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My Lady.

by Luna Arcana 10 days ago in erotic
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by Luna Arcana

My Lady.
Photo by Vinicius "amnx" Amano on Unsplash

I watched the waitress return with our drinks, she cautiously placed them on the table in front of us, it was then I noticed the intense eye contact between the two of them. I watched as she gazed at the waitress walking away, observing the slight bounce of her ass when she took a step. I moved in closer to her, leaning into her I let out a deep growl in her ear. The corner of her mouth arched up, her hand reached for my thigh, applying pressure with her fingertips, the room went silent, as if we were the only ones there.

“Drink up” knowing the waitress would return for her empty glass. Their eye contact alone was getting me hard, I had to intensify the situation. As predicted the waitress waltzed back over, her eyes focused on the woman next to me, her hand slowly teased up my thigh, my jeans getting tighter. With a slight bend as the waitress grabbed the glass, her tongue slowly glazed her lip followed with a slight bite and straight into what could only be seen as a seductive smirk.

I do not order her another drink, I nudge her “go get another” I whisper, nodding my head towards the bar where the waitress was conveniently bent forward. Hesitation and questioning filled her eyes as she started to fidget. A playful smile filled my face, giving her a wink and a tender kiss just below her ear, her shifted from the booth towards the bar. I could feel the heat rising, just watching them talk at the bar their bodies getting closer, when both their heads turned towards me their looks were playful, seductive, and intense. my cock began to ache.

She returned alone and without her drink, she grabbed my thigh with one hand and my drink with the other. Without a word she finished my drink then insinuated we were leaving. Walking towards the exit we were joined by the waitress; a questioning looks on her face I answered with a smirk and a slight nod. Her focus was not on me, my lady was all she wanted.

Upon return to our room, I poured three glasses of whiskey and placed myself with the chair, leaving the opportunity for them to be side by side on the couch, not that my actions changed anything. Once seated there was extraordinarily little air between them, the silky skin of their thighs pushing together, I watched their teasing interactions.

The waitress reached for my ladies’ neck, turning her face towards me so our eyes met as she stroked her tongue from the nape to her ear. I could see the arousal in my ladies’ eyes increasing my arousal to the point of aching beneath my jeans. Their hands began to explore each other’s bodies, slowly taking each other in, watching their tongues taste one and other they both stood in sync, slowly moving towards the bed.

The waitress began to make a motion with her hand ordering me to follow them, with hesitation I followed but kept my distance, the waitress pushed my lady, her back thrashing onto the mattress, stripping her black lace panties from beneath her skirt as her legs twitched in anticipation. “Look at him” the waitress whispered, her mouth kissed the long, sweet legs of my lady starting at her ankle, teasing the inside of her thighs, her eyes burning with the need of her orgasm. Looking into her eyes I did not need to watch what the waitress was doing to her, I knew exactly when she her tongue had finally got to taste the purity of my lady, it was a taste I craved myself.

I leant against the arch way, taking in my ladies’ arousal as the waitress brought her closer to climax, the need pulsing through her entire body. When the waitress stops. Leaving her with a begging look upon her face. Moving her body up my lady I can no longer see her eyes, as she slowly lowers herself onto my lady’s face, I hear her muffled moan as she tastes the woman above her. The waitress climbs off from my lady’s face, grabs my arm and brings me to the bed.

She sits me near my ladies’ head “don’t touch her, control her” knowing what she meant I lean towards my lady, the waitress places her head between her legs and before I know it my lady is throwing her head back and crying in satisfaction “don’t you dare cum” I groan in her ear. They both release a satisfying moan in response to my words. Watching the waitress move her hand to join her tongue in my ladies’ sweet spot, her body vibrating with the need for its climax her mouth releasing sounds so intense my arousal throbs with excitement.

“Not yet baby” I growl, knowing that as soon her body enters its euphoria mine too will collapse around me. The waitress begins to increase her hand movements, knowing there was no stopping my ladies’ climax much longer I watch her eyes burn with the need and desire of what has been building. “You can cum..” her body interrupting my groan “now baby” I finish as her body rides into an intense vibration of euphoria, her mouth creating sounds of satisfaction echoing off the walls and the sweet sound of her juices splashing into the waitresses’ fingers.

The waitress pulls herself away giving me a slight nod towards the wetness between my lady’s legs, I lower myself to taste the pure sweetness of her satisfaction and then when my arousal released the tension I had been building, my body caving, my mouth moaning into the soaking wet pussy of my lady.


About the author

Luna Arcana

Creative writer, mainly short stories and mostly themed with a little spice.

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