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Options for online sex work: Chat lines

by Plus size & sexy 2 months ago in industry
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Ever wondered what it's like to get paid for being naughty on the phone?

Options for online sex work: Chat lines
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So far we have gone over subscription platforms and cam modeling sites. Today we are going to be discussing Phone sex chat lines.

As mentioned in my first post, phone sex doesn't really sound like online work, but it is 2022 and pretty much everything is online now. There are many websites dedicated to phone sex, as well sexting (sex messaging), such as NiteFlirt. While calls themselves are usually done over a phone call, the websites help you find customers and help protect your personal information, such as your phone number. You earn money by the minute for calls you receive. The types of calls you do is up to you, but to get a good amount of calls you have to make sure there is something special to draw callers in to you.

My personal experience with phone sex chat lines is mixed. It is definitely one of my favorite ways to earn money, however it is definitely where I have run into the most people who have had interests that I am not comfortable engaging in/listening about.

Pros: What are the benefits of using phone sex chat lines for a sex worker?

- Good pay: this is definitely the highest paying platforms I have been on. On average I male $3 per minute (averaging $180 an hour) for calls.

- Unique interactions: There is an extremely wide variety of callers on this platform, so it tends to be less repetitive and less tedious. I have gotten calls ranging from just casual chats, to listening to me sneeze, all the way to full blown phone sex.

-Low effort to gain clients: You don't have to advertise on other platforms to get customers. Pretty much all of my customers have found me directly through the sites themselves.

-Taxes are easier: Once again taxes are almost entirely handled for you. Your main responsibility is just filing them. They do most of the math for you. They also have a very good breakdown of your earnings per month if you need it for any reason.

-The most privacy: Out of all types of online sex work, chat lines have been the best at protecting my privacy. You can use a stage name, callers get a fake number for you that connects to your phone, you can use any type of photos as yours as long as you have legal rights to use the photos, and you don't have to show your face unless you want to. Calls can be voice only or video, it's up to you.

-You can have multiple accounts: many chat lines not only allow, but also encourage you to have multiple accounts with different personas to draw in a larger audience. This means you can make more money.

-Kink allowed: Chat lines have a larger opening for kink that most options for online sex work. The good thing about this is it means more money. People are almost always willing to pay more to enjoy a kink than just to have some basic vanilla play.

-Easy to manage who you interact with: If someone gives you trouble or even simply makes you a little uncomfortable, you can block without issue.

Cons: What are the negatives to using chat lines as an online sex worker?

- Spending money to get money: The best way to earn money on these sites is to use their self promotion features, which unfortunately means you are spending money to advertise. I typically keep about $5 on my account at the end of every day to cover the fees

- People feel more comfortable sharing their dirty secrets: Chat lines are the most anonymous platforms for sex workers. Therefore, clients tend to be VERY open and often share fantasies that are illegal, problematic, or just not very comfortable. If you can think of it, it is probably a turn on for someone. Yes, even THAT.

- Heavy competition: Chat lines, being one of the original forms of virtual sex work, are super highly populated. It is genuinely a fight to stay at the top of searches and to grab attention.

What are some sites I could use to work on chat lines?

Niteflirt: NiteFlirt is my favorite. I make great money on there. The site is easy to use. Getting paid is easy. There is definitely a lot of customers who are into stuff I am not comfortable with, but there are even more who I genuinely find myself enjoying talking to. I would 100% recommend this site to someone interested in the line of work.

Sextpanther: Sexpanther is pretty good. It is definitely harder to get clients and make money on, but it functions well and I have met some cool people working on it.

Those are the only two sites I personally know of. I am searching for more, and if I find any I will definitely make a future post talking about them! If you have any expirence on these sites, feel free to comment with your input and expirence.

How do I know if chat lines are a good platform for me?

The biggest things with chat lines are knowing how to read people and knowing how to play a role. You usually have a couple of minutes to figure out what they are looking for and then you have to be able to help them divulge in that fantasy. You don't have to be an A star actor or anything, but you definitely need to show interest and be able to hold up a conversation. You also need to have thick skin, because as mentioned prior there is a lot that you will be confronted with on chat sites and you need to be able to handle it without it harming your mental well-being.

If you feel like you learned something from this post, and would like to continue learning, make sure you subscribe so that you get to see the information I have, as soon as I am able to share it.


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