Naughty Tales

Guilty Pleasure

Naughty Tales

He grabs both of my wrists with his left hand and puts them both above my head. My breathing is labored as he pins me against the wall. He slowly starts to kiss on my neck while he's using his right hand to play with my soft and supple breast. He squeezes and molds each globe in his hand one at a time pinching and tracing each nipple until they are rock hard standing at attention. I let out soft sweet moans and whimpers of pleasure. He lips leave my neck only to find themselves pressed up against my own. He slides his right hand down to panties where he begins to rub teasingly slow the thin piece of fabric is getting wetter and wetter with my juices. My soft sweet moans becoming loud pleas for him to take the panties off and touch me more. He lets go of my wrists and stops rubbing on my pussy. He looks me deep in my eyes like he's trying to find something in them. I guess he found what he was looking for because next thing I know is I'm being picked up and carried up a flight of stairs, down a dark hall to a pair of large double doors. He placed me down on soft plush carpet outside and reached in his pockets for a small golden key. He clasped his fist around the small key and turned to press his back against the doors and looked at me with a very intense look. It was a bit intimidating being under his gaze.

"Jasmyne... what I'm about to show you behind these doors will change your outlook on me. What I need to know is if you are sure you want to do this? If you say yes I will expect you to completely submit to me and in return, I will take your body to heights it's never even dreamed of reaching. If you say no I will respect that and we will walk back downstairs where you can put your clothes back on and I will have one of my drivers escort you home. I promise to hold no ill will towards you and business will run as usual at work on Monday morning. The decision is yours to make," he stated still staring me in the eyes.

Squirming under his gaze I looked down at my almost completely naked body and suddenly felt my face flush with embarrassment. I wrapped my arms around my naked breast trying to cover myself. He released a small low laugh from his lips causing a delightful chill to run down my spine and a fresh puddle to form in my panties.

"Have you reached an answer yet?" I looked up at him and study his features from is sculpted jaw to his supple lips up to where his nose sat and finally settling at his eyes. I knew there was only one answer I mean this man was gorgeous so without any further hesitation, I slowly nodded my head yes.

"I need verbal consent, my pet," he said with a wide grin on his face and a devious look in his eyes.

"Yyyyesss" suddenly feeling unsure about my decision but before could second guess myself he was already unlocking the door and ushering me into a large bedroom.

Shit, what did I just agree too?

Should I continue the story?

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