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Quick and Easy Sex


The anticipation was killing me. I just finished setting up my Tinder account. It had been only a few minutes since I uploaded my picture, and I was anxious to see the responses I would generate.

Working full time, has made it hard to meet someone, and the reality was I didn’t have time for a relationship. When my best friend told me about the app that helps you meet people for a quick rendezvous, I was thrilled. Setting my phone back down on my desk I tried to concentrate on the work that laid before me. I had just gotten my mind focused when my phone chimed.

Picking it up, I made the swipe to the right, and found myself looking at a picture of a middle-aged bald man, ewe.

“No,” I whispered under my breath.

There were a few more similar to that when finally Jordan appeared on my screen. His blonde hair was a little longer than I preferred, but I liked the natural wave; it was well kept. His strong chin and high cheekbones photographed very well, I had thought, while mesmerized by his green eyes.

With little hesitation, I tapped the screen, making arrangements to meet on my lunch break.

Pulling up to the address he had sent me, I inhaled deeply, holding my breath for a moment I debated whether or not I should leave, when the front door swung open and there he stood. Over six feet tall, he filled the doorway.

“Yum,” I whispered to myself.

Swinging my car door open, I slowly stepped out onto the sidewalk and made my way towards him.

“Hello,” His musky voice greeted me.

Smiling, suddenly shy and hyper-aware of myself, I nodded in acknowledgment as I stepped inside the house.

“How do you want to do this?” He asked, casually shrugging before adding. “I haven’t done this before.”

“Me neither!” I said, relief flooding over me.

“Nice, I feel more at ease then,” He said.

Offering me some wine, I watched him pour the red liquid into the glasses while we made small talk. It turned out that we had a few things in common. It wasn’t long before I could feel myself loosening up from the bottle of wine we polished off.

Suddenly we were kissing, our inhibitions lowered. Just inches apart, I could feel his breath on my face. In disbelief that this was happening, that I just let a stranger, a handsome stranger, into my life.

Then I just let it happen. Not bothering to think, just living in the moment, and not letting anything hold me back. I had been longing to break out of this dry spell I had allowed myself to be in. So when his hands cupped my breasts and he began to kiss me, I let him.

Making our way to his white couch I fumbled with his belt, unbuckling it, and I pushed his jeans down to his knees. In his excitement, he kicked them to the side. Still entwined, I could feel his hands on me, kneading my breasts, rolling my nipples between his fingers, making them hard and erect. Telling on my desires, but not as much as his erection told on his. Setting down on the floor, he had his hands up my skirt. Feeling the fabric, he slid my satin panties off, discarding them on the floor next to his pants. Wedging himself between my legs, I was exposed to him. This stranger laid on top of me, ready to take me, and he did. But not before admiring my Brazilian wax job. Smiling he slid down and began to taste me. Licking me slowly, then suddenly fiercely. Drawing me so sweetly close to orgasm then pulling away, leaving me frustrated. I moaned my disapproval, running my hands through his thick hair, I moved his face back down on me, insisting that he finished what he started, exploding in his mouth, making him accept my juices.

On cue, it seemed he sprung up from his submissive position, and flipped me over onto my knees, then took me from behind. Forcing himself inside me, making me take every inch of him. The sensation sending waves of pleasure through my body, my knees rubbing the carpet underneath me. Then he came inside me.

Just like that, he was zipping up his pants, and handing me my panties.

Nice and easy. No fuss, no mess.

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