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Only After Dark

by L. M. Williams 12 months ago in erotic

Finding Love with a Perfect Stranger

Anna dragged her bare feet through the loose sand along the river bank. The full moon the only light as her guide. The cool grains caressed her bare feet as she slowly moved along, the rush of the water lulling her into a peaceful zen. It was exactly what she needed after the long she had. Though, the quiet of the night almost too inviting for comfort as her thoughts began to run away from her.

And that's when she saw him. His rich almond skin nearly glowing in the moonlight, rolling over his bare shoulders, illuminating the sculpt of the hard muscle that lied just beneath the surface. She sucked in a sharp breath as her eyes traced the curve of his back down to his hips, to the little dimples just above his buttock. The rest hidden beneath the black surface of the water, leaving the rest to her imagination and much to be longed for.

She knew she should move on and leave him, but he had yet to know that he was no longer alone. There was no harm in looking for a moment longer, was there? No harm in allowing her mind to wonder what those muscles would feel like beneath her hands. The strength of his arms around her as he pulled her close, close enough to know that she was safe. That she belonged to him.

As if reading her thoughts or sensing her fiery lustful gaze on his backside, he turned sideways showing off the chiseled length of his body and she wished to run her hands up and down him, to feel each and every knot and muscle, to feel the weight of his body against hers. Theirs eyes met. His dark gaze was not cruel or menacing, but sharing the same longing that currently burned between her legs. It could have easily been a trick of the poor lighting, she assured herself. There was no way this beautiful stranger wanted her of all people.

But then he fully turned toward her and waded a bit closer, the water rising around his straining muscles as he moved into the deeper parts of the river. The current splashed up, covering and uncovering his navel. Covering and uncovering, leaving droplets clinging to his abdomen, slowly rolling down his god-like form. His piercing gaze never left her. "Will you join me?" His voice was deep and just as rich as his skin. His words brushed along her skin, drawing out a deep yearning. Her nipples stiffened beneath her thin summer dress, craving him.

He stopped about halfway across the river, waiting for her to meet him. Her breath came in hitched waves, her chest heaving up and down with nerves and arousal as she pulled the dress up and over her head. Her breasts settled with a soft bounce, their paleness nearly glowing in the dark. A shiver whispered across her skin as the night air met her bare flesh, only drawing out her arousal. Her nipples hardened even more, almost painful now in the most delicious of ways.

His eyes hungry traced her, following the curvature of her swollen breasts down to her wide hips. Then followed as she slowly slipped the fabric of her damp panties down her curvature of her bottom and down her thick, rounded thighs. His burning gaze alone could possibly send her over the edge. She had never felt so wanted before.

Ignoring her reservations, she stepped forward. The chilled water wrapped around her, touching her in places where she was already tender with wanting and a moan escaped her lips. She needed his hands on her body, to feel the pressure of his touch. And she needed it now. There was still so much space between them.

Her feet sank into the sandy bottom as she neared. She stopped just close enough to fully see his features--his sharp jaw covered in a sprinkling of black stubble, his square nose and large rounded lips, oh how she wished to taste those lips to feel their softness against her skin, his alluring deep set eyes--yet far enough away that they were not touching. Her eyes left his face, traveling down his thick neck to his broad shoulders and there across the vast expanse of his chest was such a handsome barn owl. It's wings spanned from side to side as if perfectly captured in flight, it's wings so lifelike, each feather so carefully inked. Before she could stop herself, her hand was on his hard chest, running her fingers over the feathers that could have been real, but all she could feel was him. His warmth radiated into her from her fingers, then her palm as she pressed her hand flat against his skin. His heart thundered beneath her palm. Hers doing the same at this small touch.

Then there was one, now two, hands on her hips pulling her closer to him. His erection bumped up against her stomach, only deepening her wanting for him. Hardly able to catch her breath, she tipped her head up to glance at him only to find his head already dipped waiting for her.

His lips were softer than she could have ever imagined. His tongue seductively slid across her lips before dipping into her mouth, his mouth sucking ever so gently on hers making her lips sore with pleasure.

She gasped into the kiss as he deepened it, clutching at her sides. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she desperately needed to be closer to him. She needed to be encompassed by his suffocating heat and desire. She wanted all of him. Wanted to know every little nuance of his body as she let her hands wander across his body.

A moan filled the night as one of his hands slipped between her legs and she opened up to him, bringing one of her knees up to his hip. She begged for more as a teased her, as his tender lips traced down the length of her neck down to her breasts. She practically cried out with ecstasy as he pulled her nipple between his teeth with just enough force that a new wave of heat bubbled inside of her.

His large, strong hands scooped up underneath her thighs and lifted her up with the grace and ease like they had already done this a thousand times.

She cradled his head in her hands, meeting his gaze. "I want you." She whispered before her lips found his again and her eyes fluttered closed.

He moaned into her mouth as he lowered her onto his member, going deep inside of her. She clutched onto him, her nails digging into his skin as he began to thrust into her. With no one around, she made no attempts to quiet her pleasure. Her moans and screams filled the space between them, his hot breath on her skin as their bodies moved in a rhymical sync. Both attempting to bring the other closer with each movement.

Never in her life had she felt such bliss. With each thrust, he hit her in just the right spot, his shaft rubbing against all her most sensitive parts. He picked the tempo just a little and she could tell that he was getting close to finishing, but that small change was the perfect frequency for her. His thrusts at just the right angle.

Hardly able to breathe, she begged him not to stop. The erotic bubble of an approaching orgasm built inside her. Squeezing her legs around his torso, she was able to raise her hips, allowing him to slide even deeper inside of her and it was too much. A rush of pleasure coursed through her body. She threw back her head with a final moan as her limbs trembled with the waves of intense pleasure that rippled through her.

Never had Anna done anything so reckless and exhilarating. Not that she did, but even if she had, planned on telling anyone of this beautiful encounter no one would be believe her. She wasn't even sure how she would articulate it other than simply saying it was incredible.


L. M. Williams

I'm a self-published author that enjoys writing fantasy/supernatural novels and occasionally dabble in poetry and realistic fiction. In my spare time I'm writing, a freelance artist or annoying my cat. "Rising Stars" is my first novel.

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