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My Boyfriend, My Ex, and Me

by Heather Kinnane 11 months ago in fiction
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Tiffany’s threesome fantasy is about to come true, in the best way possible.

Nerves bubbled in Tiffany’s stomach.

This was the most surreal experience of her life. Her current boyfriend and the ex she could never forget had become good friends, and now they were talking about sharing.

Tiffany sculled her wine.

To say this wasn’t a fantasy come true would be lying. But, could she actually say it? Out loud?

Wouldn’t Bligh be offended that she still wanted to fuck Gage?

Apparently not.

“You’ve been quiet, Tiff.” He reached out to weave his fingers through hers. “Do you think this is a ridiculous idea that we should just drop?”

She swallowed. The voice in her head, which belonged to her parents, if she really thought about it, said this was a ridiculous idea, and could only lead to her losing Bligh forever, and proving to Gage that she was some sort of slut.

“Are you sure it’s a good idea?” she shot back at him. “I mean, you know I’ve thought about a threesome before, but that’s my fantasy, not yours. What if you don’t like seeing me with another man?”

And not just any other man, but Gage of all people? She didn’t say those words out loud. Surely they didn’t need to be said.

Bligh shrugged. “Why not? It might be hot, seeing you suck someone’s cock while I fill your pussy.” He smirked. “And if we are going to have a threesome, surely it’s better to be someone you know can please you, rather than some stranger who’ll might be awful.”

“She told you that?” Gage’s eyes lit up, and Tiffany rolled hers. Why had she and Bligh been so honest with each other again?

“You were among the top five.” Bligh told him. “Second only to me, I believe.”

They both looked at Tiffany expectantly. Her cheeks burned. “Like I’m going to go into that right now.” She shook her head. Technically Bligh was amazing at oral, while it was Gage’s somewhat larger cock that she missed the most about sex with him. There wasn’t a first and second place, though she had said that to boost Bligh’s ego. “And what if I don’t want to suck him off for your viewing pleasure? What if I want someone to take my from behind while the other one fills my pussy?”

“Hey, I’m up for anything.” Gage said, hands up as though in surrender. “You tell me what you want, I’m there. And hey, if this is just a fantasy you’d prefer to keep that way, well, so be it.” He held Tiffany’s gaze. “You know I won’t force you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.”

Tiffany nodded. She did know. It was one of the reasons she hadn’t quite been able to let Gage go, despite the fact that living together had proved to be much too painful. They were much better suited to being sex buddies. She looked at Bligh. The distinct bulge in his pants suggested he was very keen to try this, and she couldn’t help the grin that spread across her face.

“Alright, let’s do this.”

“Now?” Gage sat up like an excited puppy.

“Why not? You got anything better to do?”

Bligh swept Tiffany up in a hug, pressing his lips against hers. “This is going to be hot.”

She grabbed his cock through his pants, pleased to feel it twitch.

“All right.” She turned to Gage with a smirk on her face. “Let’s see if yours has changed any since last I saw it.”

He sauntered over, brushing his fingers through her hair and pulling her in for a kiss.

The soft pressure of his lips on hers was electric, and before she knew it her hand was holding his neck as their kiss deepened, her tongue seeking out his as his other hand slid up her body to cup a breast.

Bligh moved to stand behind her, sliding his fingers beneath the waistband on her skirt to stroke her pussy lips through the sheer fabric of her underwear.

“You’re already wet!” He sounded surprised, and Tiffany giggled into her kiss with Gage. She pulled away.

“You knew this was my fantasy. Turns out I do like the idea better in reality.” Her gaze moved from her boyfriend to her ex and back again. “Just don’t make me regret it.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Gage dropped to his knees, and kissed the inside of hers as a hand ran up the back of her thigh.

Bligh slid both hands up underneath her top to cup her breasts, his thumbs grazing her nipples as Gage’s fingers pushed aside the elastic of her underwear to slide amongst her folds.

She groaned, spreading her legs a little wider.

Both men responded by increasing their actions. Both knew what she liked, and their pleasures were multiplied a thousand times over by the fact there were two of them; four hands stroking and teasing, two sets of lips pressing against her skin.

Before she knew it an orgasm was tearing through her body, and she threw her head back to rest it on Bligh’s shoulder, clinging to him with one hand and Gage with the other, as her hips bucked and she moaned her satisfaction aloud.

“Shit I didn’t think that would happen so fast!”

“Sharing makes everything better.” Bligh whispered, kissing her neck again. “Shall we move somewhere a little more comfortable?”

Tiffany pondered for a moment. “The bedroom,” she said. “I want you both to penetrate me at some point, and that’s probably going to be the most comfortable spot.”

Bligh nodded. “Let’s go.”

Tiffany peeled her clothes off as they went. This whole situation had set her on fire, and she couldn’t stand the extra warmth her clothes provided. Bligh and Gage weren’t far behind, and seeing them — her current lover, and her former lover — completely naked, side by side, made Tiffany’s mouth water.

Now she dropped to her knees, reaching out to grab both their cocks and pull them closer.

She wrapped her mouth around Bligh’s first. His was smaller than Gage’s, and she could almost take his full length in her mouth. She’d never be able to do that Gage.

She bobbed up and down and few times, then switched to lick Gage’s length, and then take his head between her lips as she stroked Bligh.

They both groaned, their obvious pleasure spurring her on.

“Fuck that’s hot.” Gage’s words were breathy as Tiffany sucked Bligh again. “I never would’ve thought that’d be such a turn on.”

Tiffany peered up at him as she opened her throat to take all of Bligh’s cock. His pupils were dilated, his breathing shallow. He ran a hand through her hair, and down her back, pulling her hand away from his cock as he dropped to his knees beside her to leave a trail of kisses along her back and across her buttocks, and bury his face between her legs from behind.

“Mm-mm.” She arched her back as a jolt of pleasure shot through her spine, and she glanced up at Bligh. He looked much the same as Gage had done, his eyes burning into hers, desire clear in his gaze.

“Wait up.” His voice was croaky as he put a hand on her shoulder. If you keep doing that I’m going to come, and I want to do that in your arse.” He wiggled his eyebrows at her, and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“And who says you get that privilege?”

“I’m the boyfriend.”

She laughed again. “Fair enough.”

Gage licked her again from behind, all the way from her clit to her anus, and then pulled away. “Should we actually get on the bed?”

Giggles bubbled up inside Tiffany. “That might be a good idea.” It had been so long since she’d laughed like this, who knew the prospect of fucking her two favourite people would have her giggling?

Once on the bed Gage continued to attend to her pussy, sending wave after wave of pleasure throw her torso, to meet with the waves Bligh was sending out as he played with her breasts, licking and sucking and tweaking and rolling her nipples, and massaging her breasts.

Tiffany closed her eyes and threw her head back as another orgasm spiralled up through her.

“Oh, fuck!” She bit her lip, her back arching as she came, moaning her pleasure so loud she was pretty certain the neighbours could hear it.

“That was fast.” Bligh raised a brow, a grin on his face. “And damn if it’s not hot, watching you come while another man eats your pussy.

Tiffany grinned. “And I very much hope he’s ready to fill it.”

“Damn right I am.” Gage crawled up the bed, to lay down next to her. “You on top, right? And then Bligh can take you from behind.”

“That’s the plan. She straddled Gage’s thighs, stroking his cock a few more times.

The sight of him stretched out on the bed took her breath away, his sparkling eyes watching her as she let her gaze travel his torso, His lean but wiry frame leading to his thick cock.

She leaned over to suck it again, her tongue tracing around the head, flicking at the tiny slit in the end before she released him and moved higher so her pussy slid along his cock.

He groaned as she lowered herself onto him, leaning forward so her breasts brushed his chest while she eased him inside.

“God that feels good.” Her voice was breathy, and he groaned again, gripping her shoulders, and giving a couple of short sharp thrusts to slid deeper.

“I forgot how much I missed this.” His gaze held hers.

Bligh moved onto the bed behind her. “Are you ready for some lube?” he asked.

Tiffany nodded, tensing as he squirted the cold liquid between her cheeks.

He pressed his head against her entrance, holding her hips as he eased his way inside.

“Oh my God.” Tiffany grunted, as a third orgasm tore through her body.

Gage and Bligh weren’t far behind, and soon they collapsed in a heap, Tiffany snug between her two favourite men in the world.

“How was that?” Bligh asked, kissing her forehead.


“So you’d do that again?” Gage asked.

“Again, and again, and again.”

“Good,” Bligh said. “Because that was hot, but next time, I want to see your face.”

Tiffany grinned.


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