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Nights like these

by Becky D 2 months ago in fiction

The Dance

Nights like these
Photo by Reinaldo Kevin on Unsplash

Nights like these don't come often. The music is amazing and there is no one just standing around. Well.... there is my date just standing there with her drink looking uninterested in everything going on. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am the life of the party. So, how can I be with someone that doesn't even like to dance? Ignoring her and her sour mood, I work my way around the dance floor grinding on people and taking shots. The dj takes the music from a rave to a twerk fest and everyone is practically bent at the waist.

There she was still standing making eye contact with me. She could have been a goddess or an angel, but I don't think they would hang out at a place like this. I made my way over to her and placed my hand around her waist and pulled her into me. She lost her breathe for a quick second and regained it as I started grinding my waist behind her. Her nerves must have worn off as she started to get comfortable and moving to the beat. We danced for what seems like hours but in reality it was probably just 30 minutes.

Exhaustion seemed to find its way to me and I am in need of a drink. “Can I offer you a drink?” She nodded in agreement. We walked over to the bar and I motioned for Ginger, the bartender. “I want my usual and for her...” I glanced over and examined her, “she will have a Blue Motorcycle.” Ginger disappeared to make the drinks. “Did you just order for me?” “Yes I did. I think this drink fits you.” As if it was planned Ginger placed her drink right in front of her. I could give Ginger a kiss for the presentation of the drink. The rim was well trimmed and it looked like a sexy sophisticated drink. I motioned for her to take a sip. She picked up the glass and took a very small sip. “Come on, how can you taste anything with a sip that small?” She laughed and took a bigger sip. Her eyes lit up and revealed the pools of honey fully to me. “Wow your eyes are beautiful.” “Thank you.” She moved her hair out of her face, “Most people think they are contacts, but these are my real eyes.” I grabbed my Gatorade bottle and unscrewed the cap. “Anyone in the right mind can tell those are not contacts.” She eyed my drink of choice. “I don’t drink when I am working.” “Working?! What are you some sort of sex worker?” I laughed so hard, I think people could hear me over the music. “No! I am not a sex worker or anything like that. I help pack this place out every night.” She relaxed a little in knowing that I was indeed not a sex worker. This is the first time someone genuinely did not know who I was.

I grabbed her hand after she finished the rest of her drink in silence. I am not sure if that was out of confusion or just embarrassment for accusing me of being a sex worker, but it was cute. She seemed a little more relaxed as I placed my hand on her waist and moved behind her. I leaned slightly forward to her ear and whispered “Can I kiss you here?” She seemed to have lost her breath as she nodded very quickly. I leaned down and kissed her on her neck and she became weak in the knees. "Next on the ones and twos is house fav Dj D!!!" The dj blares out. I lean forward and whisper that I have to leave. She took my arm and wrote her name and number down. "What's your name?!" I hear her scream after me. Wouldn't you all like to know?...

To be continued…….


Becky D

From a small kid BeckyD has always viewed the world differently than others, creating stories about the things that goes on around them. BeckyD has experienced a world that not to many people understands. Read to discover more.

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Becky D
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