My Boss (Pt. 2)

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My Boss (Pt. 2)

The janitor was in front of me with his pants near his ankles, his hand holding his long, thick cock; the head of his cock looking right at me. My mouth began to drool as I began to think of his cock penetrating my insides. I took his cock in my hand and stroked it as it grew more between my fingers, which got me more excited. Peter backed off and took a seat to watch what was about to happen to me; even he was shocked how big this cock was. The janitor began to undress his shirt and kicked off his pants and boxers, as he was just in his shoes and I was naked from top to bottom.

The janitor pushed me down on my desk as he wanted to eat me out as well, and man did he deliver. He spat all over my pussy lips, he took his right hand and placed his index finger over the lips and rubbed it in a slow up and down motion, getting my pussy juices entwined with his saliva. He bent over and took a strong and long whiff of my aroma; he let out a gentle moan. I looked up at him, he stared back at me grinning; the type of grin like he knew a secret that I did not know at the time. With his left hand, he took my chair and brought it closer to him. He sat as he spread my inner thighs apart. I could feel him taking another whiff, this time his nose gently touched my lips, and I began to shiver.

The janitor held my inner thighs tightly as he began his adventure inside my pussy. He held me aggressively as he slowly took his tongue out and licked my lips carefully; he began working away on my lips—making his way inside to the creamy filling waiting for him. Peter sat in the chair still watching everything that was happening, as he took his cock out and began stroking it to the beat of the janitor eating me out.

The janitor began opening my pussy lips and making his way into my pussy as he took his index finger from his right hand and opened my lips. He stuck his tongue into my pussy hole and swirled it around as he began penetrating my pussy with his tongue. The janitor slowly took his tongue out of my pussy hole and got up and bent over my body. He took his hands and placed them over my tits, as he squeezed them softly and began playing with my nipples. He brushed his thumb over them, ran his index finger around one and pinched it gently before bringing his mouth over and sucking on my nipple, aggressively and hungrily.

I began to moan softly as the janitor sucked my hard nipples. He began sucking on each nipple for a few seconds, getting them hard as he bit them, gently causing me to get wetter. He smirked as he flicked my nipples with his tongue and latched onto it as well.

"The biggest and most beautiful breasts I have ever seen," he said in a Russian accent.

The janitor made his way back down to my legs again, as he sat back in the chair and opened my legs and held onto my inner thighs more forcefully. A shiver ran through my body as he grabbed my thighs and ran his hands along with them, moving his callused palms up and down my inner thighs. The janitor caressed my thighs, teasing me before bringing his head in between my legs. I could feel his warm breath on my pulsating vulva and felt hornier as time went on, the rush of excitement as he inhaled my aroma.

"Oh... my... damn..." I whispered, anxious for what he was going to do next.

The janitor proceeded by placing the tip of his tongue on my vulva and brushed it along my swollen, wet, pulsating slit. It felt incredible that I shut my eyes as the janitor made his way up my silt until, reaching my clit, he began teasing me more by gently rubbing his tongue against my clit.

"YES...” I moaned out.

I could feel the janitor smirking as he began slowing the pace of his tongue down, he slowly went back and forth along my slit, giving my clit a teasing lick each time he came close to it. Then it happened, the janitor pushed his tongue deeper into my pussy. Both his hands were on my thighs, spreading them so he could get a better look at my pussy, this allowed him to stick his tongue even deeper inside me, allowing him to taste my tarty pussy juices. Because I had been wet for some time, he slurped me dry, only to get me wetter.

The janitor pushed his tongue deep inside my pussy; I pushed my pelvis up this way he could get deeper inside me. He ran his thumbs along my pussy lips with his tongue still deep inside my wet pussy, and he then moved the thumb onto my clit and started to circle around it. He rubbed it for a few seconds before it began pulsating and he took his tongue out of my pussy hole and placed it on my clit, removing his thumb and circling my clit with his tongue. My moans became louder and short screams, as I began to clench my desk for dear life as he flicked my clit with his tongue repeatedly. I could see him torture my clit with pleasure until, to my surprise, he decided to close his mouth around it and sucked on it hard.

At that moment, my legs clenched around him and I let out a shriek, followed up by loud moans as I erupted with pleasure that I have never felt before. I began squirming on the desk, while the janitor continued sucking on my clit. I began to cry out, my legs began shivering as the sensation flowed through my body, tensing my body as it released it with every surge, as the feeling slowly wore off. The janitor smirked as he released my clit and he stared at me as I began glowing with excitement.

Peter began getting upset, and jealous, seeing me having so much pleasure that was given by the janitor no less. He got out of his chair and turned towards me, and told me he was going to give me the best ride of my life. The janitor smirked as he took the garbage from my office and left our floor. I was secretly hoping he would come back and give me a ride as well after Peter was done.

Peter picked me up and placed me in the chair, bending down as he sat on my desk and kissed me, biting my lip, unbuttoning his shirt and getting completely naked in front of me. Picking me up and putting me on the desk as he sat down with a full erected hard-on, he told me to ride him as if he was the last cock on this planet.

To be continued...

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