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Chidi was dutifully cleaning up the kitchen while Ijeoma was showering. He couldn’t stop thinking about being with her tonight. He actually got a semi-erection as he imagined making love to her, prompting him to put down the plates and adjust. Even though he was alone, he still felt embarrassed. He leaned back against the counter and closed his eyes, thinking of Ijeoma’s naked body, imagining of being on top of her, inside her. Just then he heard the water shut off in the shower. She was done.

A wild idea crept into Chidi’s heart. What if he went and just took her, right now, fresh and naked out of the shower? It would be unnatural to do it during the day; lovemaking was meant for bedtime. But bedtime seemed like an eternity away! He decided he would be natural and do it—right after he finished the kitchen.

Ijeoma stepped out of the shower and toweled off her long, black hair, never taking her eyes off her pretty new pussy. She had just grabbed her tube of moisturizing cream when she heard her phone ring. It was still in the pocket of her skirt in the laundry basket. She almost ignored the call, but saw her tiny Bluetooth headset resting near mirror. Ijeoma turned it on and put it in her ear.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Ijeoma, its Jide.” He sounded a little distraught. “Did you remember to re-enable the security system today after finally getting accounts back online?”

“Of course.”

Jide exhaled a sigh of relief. “Okay, I can sleep tonight. For a minute there I had visions of hackers plundering our portfolios and offering up my head on a plate to senior management. I’m sorry to have bothered you; I hope you weren’t busy.”

“Nope, just out of the shower,” she replied.

“Oh?” said Jide, his tone audibly more enthralled. “So you’re…naked?”

“That’s how I usually take showers,” she responded. Ijeoma couldn’t resist the sarcasm.

“What do you look like?” he asked.

“Like an elephant,” she bemoaned.

Jide laughed. “Women,” he said. “Why do you always look at your body through such hypercritical eyes? Try to see yourself as a man sees you. An elephant is definitely not the word that comes to my mind. Look at your breasts in the mirror. You know they’re amazing, don’t you? Tell me what your husband sees.” He waited for a response, but there was only awkward silence.

After a long pause, Ijeoma finally spoke. “Right now, baby?” Jide thought for a moment how to reply. It was an odd thing for her to say to him. Then Ijeoma spoke again. “Wait, can I—Chidi, I need to—” There was another long pause before Ijeoma sighed.

Jide spoke cautiously. “Ijeoma, I hope I didn’t—” He was interrupted by the sounds of lips kissing. Jide wasn’t sure what was going on. He had thought she was alone, but her husband was obviously there. Jide immediately felt a little guilty being so bold with the sex talk over the phone while she was at home with her husband. Sometimes his libido overshadowed his boundaries. His first impulse was to hang up, but he listened a while longer. They were smooching. He could hear the lip smacking and both of them breathing heavy through their noses. Jide’s heart leapt into his chest as it dawned on him what they were doing. He was listening to the sounds of foreplay. But, why wasn’t Ijeoma hanging up the phone?

He listened for awhile longer and considered whether he should say anything to Ijeoma. Rustling sounds from the room, which he deduced was the sound of Chidi’s clothes coming off as they kissed their way into the bedroom, filled Jide’s earpiece. More kissing followed, then a moan from Ijeoma.

“Oh my god,” Jide said absentmindedly into the phone as he listened. A soft thud told him Ijeoma had landed onto the bed, still on the phone. “You must be wearing that your small Bluetooth headset!” he declared, as if he had just solved the riddle of the week. He figured Ijeoma was so taken by surprise by Chidi that she did not even have time to remove her Bluetooth earpiece. Chidi probably didn’t even know she was on the phone, since it would have been hidden in her long, dark hair.

Ijeoma lay naked on her back, watching her husband take off his boxer. She was pleasantly surprised at the naturalness of Chidi’s initiation, but would have liked about ten seconds’ warning to end the call with Jide. She was trying to decide whether to hang up on him. If she removed the headset now, it might seem a little strange to Chidi that she had it on while naked, right out of the shower, and even stranger, hadn’t removed it until now. On the other hand, what was the harm in leaving it on? Ijeoma fittingly decided not to do anything about it.


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