’d met Isobelle how much a woman could enjoy having her arse fucked, how explosively it could make her come, I’d have laughed and called you a liar. But then I’d never met a girl like Isobelle.

She made more and more noise, she pressed back against me aggressively to meet each of my thrusts. She rubbed her clit frantically, the vibrator seemed to buzz with growing determination in her cunt.

Suddenly her grunts and groans rose up, she shrieked, she squealed without a shred of shame, she screwed her eyes up tight, then her orgasm hit.

I fucked Isobelle as hard as I could as she climaxed. She pressed herself back onto me like a wild woman and I kept pounding and pounding.

The resistance left Isobelle’s body, she fell forwards, she collapsed beneath me. I felt her vibrator slide out of her cunt, but she kept begging me over and over to keep fucking her. I didn’t hold back. I didn’t stop thrusting into her glorious arse for a second.

I found Isobelle’s hands, we intertwined our fingers as I fucked her. She kept coming and coming, she made so much noise, she tried to turn her head to kiss me, but she couldn’t reach my face. I saw the look in her eyes though, I saw her pleasure and need, her desperation, her abandon. It was the final straw for me. I pulled back and my cock slid out of Isobelle with a wet, popping sound.

Isobelle span around as I sat back. She dived forwards, she got her face beneath me just as the first jet of my come arced out of me. She laughed as it fell across her cheek and her nose.

A second spurt came, then a third, and a fourth. My come fell onto Isobelle’s face, it covered her as she gasped and moaned and screamed with laughter.

She took my cock into her mouth and sucked me as the rest of my come pulsed out of me. She kept sucking and swallowing and grinning up at me until I was done.

Isobelle rubbed my cock over her face to make as much mess as possible. She sucked me over and over until I softened. She knows what it does to me when she acts like this, I know much she enjoys it too. I know she can only behave like this with me. We collapsed onto the bed together, exhausted but vibrating with pleasure.

We’re not in love, Isobelle and I. There’s no harm in what we do. It’s just that we can let go together, we can be our true selves. We can have the kind of sex we can never have with other people.

We just have a mutual understanding, that’s all.

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