Orgasms at the Conference Part 2

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Part 2

Orgasms at the Conference Part 2
I love to taste me on your lips.

I laid there stunned for a minute, post orgasm, as warm tingly orgasm love spread through my body. I’m pretty sure that’s the shortest amount of time I’ve ever taken to cum. Coming back to Earth, I feel your hands running softly up my sides and your slick toned legs rubbing along mine as you crawl up my body. Pressing your knee gently into my yoni, you kiss me deeply. I taste me on your lips and tongue.

Your fingers tickle as you run them slowly up and down my body. Laying down on top of me, you rub your nipples against mine making them all hard. I rock and rub against your knee, rubbing my still throbbing clit against you. I run my hands down your hips to your ass. I grab gently and pull your pussy down to meet mine. I bend my leg rubbing my thigh between your legs, I feel your slick wetness on my leg.

Pulling you, we roll over and I lay on top of you. I kiss you softly, gently biting your bottom lip and darting my tongue in to meet yours. I suck your tongue into my mouth and intertwine it with mine while breathing you in deeply. Laying next to you, I move my hands down your beautiful body. I run my fingers around your breasts and softly grasp as much as I can in my hand as I suck on your nipples, making them instantly hard.

Kissing every inch, I slowly work my way down your body, your ears to your neck, breasts to your belly button, your abdomen down to your sweet spot. I put one leg over my shoulder and kiss your upper thigh. I put your other leg over my shoulder while I suck on your thigh, sucking until I almost leave a love bite. You start to wiggle. I love watching you squirm under my kisses. You buck, moving your hips around, trying to get my mouth's attention.

Moving away from your thigh, I slowly lick up the outside of your lips and run my tongue around the inside, slowly up and down your lips. I dive my tongue deep inside of you, tasting your sweetness and feeling the pull of your muscles on my tongue. I wrap my arms around your legs and pull you into me while my tongue darts in and out of you.

You wiggle around beneath me going back and forth between gasping and moaning. You grab your breasts, pinching your nipples firmly. I start licking softly from your opening to your clit, lapping you up with my tongue. I close my mouth over your clit creating suction and flick my tongue quickly back and forth. I twist two fingers into you, tap on your g-spot and twist them back out in rhythm with my tongue. In and out, in and out, in and out.

Your moaning and gasping becomes louder, more in flow and I know you’re on the edge or getting close to orgasm. I suck harder creating better suction and point my tongue. I flick it back and forth rapidly on your clit. Adding another finger, I squeeze three fingers into your pussy and pulse on your g-spot in rhythm with my tongue.

You buck against my fingers and grind against my face as an orgasm explodes and rushes through your body. It warms you fully, filling you up with a completely euphoric feeling of love as you cum. I lap up your juices licking from opening to clit gently. I crawl up your body and kiss you softly. With my kiss, you can taste you on my lips.

I lay half on top of you, half on the bed and lightly caress your body while you work to catch your breath. Smiling at me you say, “Wanna try the strap on?”

JLM fantasies
JLM fantasies
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