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My Perverted Brother

by Brandi Payne 2 years ago in taboo
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Oh The Things He Does For Satisfaction

Adam is my younger brother that has always been a pain in my butt, but I loved him anyway. He was always perverted since growing up in his teens. He tried everything to be a sex fiend. He was not the cutest guy or even looked attractive to most women, so you can figure how much sex he actually got. I have found him jumping out of windows and running down the street with husbands and boyfriends chasing him.

One day he thought that he would try again to get some satisfaction and pleasure from others. I found him to be just him, but others looked down at him because of his adventures. I was old enough now to be on my own so a friend of mine got an apartment with me. We shared all the expenses that came with it, but I didn’t expect Adam to pull the kind of things that he did.

I went home for a week during spring break and left my roommate alone to take care of the apartment. She was gorgeous in my eyes and had that curvaceous body with long blonde hair. She wore clothing that hardly left anything to the imagination. I was more of a conservative type next to her. Anyway, she was left alone, and I had no clue that my brother was going to pay her a visit. I also had no clue that he had a copy of my apartment key to which he let himself inside.

This one particular day while I was away, Adam let himself in the apartment and began rummaging around to see what he could find. While he was looking around, he heard a key go inside the door and ran into my roommate’s room and hid under her bed. All he could see from his position was feet and knew which ones were hers.

She came home but was not alone. She had brought home a man to have some fun with while I was away. There Adam sat under the bed listening to them flirt around. He felt them sit on the bed over him and then noticed that clothes were falling to the floor and knew that it was going to be serious in a minute. He felt his penis begin to rise in his pants and tried to control it.

Then, he heard them go from kissing to her sucking on his penis because he could hear the slurping noise that he is familiar with from watching all those pornography movies. He looked to the side of the bed and could see her bare feet sliding against each other as she slurped that guys’ penis down her throat.

Adam heard the guy she was with talking to her telling her how much he was enjoying her mouth and that made Adams’ penis jump some more. Then, things got a little quiet while Adam listened to hear what they were doing. He felt them move around on the bed and it got a little smaller under the bed. Then, he heard the guy slurping around on her vagina and the moans that were coming from her lips.

Adam just wished it was him tasting her by this point. He almost wanted to come out from under the bed and help him play with her, but he didn’t. he finally gave in to their play time and reached down unzipping his pants and pulling out his semi-hard penis. He figured if he had to listen then he would get some satisfaction out of it too.

Adam laid there masturbating his penis while listening to her sweet moans and telling the guy what to do. She was a wild one when it came to sexual pleasure. Adam just closed his eyes and imagined that it was him with her. He even licked his lips a few times thinking of how sweet her tasty vagina would be. It was something new for Adam being caught under someone’s bed while sex was going on.

He had visions of sexual pleasure going through his mind until he felt them move around again and now it was time for penetration. Adam heard her moan out as the guy thrusted his penis inside her. It was not something that he heard every day but found it very enticing. Adam thought of nothing but coming out from under the bed and joining in, but he knew he could not.

He listened to the moans from each of them as he masturbated and tried to keep quiet. The bed was moving with every thrust and it gave way to louder moans which were arousing. Adam almost felt like he was a part of the excitement since he was under the bed instead of being on top of it with the action. He did feel a part of it until there was one good thrust and a loud moan which told him that he was finished.

He heard the female start to have her orgasm and that sent Adam into overdrive where he began to shoot sticky white cream all over the bottom of her bed. He could feel it drip back down on him, but it felt so good and he tried to keep very quiet while they began to climb off the bed and get dressed.

Adam saw her bare feet step onto the floor and then make her way to the bathroom to clean up. Adam was in now way in any shape to clean up, so he just laid there feeling his sticky cream all over him. Once the guy was dressed, he headed for the front door while she was still naked walking him out. Adam looked to the side of the bed and saw her naked body which turned him on more, but he had to wait until she left before he could come out.

He had no clue as to when she would leave so he remained very quiet and I think he even fell asleep at one point because she had not left the apartment. It seemed like hours before she headed out the front door and he could come out from under the bed. His body felt a little stiff from being in one position for so long. He climbed out and zipped up his pants and looked back at the bed where he saw the cream stain on her bed.

Adam leaned down and smelled it before walking to the front door himself. He was ready to go home and freshened himself up before stepping out of the front door. He felt very satisfied as he walked away. That is what my younger brother does, and this is who he is. Have you ever done something so erotic yourself?


About the author

Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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