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Not Quite Good At This Part III: Saturday, In the Park

new found love has entranced these lovers. They finally meet in the park and discover that the only problem was, they needed each other.

By Sin KittyPublished 2 years ago 10 min read

-Only one thing had been on his mind. He couldn’t seem to shake her memory. The smell of her sweet skin stuck in his nose. The taste of her pussy lingered on his lips. It had been two days since he’d seen her. He wondered if it was the right tactic, making her wait. If that had been enough to push her away from him. Or if it was just the right move he needed, to make her want him even more.

-’Only one way to find out,’he breathed, as he spritzed his neck with his blue Nautica cologne. Rotating the squarish bottle in his hands, he smiled. The same he had worn that night. Maybe it would trigger a memory for her that would make her even more privy to him. He hoped that he had filled her with what she needed, and that he would be her supplier once again.

-She had texted him out of the blue. He wondered if she had been playing a waiting game, too. It was 6pm on a Saturday evening and he had just got home from work. The gruel of day to day life drained him, but when he saw her text illuminate his phone, he felt a jolt of energy electrify him. A second wind, if you must.

-What to wear? What to wear? He had never been so nervous as to his outfit. He anticipated he wouldn’t need the nerves and that she would tear his clothes off his body and ravage him upon sight. Wishful thinking, perhaps. But hey, a man can dream.

-He shuffled through the various pairs of socks in his drawer. ‘What are you doing, man?’ he mocked. ‘Stewing over socks! This girl has got you good!’ Making a selection of black ones, he closed the drawer with a thud. He turned to his closet and very quickly so as to not spend too much time obsessing over his attire, he blindly picked a white shirt and red flannel to protect him from the brisk night.

-‘Cold, for June,’ considering the nights before had been so warm. Pulling his jeans and softly fastening his pants button closed, he lingered for a moment. She had just been there, nights before, her gentle hands stroking his dick. He remembered the feel of her mouth, warm and wet, running herself up and down and up and down. His dick started to harden under his jeans and he shook his head, ‘No’. He wouldn’t be this easily excited again from a mere memory. He had to hold out…at least, until he saw her once more.

-It was 7:10 pm. The agreed upon time was 7:30 at Doer Park. It was just a short walk from his house where he now lived, solo from his parents. This park held many memories. It had been a gateway to a magical land of play for many kids. But for him, it had secured the guarantee that he would see her.

-They grew up not far from each other. When he was 22, his parents had given him the house he had been raised in; downsized and transferred the deed to his name. It was a big responsibility. He wondered why he hadn’t just told her that they could meet at his house. But something felt…more exciting this way. He liked the thrill of getting caught.

-He’d always been this way, daring and exciting. Yet shy and reserved, when the time served for it. Now was not the time to be reserved. Now was the time to jump and take chances. For the first time in his life, he felt that he could. Picking up his grandfather’s heirloom watch, he fastened the clasp closed and made his way down the stairs to the foire.

-Grabbing the keys that hung by his childhood doorway, his steps became staggered. He paused by the mirror that had always hung in the living room of his home. Through the years, his reflection had morphed little by little, changing with the passing seasons. He remembered there was a time that he thought things would always stay the same. Him, his family, his friends…her. He had always remembered her like that, as a child. Wild and carefree, she had always been the light at the beginning of the day, peering through the treetops, creating kaleidoscope shadows on the ground. Throughout the years, she had maintained his affections, became his motivation. Everything he did, he did for her. Even if she had no knowledge of this gesture. Everything was in preparation for the greater plans he saw for them.

-His watch read 7:15pm and with no further hesitation, he ventured out the door into the brisk night air. It was time to make the short journey to the park where he had met her for adventures as a child. Walking here this time though, felt somehow different. It was as if he could feel something was about to happen. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up and he moved his hand to the rub where the sensation had risen.

-He could see the outline of the park playground through the trees in the clearing ahead of him. As he got closer, the silhouette appeared of a petite woman standing by the swing set with long hair and even longer legs, illuminated in the moonlight. He seemed to be struck with a jolt of energy that ran through his entire body, leaving a tingling in his fingers. It was as if his body was super-charged to see her. She turned and smiled at him, hearing his footsteps crunch in the dirt and leaves upon the ground. He couldn’t have imagined a better way to remember her: smiling for him, glowing in the light of the moon.

-”You made it,” she grinned. Her smile was the biggest he’d seen. She appeared to be genuinely excited to see him. He had never been received in such a way, that made him feel as if he was the only person in the world.

-“Of course I did,” he returned her smile. He could feel his hands shaking, so he clasped them in front of him. He didn’t want her to see his body jitter and reveal the fact that he was oh, so nervous.

-He appeared calm and cool, she wondered how he did it. Remained so collected when she felt she was about to fall apart. He was too far away from her for her taste. She wanted to bridge the gap between them, literally and figuratively. Approaching him, she extended her hand and gestured for him to come here and led him to the play structure.

-Climbing a wooden ladder, they reached the top where there was a flat platform enclosed with high wooden walls. She slid in a little further so as to make room for him. He pulled himself up and onto the platform and slid in next to her. All of a sudden, he was hit with a fresh breath of perfume. It was floral and light and smelled like her. He smiled, “you smell nice,” and placed his hand on top of hers and squeezed. “But you smell even better down here,” and moving his hand from her hand, he rubbed the outside of her panties. She was wearing a backless sundress, easily accessible and perhaps a bit cold for this type of night. Her panties were mesh and were warm and wet. She had been like this for a long time. Her panties were absolutely drenched.

-“How long have you been wet like this?” he asked. Even in the light of the moon, he could see her cheeks flush. “Since I started walking here,” she replied. “I’ve been thinking about you and all the things you did to me the other night,” she paused, and cleared her throat with a small ahem! “I- I want you to do them again…” and she grabbed his hand and guided her panties to the side to reveal her perfectly wet pussy.

-She didn’t feel nervous anymore. In fact, she was the most confident she had ever felt. She knew exactly what she wanted from him and what she wanted to give him. He hadn’t left her thoughts in the last couple of days and she had exhausted her vibrator. It was time she had him.

-Laying back on the platform, she lifted her dress and rested it on her stomach. With one foot she hooked his head and gently forced him down to her pussy. He was ecstatic- how sure of herself she was! He was so turned on by this new-found confidence, he was at the mercy of her heart's desire. He would do whatever it took just to make her gush.

-In the moonlight, her pussy was pure perfection. He could see it glistening, blooming open for him like some kind of flower. He wanted to lay inside her garden. He wanted to stay within her for as long as she permitted him. Whatever she wanted, he would do. Before he started, he looked at her from between her thick thighs.

-“You know…” and he trailed off, his confidence waning. He was overcome suddenly with the feeling of remorse. If he didn’t say what he wanted to, he would be angry with himself. So..

“I’m devoted to you.”

-Her heart skipped a beat. Had she misheard him? Was it all in her head? A mere imagined thing? But then he said, “I would go anywhere with you, do anything for you, be anything you needed me to be. As long as I can keep doing this-” and he proceeded to lower his face to the flower between her legs.

-Her legs shuddered as he started to circle her clit with his tongue, round and round and round again. He wasn’t going to stop till he felt her on his face. He wanted to be covered with her, to smell of her for the rest of the night. Back and forth he slid his tongue inside and outside of her pussy. He could feel her getting wetter. She tastes so fucking good, he thought to himself as he let out a small mmm.

-The noises he made were enough to drive her crazy. She loved his moans and grunts. She liked knowing that he was putting in work to make her feel this way. It was such a turn on for her to hear him being so into it- into her.

-She could feel his tongue rotating and flipping, dancing along the inside and the edges of her pussy. Sticking his tongue in and out, in and out. It was enough to make her explode. She could feel a warmth rising from within her, stretching from her head, to her clit, to her toes. She knew it was coming. The thing she wanted most from him, his way of making her feel so good. With a gasp, she let go of all inhibitions. She cried out into the night with no care as to who heard.

-This was it. He could tell. He felt her pussy drench itself. He continued to glide his tongue in and out, tasting the sweetness he had so longed for. He wouldn’t stop. No chance in hell would he stop, not until the moment he had waited for what felt like eons. Her body rose and quivered as he held her down with his arms. Pinning her in place, his tongue fucked her faster. And then, a waterfall came from within her, drenching his face, covering him in her cum.

-She gasped and let out a small moan. Not daring to wipe his face, he climbed on top of her and kissed her sweet face. He spread her cum all over her lips and cheeks. She loved it. She needed him. Now.

-Reaching down to the base of his pants, she undid the top button and unzipped the zipper. She could feel his huge hard dick protruding from his underwear. There was no need to wait. She had to have him. She pulled his throbbing dick out and shoved it deep inside her. She let out a cry as he thrust his hips in and out.

-Moving beneath him, she writhed and clawed at his arms. It was a good kind of pain. The kind that would leave marks in the morning. Trophies of his escapade. Her moans fuled him. He moved faster and faster, building up a perfect rhythm that seemed like a dance. Her beautiful body twisting and arching below him. Her fingers moved their way to his back to mark him there, too. There was no holding back, not now. Not when they had finally had a taste of each other.

-She could feel it coming. That feeling that rose from within her, warming her from the inside out. Sweat gathered on her forehead and her cheeks flushed. She was so beautiful, here beneath him. Showing herself off to him and only him.

-She couldn’t hold it in any longer. With a loud cry she screamed out, “I’m…I’m cumming!!” Her back arched, her toes clenched and her nails dug into his back. He could feel the walls of her pussy tighten around his dick and he couldn’t contain himself. Just the feeling of her cumming for him was enough to send him spiraling. He couldn’t hold it any longer. He moaned and squirted his hot load deep within her. Her pussy squeezed around his dick and milked him of all the cum he had. Thrusting a few last times he emptied himself completely.

-They lay there, panting, out of breath, wrapped up in one another. The night no longer seemed cold, but light and refreshing. It was perfect. Everything about it. Rolling off of her and onto his side, he brought her in close to him. Looking in her eyes, he could see a small glint of the moonlight, making her eyes glow.

-“You are so beautiful,” and he stroked her face. “I don’t think I can live without this in my life…without you in my life. You are..everything to me and I can’t be without you…” his voice trailed off as she smiled.

- “Me, beautiful?” she chuckled. “You’re the one who’s beautiful. Your soul, your heart, your body…I don’t want to be without you, either.”The words resonated with him and echoed in his head.

- “Will you be mine?” and he took her face in his hands. Looking in his eyes, she could see a small reflection of herself within. They embraced, celebrating their love. No longer would they be apart, but together, stronger in life and stronger in love. What they once thought they weren’t good at, they discovered they could be..together.

-She kissed him and smiled. Giggling a bit she looked him deep in his eyes.


I’ll fuck you forever.”



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Sin Kitty

an up and coming erotica author. Having a wide array of inspiration, SinKitty eloquently depicts stories that one can immerse themselves within. Check back for more stories!

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  • A.2 years ago

    This is luscious and wonderful - very, very arousing!

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