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My Brother's Girlfriend

by XO Sam 4 days ago in erotic
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Who knows what might happen when you're alone in a bedroom...?

Chrissy pretended not to know that Tyson was watching her as she applied lip gloss in his bedroom mirror. She puckered her lips slightly, edged her tongue out to taste the corner of her sticky lips- it was sweet. She adjusted her bra under her top, scooping and pushing her breasts out a little more until she was satisfied.

Tyson stole greedy glances at her out of the corners of his eyes. He knew he shouldn’t be looking, but it was impossible not to. He mentally scored the images into his brain, knowing very well that he would be returning to this moment later when he was in the shower that night, with his thoughts about Chrissy all to himself.

“What’s taking him so long?” Chrissy said while messing with her hair, checking it from all angles in the mirror.

“I don’t know,” Tyson replied, desperately trying to keep his eyes trained down while he checked his phone for the hundredth time, just for something to do to keep himself from getting hard from watching her. “The last text I got said he was running late.”

“Uhg,” Chrissy complained, turning from the mirror and flopping herself down on his bed. Tyson couldn’t help but notice the way her tits bounced when she sat. Chrissy was right here, in his bedroom, on his bed. It was maddening. The amount of times he’d thought about this very scenario at night, in this bed, stroking himself…

“He’s always late. I can’t stand it,” She said. She knew this relationship wasn’t going anywhere. But she wasn’t going to tell Tyson that. Besides, she didn’t feel like breaking up today. Maybe tomorrow.

“I think it’s just a Brett thing,” Tyson said. “Don’t take it personally.”

“It’s hard not to when he’s constantly showing up late. You wouldn’t do that to your girlfriend, right?” She asked.

Tyson swallowed. “I mean… If I was dating you… or any other girl- then no,” he shrugged. “I think it would be rude.”

Chrissy sighed. “See, that’s what makes you different, Tyson. You’re so nice. I wish your brother would pick up on that.”

There was that word again, Tyson thought. Nice. His mood dropped. “Sure, yeah.” He said.

He knew from experience that this was when the conversation would end, leaving all his dreams crushed. Oh well, at least I got to see her again, he thought.

Chrissy looked at Tyson, and for some reason, she considered something. She was struck with a playful thought, watching him watch her like that. Maybe she would try something different today…

“Do you have a girlfriend, Tyson?” she said, leaning forward on the bed and crossing her legs. She let her hair fall over her shoulder.

“Um-” Tyson stammered. “I mean, no, not right now.”

“Really?” She said, eyes sparkling with an expression he’d never seen her give him before. “I find that very surprising.”

“You do?” He said. He leaned against the wall, slid his phone in his pocket and crossed his arms. “I mean- why do you say that?”

“I just assumed you had one,” Chrissy said playfully. She beamed at him. “I mean, you’re a total catch.”

He tried to sound cool. “Uh, thanks, I guess.”

Chrissy laughed- a light, flittery sound. “God, you’re so cute!” she said.

This felt insulting rather than flattering to him. It was punishment enough to have to be around her like this, wanting her every second. But to have her make fun of him, too? He turned to leave the bedroom. “Alright, very funny, I get it. Okay, I’m gonna leave no-”

“No, Tyson, I’m sorry! I’m not making fun of you, I promise!” Chrissy said, standing up to grab his shirt before he could leave, gently pulling him back. She looked at him, eyes wide, lips puckered in a little pout. “I promise.”

He could smell her flowery, beachy perfume. It was intoxicating. He sighed. “You’re making fun of me, Chrissy. I can tell.”

Chrissy kept her eyes on his, letting a slow smile grow on her face. “I’m teasing you. There’s a difference.” She bit her lip. “I’m teasing you because I like you.”

Tyson’s heart thudded to a halt. “You like- what do you mean?”

She sauntered back to the bed, turning around and flopping back down. Tyson noted her breasts again. “I like you! What, you don’t believe me?”

“I don’t get it.” He said.

“You’re sweet,” She said, leaning back on her hands. “I think it’s kinda hot.”

Tyson’s throat dried up.

She slid her eyes over him, looking him up and down slowly through her lashes before saying, almost in a purr, “Do you like me?”

He tried to casually lean against the wall, ran a hand through his hair and laughed a little to himself. Was this really happening? Was it some kind of trap?

“Chrissy- you’re dating my brother, I-”

“I didn’t ask who I was dating,” She said, leaning forward. She stood up carefully, and crossed the room to stand in front of Tyson. Right in front of him. Close enough for her breasts, nearly bursting out of her top, to brush him. She leaned in and whispered, “I asked if you liked me.”

If it was a trap, he was taking the bait. Her pull was too much to resist. Tyson swallowed. He felt his blood coursing, swelling in his dick. He swallowed. “Maybe…I’m a little jealous of Brett.”

A very tiny smile snuck into the corners of Chrissy’s lips. A mischievous one. “How long do you think it’ll take your brother to get here?” She asked.

“Um, 15 minutes tops, most likely. Why?”

Chrissy looked down toward the evident bulge in his pants before flitting her eyes back up to Tyson’s. She cocked her head. “Wanna have a little fun?”

Tyson tried to will his voice to be confident, but his eagerness made his words shake. “W-what do you mean?”

“Let’s play.” She whispered in his ear, before bouncing off to close the door. Tyson read the message loud and clear. He was too far gone already. And the voice of warning in his head wasn’t loud enough to drown out the possibility of touching Chrissy for the first time. He quickly walked to the window and pulled the blinds closed.

When he turned around, Chrissy was facing him, arms behind her back, eyes lowered, lips pursed. She crossed the space between them in a few confident strides, immediately placing one hand between his legs. Tyson’s blood pumped harder.

“Mmmmm…” She whispered in his ear. “Should we take a look at what you have under there?” In a single quick movement she had his pants off, slid all the way to the floor, and she was kneeling before him.

Tyson barely had time to catch his breath.

“Oooh!” She giggled. “Not bad!”

His cock was right in her face, fully erect and so hard for her touch that it ached.

“Mmm-hmm”, Chrissy purred, lightly guiding it to graze her lips, just brushing them. They felt pillow soft and juicy on his dick.

“Ohh….” Tyson moaned under his breath. Watching her tease him would have been enough to make him cum. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

Her tongue crept out, exploring his tip. She tried a few gentle licks, wetting him with her warm, soft tongue. Tyson was trying to still his breathing.

“Mmm, you taste good,” she said, in a pleasantly surprised kind of way. “Maybe I’ll try some more…”

She slipped him between her lush, glossy lips. Tyson’s legs felt weak. Instinctually he moved his hands to the back of her head, gripping her hair. He groaned.

“Mmm-hmm!” She purred enthusiastically, mouth full with his dick. She matched that enthusiasm with her stroking motions, gliding him in and out.

This was the first time Tyson had been given a blowjob. And it was by his brother’s girlfriend. His mind was completely shut off to everything other than Chrissy and her gorgeous mouth.

She slid her lips up and down, pursing at the top and just slightly tightening, adding more friction when he pushed in. Her tongue was wrapping around his shaft, exploring, stroking, wetting…

“Chrissy..” he moaned. It came so naturally out of his mouth. He had already said her name so many times when pleasuring himself, picturing this exact moment. It had seemed impossible before, but somehow, here she was…

Chrissy’s phone suddenly rang from her pocket. She slid her lips off, leaving him dripping wet and throbbing for more. She stood up and opened her phone but ignored the call.

“It’s Brett.” She said.

“Oh, shit, is he here?” Tyson said, starting to panic.

“No, he left a voicemail. Said he’ll be here soon.”

“Shit, we’d better-”

“Not stop,” She said, eagerly turning back to him.

“Wait, are you sure? What if he walks in?”

Chrissy resumed her kneeling position. “Shhhh,” she hushed him with a devious smile.

And before Tyson could say anything else, her lips were back over his dick, sucking with added enthusiasm. She guided him in with one hand, ducking and twisting her head as she stroked and sucked with her slick, warm lips.

“Oh fuck,” Tyson muttered.

She pushed deeper and deeper, finally pushing him all the way to the back of her throat. He felt his full length pressing into that tight space.

“Oh, fuck,” he said. “Chrissy, you’re gonna make me-”

Suddenly her lips were off, she was standing before him, wiggling out of her pants. He was aching hard, dying for a release…

Lips full and glistening, she grinned at him with that same mischievous look. “Let’s fuck,” she said.

“But what about Brett, what if-?” Tyson stammered.

She quickly checked her phone. “We have five minutes,” She said. “C’mon, I wanna fuck you! Don’t you want to try it?” She whined.

Tyson knew the answer to that question. Chrissy sat on his bed, and spread her legs wide. Like a magnet, his hard, throbbing cock gravitated to her sweet, neatly trimmed, rose bud pink pussy. It looked deliciously soft, and supple to the touch. Still wet from her mouth, he slid in. She was so tight- it brought instant burning pleasure, better than anything he’d ever felt before.

“Ohhhh..” Tyson moaned.

“Oooh,” Chrissy breathed. “Your dick feels soooo good. Mmm, Tyson, keep going!”

He started pumping himself in. It came so naturally, fucking her. His bed shook and creaked with each thrust.

“Fuck!” He said, gripping her thighs and pushing in harder.

“Oh, God, Tyson! Yes, fuck me hard! I need it!”

Her pleading words only got him more worked up. He was pulsing, pumping, craving the next push, each one getting him closer and closer…

“Mmm, Tyson, you’re gonna make me cum!” Chrissy cried. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum on your dick!”

He pulled out at the last second, erupting all over her stomach and thighs. And just when he thought it would stop, the cum kept pushing out, coating her perfect body.

“Oh, God….” Tyson groaned. Once it finally stopped, he bent over to try and recover. His legs were weak, his heart was pounding in his chest. It was the best release he’d ever had. Turns out the only thing that would satisfy his need for Chrissy was actually getting to fuck her.

“Sorry, I kind of made a huge mess…” He said weakly.

She propped herself back up, giving him a huge, sweet smile. She giggled. “Don’t apologize,” She said. “It’s pretty impressive, actually.”

They heard a sound from the front door- someone was unlocking the deadbolt.

“Shit!” Tyson said, scrambling to help Chrissy wipe off using the blankets on his bed before they hurriedly pulled on their clothes.

Tyson opened the door a second before Brett came around the corner.

Brett, at least a head taller than Tyson and still wearing his sweaty gym clothes, looked at them with confusion.

“Tyson, what are you doing here?” He said.

“I was home. I let Chrissy in while she waited for you.” His heart was still pounding madly.

“And.. you guys have just been hanging out the whole time?” He said skeptically.

“Hey, babe!” Chrissy chimed in, sounding perfectly chipper. She bounced over to Brett, giving him a quick hug. “Tyson was so nice to let me in. I’m glad he was here since you were so late.” She said with a slight chiding tone.

“I’m sorry, okay?” Brett said, throwing his arm around her. They turned to leave Tyson’s bedroom. Tyson walked them out.

“Sorry you were stuck with my boring brother. I’ll be here early next time, okay?” Brett said.

“It wasn’t too bad,” Chrissy said, turning over her shoulder to look directly at Tyson. The suggestion of a smile snuck into her voice. She let her eyes linger. “It was kinda fun. We’ll have to do it again sometime.”


About the author

XO Sam

Hi, I'm Sam. Putting YOUR wildest fantasies into words is what I'm good at. Don't worry. Nobody will know except us. I hope you like it.

XO, Sam

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