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Office Play

by Marie Ross 3 months ago in erotic

Stories For My Daddy Dom #7

When Dara walked into the building all anyone could see was a black overcoat, and a pair of fuck me black heels. She pulled her phone out of her pocket, texting Stan to let him know she was getting in the elevator. Smiling she played with the belt of her coat as the elevator rose into the air. Exiting when the door dinged and opened, she turned to the right making her way to the end of the hall where Daddy’s office was. His secretary wasn’t at her desk, so Dara knocked softly on the office door. When she heard enter, she slipped through the door and stopped. He still had clients sitting at the conference table with him, two large black males that took her breath away. And she froze.

“it’s alright baby girl.” Stan said leaning back in his chair.

“Take your coat off and come tell Daddy hi.” He pushed back from the table and waited.

Dara slowly undid the belt, parting the coat to let it slide down her arms to pool at her feet. What she revealed had the two other men staring with lustful eyes. From the fuck me heels they saw silk stockings, hugging toned legs, and the black straps of a garter belt peeking out of a very short black and red plaid skirt. Her white blouse hugging her waist, gapping open at her tits, showing off a black and red silk bra. She slowly walked over to Daddy, giving a little more sway to her hips as she did. Once there she thought he would spread his legs to let her between them, but instead she was forced to straddle his legs. The position opening and showing off her wet pussy, and ass as she bent over to give him a kiss. As he took the kiss deeper, Stan slid his hands up the backs of her thighs, gripping and spreading her cheeks to show off her puckered asshole. Dara smiled against his lips when she heard the men groan in unison. Stan broke the kiss with a bite to her lower lip and spoke.

“I want you to go lay out on the table, with your pussy open.” He commanded.

Dara smiled down at him stroking his chest before walking to the other end of the table. Placing the heels of her hands on the edge of the table she leaned forward, showing off her tits as she boosted herself onto the table. Scooting back, she laid down opening her thighs nice and wide.

“Scoot back more baby girl, lean your head off the end of the table.” Stan commanded.

Dara obeyed, placing her heels on the table as she pushed back. The new position opened her pussy wider, and as she leaned her head off the other end her hair flowed down like water.

“Well gentlemen, what do you think of my baby girl?” Stan asked with a smile.

“She is a prize to be sure.” One of the men said.

“But why are you having her lay out like a meal for us?” the other asked.

“I’ve asked her here tonight and laid her out as a treat for all the hard work we have been doing over the last few weeks.” Stan said as Dara arched her back and moaned at his words.

“And what’s the catch?” one asked.

“I get to watch.” Stan chuckled when Dara whimpered.

“Do you have a problem with that?” He continued.

“Not at all.” They men replied together, reaching for her clothing.

“Oh, and her clothes stay on.” Stan said with a smile.

Dara whimpered a little protest at that, causing all three men to chuckle.

“Now one of you gets to start eating her pussy, while the other fucks her mouth.” He leaned back in his chair to enjoy the show.

One of them rose and went around the table stroking her cheek gently as he opened his pants. Pulling out his large cock, he rubbed it along the seam of her lips. Slipping between them at the same time the other man parted her pussy lips and started licking her dripping folds. Dara moaned around the thick cock, swallowing more of its length.

The man at her pussy licked and flicked at her folds learning what made her whimper and moan. When he circled his tongue around her clit she screamed around the cock in her mouth. That man groaned in pleasure, fucking her mouth faster, thrusting harder until he came shooting his load deep down her throat. Dara gagged when she screamed through her orgasm at the same time, she swallowed the cream flowing down her throat. Smiling at the sight Stan spoke again.

“Now switch places.” He said unzipping his pants to pull his cock free.

As the men switched places, Dara turned her head to look at her Daddy. She smiled as she watched him stroke his hardening cock, with another man’s cum dripping from her lips. Stan loved watching his baby girl get played with, it made him so hard, and when he got around to playing with her, he would fuck her so good.

Dara gasped, arching her back as the next man set his mouth to her sensitive pussy, and began lapping at it like a starving man. Her gasps turned to muffled moans as the other man slid his cock deep into her throat and held it there so he could feel the vibration of her noises as she was made to cum over and over. The fourth time she screamed around the cock in her mouth, gagging as he shot his cream down her working throat.

“Enough.” Stan said, and both men backed away from her.

“Go bend over my desk baby girl.” He commanded.

“Do as I say baby girl.” He commanded with a firmer tone.

Dara slowly turned to her side, getting off the table, and on shaky legs walked a staggering path to Daddy’s desk. Leaning her fore arms onto his desk she waited. Stan rose from his chair, encouraging the other men to make themselves comfortable on the couch across from his desk. Reaching her side Stan stroked his baby girl’s back. Opening one of his drawers he pulled out a bottle of lube, and a wooden paddle, that had metal studs on one side. He gripped her hair, lifting her head so she could watch the men stroke their cocks. Setting the lube on the desk he picked up the paddle striking her ass. He landed blows over and over making each swat harder and harder, smiling as Dara’s cries and whimpers made him harder, and seemed to have the same effect on the other men. After twenty blows he pulled her back against his chest, licking her exposed throat before biting down hard getting a lustful moan from her panting lips.

“Now gentlemen, which one wants her pussy, and which one wants her ass?” Stan asked still nuzzling at her throat.

One of the men stood as the other scooted to the middle of the small couch, and Daddy released her handing her the lube with a command to go sit on the waiting cock and let the other into her ass. Dara smiled turning to kiss her Daddy’s neck before walking over to the men.

“Little brat.” Stan chided with a chuckle, and a smack to her tender ass.

She laughed wickedly as she sauntered over to the couch. Straddling the waiting lap as she handed the lube to the other man. Placing her hands on the strong shoulders in front of her, shivering as he caressed her thighs. Pushing her up a little, he gripped his cock placing the tip at her entrance he brought her back down incasing his thick hard length. Dara moaned, arching her back at the feeling of her still throbbing pussy squeezing around him. The other man spread her cheeks, lubing her ass. Getting her nice and wet he issued a commanded for her to look at him as he lubed his cock, fucking into her ass as he watched her eyes dilate with desire. Dara gasped as she adjusted to his size and froze when Daddy spoke.

“Stop.” Stan commanded.

They all paused as he came to them. Taking his baby girl’s hair, he fed her his cock. When he bumped the back of her throat, he spoke to the man in her ass.

“Fuck my baby girl hard.” He said.

The man smiled and started a slow hard pace. Making all of them groan as he slammed against her tender ass.

Stan started to rock his hips, loving the vibration of her whimpers, moans, and gasps, gripping her hair tighter as the pace was picked up. Then he stilled when he heard the gasp from the doorway. Turning his head, he found his secretary Gale standing there staring at the scene before her, with files in her hands.

“Sir?” she said in a shocked tone.

“Put the files on the table and come here.” Stan said holding out his hand.

She did so weakly staring at to group. When she stood beside him Stan stroked her cheek with his free hand, leaning in to kiss her open mouth. Breaking the kiss as he felt his baby girl scream around his cock, and he and his secretary watched as the other men came deep inside Dara’s holes. And he came deep in her mouth as she screamed around him again.

When he calmed, he pulled free of Dara’s mouth as the man in her ass pulled out slowly collapsing onto the couch. Stan then helped Dara up, leading her back to the table instructing Gale to fallow. There he sat his baby girl on the edge, pulling Gale between her thighs.

“Kiss her.” He whispered into Gale’s ear.

“Taste my cum on her lips.” Stan kissed Gale’s throat.

Gale took Dara’s lips in a hungry, desperate kiss, drinking her in like water. Stan laughed softly, gently pulling her back. Nipping at her neck as he watched his baby girl.

“Lay back aby girl.” He commanded, and she obeyed so nicely.

“Look at that pussy and ass.” He commented as he spread Dara’s thighs.

“Dripping chocolate cream.” He chuckled as the woman in his arms shivered.

“Would you like a taste?” he asked petting Gale’s body.

“Yes, sir.” She whispered.

“Then lick her clean.” He commanded.

“Take her hands in yours, and eat her pussy, and ass.” Stan stepped back giving Gale full access.

Gale linked her fingers with Dara’s, bending at the waist she slowly began licking at the wet pussy in front of her. Stan watched Gale lick and suck at his baby girl. Making her whimper and moan, as she started to beg. Then Gale moaned into Dara’s pussy when he stepped up to her ass. Stroking a hand over it he began inching up her skirt and over her hips. Revealing her rounded ass, clad only in a G-string. He rubbed Gale’s ass making her moan against Dara’s pussy, and when he pulled back spanking Gale’s ass she yelped in surprise. Pushing closer to Dara’s sensitive pussy making her gasp, while trying to thrust her hips up.

“That’s right baby girl, take it all.” He spanked Gale five more times.

Then rubbing the head of his cock that was once again hard, he pulled her G-string aside. Fucking into her fast and hard. He paused as she screamed against Dara’s folds.

“Make my baby girl scream, and I’ll fuck you nice and hard.” Stan smacked Gale’s hip.

At that Gale smiled against Dara’s pussy, and did a slow lick and flick at her clit before sucking on it hard. Dara didn’t know what to do. She shook with need as Gale sucked harder and harder, then stopped licking from Dara’s ass back to her clit, sucking on it again as Dara shattered screaming as she came hard.

As Dara screamed through her orgasm, Stan fucked Gale fast and hard making her scream against Dara’s pussy setting her off again.

“Fuck yes, make her scream again.” Stan commanded, fucking Gale harder making her scream against Dara’s pussy again.

As Stan came in Gale’s pussy he smiled at Dara, loving the look on her face. When he calmed, he pulled out gripping Gale’s hair, he brought her up so he could whisper in her ear.

“Crawl up there and give my baby girl a nice long kiss.” He smacked her ass to get her moving.

Gale smiled back at him as she climbed onto the table, giving Dara a long deep kiss.

“Good girl, now I want you to sit on her mouth.” Stan instructed.

Smiling when Gale set her pussy at Dara’s mouth Stan looked over at the men.

“Which one would like to fuck Gale’s ass?” Stan asked.

Gale looked back at him sharply.

“Don’t look at me like that, the other one gets to fill your mouth.” Stan told her.

The one that had fucked Dara’s pussy got up with the lube in his hand. Slicking his cock, he straddled Dara’s chest to lube Gale’s ass before gripping her hips and fucking into her fast and hard. Stopping as the other man climbed onto the table, threading his fingers through Gale’s hair. He guided her mouth to his cock as she panted. And Stan slowly slid into Dara’s pussy

When all three men were buried deep, Stan began to he fucked Dara, she moaned, and whimpered against Gale. Causing her to moan and whimper around the cock in her mouth, then screamed as the cock in her ass started moving.

The men seemed to move in unison as they fucked the women. When Dara screamed her orgasm against Gale’s pussy, Stan groaned before jerking and cumming deep inside Dara’s pussy. This caused Gale to cum hard screaming around the cock in her mouth as her pussy drenched Dara’s mouth, and her ass spasmed around the cock buried in it. The tight contraction from Gale setting both men off making them cum hard making Gale’s hole drip. Panting hard all three men pulled out, and Stan helped Gale off the table. Straightening her clothes and kissing her temple before speaking.

“It’s time for you to go home my dear.” Stan said stroking her back.

“Yes sir.” Gale whispered.

“Wait.” Dara said sitting up.

“What is it baby girl?” Stan asked.

Dara reached out her hands towards Gale. Smiling Stan gently pushed Gale into Dara’s arms.

“Thank you.” Dara kissed Gale sweetly before letting her go.

“Gentlemen why don’t you go get cleaned up before we finish our meeting.” Stan said gesturing to the bathroom in his office, while gathering Dara into his arms.

Sitting on the couch he settled his baby girl on his lap.

“are you okay baby girl?” Stan asked when they were alone, rubbing her back gently.

“Yes Daddy.” Dara mumbled against his chest.

“Did you come in a cab like I said?” he asked.

“Yes Daddy.” She smiled.

“Good girl. Rest here while I finish up.” Stan laid her on the couch as he stood.

“Just a few more hours than we’ll go home.” He brushed her hair behind her ear as the men came back.

Kissing her temple before going to clean himself up before finishing his meeting.

It was almost three hours later when Daddy finally stroked her cheek gently to wake her, and they headed home. Once there Daddy led his baby girl straight to their room, turning on the shower to heat up as he stripped her slowly. Once she was naked, he removed his clothes, and they both climbed into the shower. Dara moaned low at the fell of the water washing over her, and Daddy’s hands as he started working her bodywash over her wet skin. He lavished attention on her tits pinching and rolling her nipples between his fingers, kissing, and sucking on her throat as he slid his hands down working the soapy bubbles into her folds making her juices flow. She moaned arching her back rubbing her ass against her Daddy’s cock as he worked his fingers faster on her clit. As she came with a broken whimper, he turned her to face him, lifting her he fucked into her slow and hard taking her until they both fell over the edge into bliss.

Sometime later he turned off the water, drying them both off before snuggling into bed, and they fell into an exhausted sleep.


Marie Ross

Marie Ross is a new author just starting out, living in Washington. Stay up to date by fallowing me on Facebook. Looking for the missing chapters of Mistress Manor? you can find them on Amazon, it is free through kindle unlimited

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Marie Ross
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