My Experience With The Fleshlight Toy

by Andy Shipley 6 months ago in sex toys

How This Toy Changed My Life

My Experience With The Fleshlight Toy

The way male masturbation is accepted as normal and healthy yet men using any kind of toy for pleasuring themselves is “disgusting” should be addressed, because it’s causing so many guys to experience diminished quality of masturbation compared to what they could be having.

Guys are complicit in the stigmatizing, and I was among them. When I heard of guys using things like Fleshlights, my instinct was to view them as being gross.

However, I started to open my mind and become more curious. I figured I should give it a shot, given how many raves I’d heard.

My first Fleshlight came in the mail about a week ago. I was lucky to not only have the rest of my day free but also not have anyone else in the apartment.

When I opened the box, my heart was racing. It was such a thrill, because I felt like I was breaking a taboo, and it would end with an orgasm.

I was wanting to get myself in there right away, but I had heard enough advice to read the instructions first. I skimmed the stuff about lubing up both your penis and the Fleshlight and making sure you’re erect, but I paid close attention to the cleaning instructions.

One of the biggest surprises of opening my Fleshlight was seeing just how attractive it was. It really showed me how much I’m turned on by the very sight of a woman’s vagina, and the manufacturer does a great job with authenticity.

With some of my water-based lube, I filled up the inside, and put some on me. I had my biggest boner in ages, and I was so excited.

I was careful to not go in too fast, because I knew this would be a strange experience. My penis had never stimulated by anything except an actual woman’s vagina, mouth, and hands, as well as my own hand.

My first goal was to just get comfortable. It felt weird at first, but every centimeter forward felt better until I knew that this is exactly where I belonged.

It was such a pleasure. I was able to get the joy that I get from not only a great masturbation session but from great sex in general.

i focused on the good feelings and then brought up some fantasies in my mind. I certainly had some go-to scenarios, and the Fleshlight made me feel like I was really experiencing them.

Eventually, all of my thrusting and good rhythmic timing resulted in me exploding like a firehose. Another plus about using this is how easy personal cleanup is.

Rather than having to grab some tissues to handle my load, I had the Fleshlight accepting it. That said, I still had to wipe myself down, as well as cleaning out the Fleshlight.

I scrubbed up my Fleshlight and gave it a thorough rinsing. I know I’m not the ambassador for men’s sex toys, but I also know how important it is to set a good example.

I must warn anyone who uses a Fleshlight to be careful. These things aren’t dangerous, but they definitely warrant caution, especially with regard to your penis’ position.

Does a this toy replace sex? No, but it’s a pretty great substitute if you’re single or alone for the night. Keep this in mind when choosing a Fleshlight.

Your Fleshlight won’t provide things like verbal encouragement or extended foreplay like a partner can, but it can definitely help you recall what being inside them is like.

I definitely know that lubing up my hand as my only means of masturbating is no longer an option. My sex life is still reasonably healthy, but my Fleshlight is an ace in the hole that I’m so glad I have.

Get yourself a fleshlight and you'll see what I mean. It's such a good thing to have, and it can make masturbation something you look forward to again.

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Andy Shipley
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