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My girl got a Girlfriend!!!

One of my many fantasies

By David ThomasPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Me and my beautiful woman were laying down in bed one night and she asked me, about if we could experiment and bring someone else into our bedroom to spice up our love life.

I looked at her in shock and I said, “If you are serious about doing this, then alright.”

So we went to a couple of clubs and other areas around town to see if there was anybody that fit our description of what our view of beauty was like.

And we went to this one club where we found this voluptuous and lovely lady who looked so sexy in her outfit while she was dancing and seducing other men.

My woman took one look at her and said, “she is perfect, and just what I wanted to be with.

So after we had a discussion with her she came back to my apartment and we all got to know each other intimately.

Having a three way is very sexy and intensely satisfying.

It is a little bit tiring, but at the same time very freeing.

I felt energized and it opened my eyes to what I could do with two women to please.

I loved feeling on four breasts and four ass cheeks.

It was an invigorating feeling to intertwine and get involved with these great women.

It felt good to not have to hide what I am feeling to be so transparent with both of these women.

Because they fulfilled my fantasy and every need that I had in bedroom and they made me feel like I got a sexual healing.

I got to say pleasing two women can be tiring yet fun and very exciting.

I got a rush from knowing that they both want to be pleasured at the same time and that alone can be either intimidating or mind blowing.

I have never been in this type of space before but I am loving having two women in bed with me and I am feeling hornier than I ever before.

This is illuminating and very seducing from how these women got me in here going hard with the both of them in bed and never hitting the floor.

Then they stopped me for a minute and asked me if I would like to watch them have sex with each other. And I said to them with the biggest smile on my face, "Sure."

So while they were kissing and touching on each other I was sitting in the chair watching fingering and sweating on top of each other. I have never felt more happier as a man than I did at that moment.

And I loved watching them go down on each other and give each other that erotic feelings. It is amazing and gave me a sensational feeling to record both of them scissoring each other and also moaning loudly like they were totally in sink with each other on how they were climaxing.

It got so good to one of them she screamed out loud "I am Cumming!!!." And after doing that she continued fucking with the other woman. I found it astonishing the stamina that women have verses men. Because we can last for 30 minutes to an hour and we are finished. Once you get a woman started they will to go all night until they gets to much for them.

My love goes beyond anything and could make any woman hit the ceiling.

And I love how open minded my woman is to this adventure and she is concealing it.

After all that my woman loved it and said to the other woman, “Thank you for being my girlfriend.”


About the Creator

David Thomas

I am a 34 year old author/spoken word artist who has written 2 poetry books and an autobiography. I love to write poems that are well versed and talk about everything that is going in society. I will putting some poetry on here.

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    David ThomasWritten by David Thomas

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