My Time at a Swingers Club

by Lena Bailey 9 months ago in nsfw

No, I wasn't a swinger.

My Time at a Swingers Club

So for this blog, I can't tell you what the club is called, all I can say is it's one in my home state of Georgia. The reason that I can't tell you the name is because I don't know how this blog is going to go and I don't know how the club owner would feel about me talking about his club on a non-kink or swinger site.

The club is one of these types of places where you kind of have to be told about it to know that it exists because it's on the smaller side and hidden away. I do love it and I wish I was able to go back, but without a car it's hard.

So, I went for the first time one night just out of boredom. That first night, I didn't know what to expect, but I found a couple to hang out with and just stuck with them most of the night. There was one thing that I experienced there that woman should know how to handle. I came in contact with a creeper. He was going around the club, asking women to go upstairs to do stuff with him. There are open play areas and private rooms with beds in them upstairs. He kept getting turned down. Then he came back to me and grabbed my arm. I told him no. He finally stopped trying with me, which is good. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. The first time I played at this club was the third time I went. It was with a couple and it was the second time that I played with a couple in my life. I enjoy it, but it all depends on the couple. Some couples can teach you stuff and they can be cool or chill. It isn't fun if the couple is dramatic or crazy.

Most of the time when I went I would talk with people and be social. Sometimes I played. After my first night, I didn't really experience any creepers. I did experience guys who were very forward, or had bad vibes. I would rather deal with overly forward guys or men with bad vibes than I would creepers. When playing, it usually was with a couple. It was an odd experience playing at the club. When it came to sex at this club, I only had one experience. It was with an older man and what made it so different was his wife was in the room with us laying beside me. While it was going on, his wife and I kissed, which I liked. Afterwards, I had this weird panic attack because of feeling closed in or stuck during sex. So when I would see the couple again, I would just play it off as a social night for me. Most of the time I would try to find a girl to play with, which never really worked out. When I did go, I was mainly wanting to find a girl to be with and be social. Being social is more than half the battle when trying someone to play with, or at least for me it is. Playing is about consent and figuring out what both people want or need from the session, especially at a swingers club.

I couldn't really go into much detail, and I didn't know what I should or shouldn't say in this post. I just wanted to be more sex positive on my page. I will talk more about sex positive stuff on this page in the future.

Lena Bailey
Lena Bailey
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