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by Shannon Bekivian 12 days ago in erotic

A little about me before I submit my first story on here!

Who am I

I’m young. Well, I’m relatively young, but I look, act, and even think as if I was ten years my age most of the time. It has its advantages but when it comes to dating it's not always the best. Because of this I often find myself thinking that the men my age are too immature, but at night I blame myself for not going out and not being a ‘dirty slut’ as some of my friends would put it.

My friends are either taken by a “Mr. Perfect” (or they say) and talk about him all the time or sleep with whoever they want and not care. Either way, I am the one who must hear about how their boyfriends getting closer to finding their damn clit or how my single friends brought a guy home who had a big hard throbbing cock that stretched them out ten folds.

I’d much rather listen to how they think “Mr. Perfect” is cheating on them or how the guy they brought home threw up and still tried to sleep with them. Those are the stories that make me smile on the inside, something about the humiliation I like.

Although to a lot of my friends ( other than my closest ones) I'm this innocent small women who is career oriented. But to their dismay and to the lucky few who have been able to find out I am anything but that. I like sex, kinks, women, men, and even some group activities. But in order to get their or even to get turned on it takes a lot more than a good smile or a couple of drinks.

Because of this I have found my imagination to be a very helpful tool to get me off. And writing has been a long skill of mine and decided that it's time I share some of it and see what people think.

On Tuesday I will be posting my first full story on here. I am very nervous. I have never shared my writing before let alone this kind of writing. But over the time of covid I have started to build up more confidence and really wanting to try new things, I guess this will be one of the new things. None of what I have written are from a covid time, but I think if this goes well maybe I will write a covid quarantine one.

I will be writing in a unique way and giving anyone who cares to read this a lot of options to choose from. Like I said I love to write and depending on my mood I like to think of a varity of scenerios. So, I am going off of the idea of a choose your own adventure type of story where I will write an intro and you can choose where to take it from there.

I also love feedback. So if you think you could make it better or want to help me inprove please let me know. I mean at the end of the day this is just for fun, but I am a naturally hard person on myself and the worst thing of making this better is that more people get off... and I kind of like the thought of that.

Whether it's intimate, kinky, or anything in between I am sure some of my stuff would be able to find what you are in the mood for. Tuesday (6/15) at 8 pm ETA I will post my first one and I hope it goes well! And I hope you all enjoy!

Shannon Bekivian
Shannon Bekivian
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Shannon Bekivian

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