On the Trail

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Sex in Public (Check)

On the Trail

"You're loud when you're high," I say with some amusement. Red eyed, you get up from the trail with dirt on your back after laying on the path.

"Well I'll just go FUCK myself then," you reply playfully.

Always the over-exaggerated comebacks with you. Actually, over-exaggerated everything. While I had looked up to point out constellations to you, you decided to lay your happy ass on the ground to star gaze. Hence, the layer of dirt clinging to your shirt and pants.

As we continue on the path again, you lace your fingers into mine (you're also much more physical and affectionate when you're stoned), but instead of walking hand in hand, I wrap your arm over my shoulders, and mine goes behind your back. The trail is worn from the many visitors the mountain gets everyday... and every evening; from the sound of the people on the mountain and the family with the dog we pass by.

You turn and face me before planting a kiss on my lips. "Sex on the trail?" you ask with an anticipatory smile.

No lie; I want to, but this is not as private as I'd like it to be. We literally just passed a family with a yapping dog and KNOW there are hikers coming down the trail right now.

"Maybe," I reply.

We walk further along the path, still star gazing.

"The trail to hike up the mountain is over here, but I'm not going up there with no bra."

Then I get swung into your arms, where you begin making out with me.

Persuasion... yeah, I'm not going to argue this.

I match your kisses, enjoying the aggression. You're determined to have your way and I honestly love it. You maneuver my shorts and underwear before slipping your fingers into me. It causes my body to clench a little and I intake a gasp. You're trying to send me over the edge... and it's working.

Dammit, it doesn't take much for you to persuade me. I already want you.

You pull your fingers out of me to unbutton your jeans.

"Hold on," I say, "come over here." I lead us further away from the path and towards a large rock. After unbuttoning my own shorts and sliding them to my ankles, I bend down to brace myself against the rock. You rub the head of your penis against my crotch, lubricating. Just feeling your head makes me warm with excitement. Then you sink into me. The first few thrusts don't have enough lubrication, but then... I moan softly.

For every time you push in, my vagina welcomes you; clenching around your penis, trying to hold you there. You're penetrating deep in this position, and with your length, it feels as if you're about to break through a barrier.

With the way this is going, I'm gonna get loud. Please don't let there be anyone close by.

You stand me up, one of your hands under my shirt to cup my breast, as you continue humping me. More moans come from me while we kiss and fuck standing up. I wrap my arm behind you and grope your ass, just wanting my hands on you.

I feel you push down on my back, indicating to bend over again. When I do, I get spanked.

Haha... Hmm, perhaps you prefer YOUR hands on MY ass?

Getting spanked always brings a laugh from me and causes my hips to raise further into your groin. I always enjoy the feel of your body.

Soon your fingers dig into my hips as your thrusting picks up speed. I grip the rock, trying not to be too loud while you ride me.

Then my favorite part... hearing your jagged intake of breath and moans before you climax. I wish that would last for hours, I really do. I just want you to experience the long lasting orgasms you've given me. That delicious dick has satisfied me to the point of writhing in pleasure. I want to return the favor.

Before I can protest, you pull out just as you cum, letting your semen fall to the desert floor. Meanwhile, I'm still braced against the rock for support.

"More," is the only thing on my mind.

Instead, I pull up my booty shorts and sit on the rock I was just bracing. Now that I'm turned toward you, I see your pants are still around your feet, and I'm left to stare hungrily at your still fully erect cock.

Never. I never get round two.

The sound of voices comes from up the path.

"Perfect timing," I say.

"Want to head back?" you ask while buttoning your jeans.

No stupid. I want you... over and over again until I can't walk back to the car.

"Yeah," I reply.

As we take the trail back, you lace your fingers into mine again. I look at our interlocked hands, then at you. "You're okay with this?" I ask.

"Well if you don't want to..." and you abruptly let go of my hand with a playful tone again.

I shrug, only slightly dejected. Then your hand finds mine again. "Yeah, I'm okay with it."

Can I just have THIS and round two every time? That's all I ask.

...Maybe a few rounds.

Xena Warrior
Xena Warrior
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