My Favorite Kind of Drink

by Wilder Easton 2 years ago in fiction


My Favorite Kind of Drink

At a bar having drinks, we sit down at a table. The bar is dark and music is playing, people are talking to each other, and we order another round to our table. This table is perfect for me to begin teasing you, so I start to lightly run my fingers up and down the inside of your thighs. You look at me and as you look into my eyes I know you can tell what's about to happen. As I slide my hand up and down your thigh I get closer to your pussy, lightly brushing the outside of my hand against you. I feel you getting warmer and your body begins to move in anticipation. You whisper in my ear that you want me to touch you, you grab my wrist and slide my hand up to touch your wet pussy. I grab the back of your neck and pull you close to kiss you. As we kiss I tease you with the tip of my finger, just feeling you so wet and touching you but not fully putting my finger inside you. You try to get me to go deeper but I wont. I continue to tease you as I drink my drink and watch the people walk by our table. I breath in your ear and down your neck wanting to bite you but instead I lick and kiss your neck and shoulder. I watch you as your body moves for me to touch it. I lean over and tell you to finish your drink and then I'll go inside you.

You grab the glass and take the last big drink from it. I kiss you hard as I slide my fingers deep inside you. I continue to fuck you at the table as I drink my drink and watch you try to act normal, trying to act like I'm not fucking you under the table. I whisper in your ear and tell you that you can't cum yet, you have to wait until I tell you that you can cum. And I wanted you to cum with my mouth on you.

After I finished my drink, I lead you down the back hallway into the bathroom. I lock the door and push you up against the wall and kiss you. You grab at my hand to try to get me to touch you more but then I back away and tell you to lift up your skirt, exposing your wet pussy. I tell you to touch yourself as I watch. You lick you finger just to tease me and then you begin to touch yourself. I watch you as your body moves and your free hand runs up and down your thighs. I walk over to you and just as you think I'm going to kiss you I turn you around and put your hands against the wall and fuck you from behind. Wrapping my hand around your neck, I bite you on the back of your shoulder and you moan.

Kissing and biting your neck as I'm fucking you hard I feel by the way your body is moving you won't last long before you cum so I turn you around and kiss my way down to your pussy. You're so wet and I can't wait to taste you so I put my mouth and tongue on you making your knees buckle. As I fuck you my tongue is tasting every inch of you. I want to make you cum so hard. I push deeper and suck on your clit, you tell me you're going to cum and I don't stop. You obviously know that I want you to cum because I'm not stopping and then you cum. Your legs are shaking and you can hardly stand and I stand up to hold you and kiss you pressing my body against yours. I tell you once you've collected yourself and are ready to come back out to the bar I'll be waiting at the table for you. I smile and leave the bathroom.

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