Our Understanding - Part One

by Dan StrawberryHall 7 months ago in erotic

A Rimming Erotic Short Story

Our Understanding - Part One

I know what you’re thinking. I’ve just woken up in my ex-girlfriend’s bed, and you’re judging me already.

I shouldn’t be here, right? It’s never a good idea. We’re probably both still in love, or worse, only one of us is. You think we can’t let go, that we’re re-opening old wounds. Total recipe for disaster.

But you’re wrong.

Yes, we were an item once; yes, we were close; yes, I am naked in her bed, but if it helps, we were never in love. We had fun, that was it. We had a lot of fun as it happens. You see, we might not have been right for each other in many ways, but sex, we found out, was the exception.

Isobelle and I just clicked in bed. We understood each other instinctively. We were open about exactly what we liked, and we took great pleasure in making it happen for each other. And that’s why we still fuck. Because of our understanding. When you have something like that, you don’t just throw it away.

Not convinced? Allow me to show you…

She’s in the shower now, Isobelle. She’s getting ready for another round of our little game. I’m more than ready too. My heart beats faster as I hear her shower shut off. As I hear its door slide back.

Isobelle bounds into the room a couple of moments later with a grin on her face and not a stitch on her body. She’s still wet, not dripping, but like she started drying herself, but didn’t have the patience to finish. Her long hair is mostly dry, but it’s dark at the tips where it’s caught the water. Her body is flushed and glowing from the heat of the shower and from anticipation of what’s about to happen.

I lie back and admire the sight of Isobelle as she walks around the bed. Her slim waist, her round breasts with their thick, dark nipples. Her pert, curved, perfect bottom.

Isobelle doesn’t mess around. She goes straight to her bedside table. She picks up her vibrator and the tube of strawberry flavoured lube. She throws them to me as she leaps onto the bed. She grins all the wider, like a cat who’s got her cream, then she’s in my arms, laughing and wriggling.

We kiss slowly, we kiss faster, with growing urgency. We wrap our legs around each other’s, we press our naked bodies together. We explore each other with our hands and mouths, kissing sensitive spots, caressing curves, tweaking nipples, tracing fingertips over stomachs and the insides of thighs. We’re both so turned on we don’t keep it up for long though. We soon get down to business. This is the point of our understanding after all. I know what Isobelle wants, she knows I know, so why delay?

Isobelle breaks our kiss first. She reaches for her pillow, then she adopts the position. She rolls onto her front and pushes the pillow under her tummy. We don’t say anything as she does it, we both know what’s coming. It’s all part of our understanding.

I find where I’ve dropped her vibrator and the lube as Isobelle wriggles on the pillow to get it in the right position. To make sure it lifts her hips like she’s presenting her gorgeous little bottom to me. She opens her legs wider as I move behind her.

I settle myself between Isobelle’s thighs. I squirt a dollop of lube onto my fingers and stroke them over her vibrator to get it nice and slick.

I don’t take my eyes off her body as I do it. No matter how many times I see Isobelle in this position, I’ll never grow tired of it. Her back is slender and toned, it curves down and inwards elegantly, then it flares out at her hips with a curve that makes my stomach tighten. She has two gorgeous dimples, then her bottom rises up in a heart-stoppingly perfect, smooth, full arch. God, I could look at her arse all day long.

Isobelle’s legs are parted and I can see how wet and flushed her smooth pussy is already. She’s so horny she’s started rubbing herself against the pillow, as if she can’t help herself.

I hand Isobelle her lubed-up vibrator. She twists the base of it and it comes to life in her hands with a furious buzz. She raises her body a touch as she pushes it under herself. With the view she’s granting me, I see her press it against her cunt. She jerks and closes her eyes in pleasure, she moans loud as she finds her clit. I drop forwards onto my elbows and find a comfortable position between her legs.

Isobelle shivers as I kiss the backs of her thighs. She starts to press rhythmically against her vibrator. I keep kissing, I move higher, towards her wonderful behind. Isobelle moans to hurry me on.

I press my lips against the smooth, soft skin of her majestic buttocks and Isobelle moans louder. I kiss her all over, but I move slowly closer to the sensitive flesh each side of her arse crack.

I savour the view and the feel of her as I kiss her cheeks. Isobelle shudders and groans as I press my lips against the ticklish spot she has at the very top of her crack. I realise I’m hard as rock already.

I keep kissing that spot, teasing her a little, and Isobelle moves faster, she’s humping the buzzing toy pressed between her pussy lips now. She’s moaning with each press, her body’s starting to shake all over. She doesn’t hide anything; she doesn’t hold back. She doesn’t need to with me.

I spread Isobelle’s arse cheeks with my hands. I reveal her most intimate places, her sopping cunt, the delightful pucker of her arsehole. I start to kiss downwards from the cleft of her cheeks.

Isobelle groans with need to encourage me on. She shifts position to lift her bottom higher. I spread her open wider as I trace my lips slowly down between her cheeks.

I take my time still, I tease Isobelle some more. I make her groan and writhe beneath me. This is half of our understanding. This is the part I do for her. She says she’s too shy to ask most guys for it. It makes her feel guilty and dirty. It’s pretty up there on the kink scale, and she says the few boys she has asked don’t get it. I’m the only one who does. I get it, I get her. I don’t judge, I enjoy it too. I love doing this to her. My lips move lower.

When someone has a kink they’re scared to reveal, when that kink gets them off like nothing else, there’s such a power, such an intensity when you do it for them. It’s intoxicating. I love seeing and feeling what it does to Isobelle. I love seeing how she reacts.

I hover my mouth over Isobelle for a couple of heartbeats. I let her anticipation and her groans of desperation grow, then I press my lips against her arsehole.

Isobelle jerks hard and stiffens like she’s been struck by an electric shock, but she moans loud in pleasure too. I press my lips against her arsehole a second time and she does it again. I only touch her lightly, but she’s so sensitive there, it has such a strong effect on her.

I keep kissing Isobelle. I press my lips against her more firmly each time, and it drives her a little wilder with every touch. I moan as I do it, I get louder, it gets Isobelle even hotter if she can hear how much I love this too. I put on a bit of a show. I cover her in big, wet, sloppy kisses, I groan, I make her shake and shudder. Then I open my lips and I touch her with my tongue.

Isobelle gasps and arches her back involuntarily. I lick her again and again and she’s losing herself to it already. I can feel and hear it. She’s bucking and moaning loud; she’s rubbing herself frantically against the toy held between her legs.

She’s a funny one is Isobelle. She’s sensual, she’s avaricious, she loves sex, but I’ve never met a girl who’s finds coming so difficult. It takes time, she needs the exact right stimulation, or it won’t happen at all, even with toys. But when she does come, well, she doesn’t hold back. She comes like it’s the end of the world.

I trace the tip of my tongue languorously around and over her. I feel each sensitive wrinkle of her pucker and Isobelle wriggles and writhes as I tickle her there. The first few times we did this, it blew my mind how sensitive she was in this place. Still does.

Isobelle manages to press herself into my face at the same time as she’s humping her vibrator. I take the hint. I lap at her with a rhythm that matches her frantic hips and she immediately goes up a gear. Her noises come louder; I can feel the tension flooding through her body.

I reach for the lube as I lick Isobelle. I pop the tube open and squirt a great dollop of the silky gel onto my fingers. She groans in displeasure as I take my tongue away from her arsehole, but it turns into a long moan of gratification as I run my silken fingers between her cheeks.

Isobelle gasps a desperate “yes,” over her shoulder as I trace a fingertip in tight circles around her greased anus. I press it against her, I move it back and forth, and I feel Isobelle’s anus coming open around it. I press my finger into her slowly and she arches her back again and moans in that way that makes my cock pulse.

I slide my oiled finger easily into Isobelle’s arse. I press it deep, but then I hold it still to let her get used to the feel of it. Her sphincter is a tight band of muscle that squeezes the base of my finger, but behind that she feels more open. She feels hot.

Fuck, I love doing this to her. Before Isobelle I’d never thought about putting anything up a girl’s backside. I hadn’t seen the point. Why would I? No woman could ever enjoy it. But then Isobelle showed me how wrong I was. She showed me what it did to her. And let’s say I took to it quickly. I love how different she feels here, how intense it is, how the slightest movement makes her buck and groan, how it drives her crazy.

I slide a finger into her pussy just to savour the difference between the two places. I curl my fingers inside her so I can feel them through the wall that separates her pussy and her anus. It’s surprisingly thin. I rub my fingertips together and Isobelle’s noises come louder.

I start to move my finger gently in her arse. I circle it inside her, pressing against that band of muscle, massaging it from the inside. Isobelle groans and shivers. I feel her relaxing, coming open for me. I find her g-spot with my finger in her cunt, I rub it lightly in time with my finger in her bum.

Isobelle makes more and more noise. She’s letting go to it, she’s rubbing herself against her vibrator with wild abandon now. I stroke her g-spot faster, I work my finger in and out of her arse, I twist it around as I pull it out and press it back into her. I’m opening Isobelle up in more ways than one, I’m giving her what she craves.

I keep finger fucking Isobelle’s behind until she’s ready. She’s frenzied now, she’s way beyond the point most women would climax, but she can’t, not yet. She needs more. I slide my finger out of her arse, then I press my face between her cheeks again. I flick my tongue over her anus, then I hold if firm and I slide it into her loosened arsehole.

This is it. This is what Isobelle needs more than anything else. It’s the one thing that gets her there every time. It’s the crux of our understanding. It’s the reason I was in her bed last night and why I’m still here now. It’s the kink only I get, it’s the one only I can give her.

I press my tongue as deep into Isobelle as I can. Her anus is slick with lube, she’s open, she tastes of strawberries and that smell only her skin has. I can feel her sphincter around my tongue, but she’s not squeezing me now.

I slide my tongue in and out of Isobelle’s arse; I tickle her g-spot; she grinds against her vibrator. She loses any semblance of control. She’s trembling all over, she makes those wonderful guttural, grunting sounds she only makes when I’m doing this to her. I groan loudly to show how her much fun I’m having too, although I’m sure she’s oblivious to it now.

If someone walked in on us at this moment, they’d see a hell of a sight. Isobelle humping her vibrator like a madwoman as I slide my tongue in and out of a place that’s a little too high to be her pussy. And I’m sure it’d disgust most people, seeing her lose control like this, seeing me doing something so depraved. But for us it’s not disgusting, it’s intimate. It’s a loving act between two friends who love to fuck.

I move my tongue faster and faster, in time with Isobelle’s bucking and thrusting. Her cunt starts to contract around my finger, her arsehole spasms around my tongue. She goes into that state where her noises come high and fast, where her body judders with each moan. She tenses all over for a second, every muscle in her body locks up, then it breaks, and she screams as she comes.

Isobelle thrashes beneath me as her orgasm takes her. She comes harder like this than any other woman I’ve been with. I press my face into her, I do my best to keep my tongue in her arse. I keep rubbing her g-spot, I want her to climax as hard and for as long she can take it.

Isobelle puts on a real show, she comes with such force she screams over and over. She comes hard, she keeps yelling and writhing, and I keep flickering my tongue in her arse.

But then suddenly it’s all too much for her. She pushes my face away from her body, she rolls over onto her back to escape her vibrator. She laughs, she tells me over and over how ridiculously good it was.

I take Isobelle in my arms. We kiss, then she asks me what I want in return for my good work. The second half of our understanding.

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