My Bf's Dad...

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An Accident That Ended in Divorce

My Bf's Dad...

I have been seeing my boyfriend, Doug, for a little over a year now. I have met his parents perhaps two times throughout the year. His parents are nice individuals, and their love for each other was what I aspire to find one day, and perhaps it could be with Doug.

Lately, all the plans that I have been making with Doug. He seems to either forget about the plans or makes new plans and cancels on me last minute, leaving me alone in my apartment.

He still lives at home with his parents and at times he holds that against me as if it was a negative effect on our relationship, but I do not really understand why. Maybe it was his old mind mentality, how men are the ones who are supposed to be making the money and the females are the ones who are supposed to be home, cooking and cleaning. Every time I let him know I have to go to work the next day or what time I'd get off that day, it just seems to turn him off and places him in a bad mood. I've tried my best to find him a stable job. That way he could work while trying to get his masters but that seems to make him in an even worse mood, so I stopped trying.

He finally asked me one day though, if he could take me out on a romantic date, followed by dancing at a club. I haven't been to a club in ages, and I thought that would be a great idea to get back in the grove of things and re-find ourselves. He let me know how his younger brother and his parents would be out of town the Saturday coming up. His younger brother had a soccer tournament in two towns over and his parents; his mom has a business trip to Chicago, and his dad was planning on going with her to keep her company. Doug would have an empty house; I knew that would be the day that we finally screwed. Until now, I am not to sure why but Doug has been a gentleman and has not thought about touching me in a sexual way. It concerned me, but I assumed it was because I was making more than him and he was not turned on by that, but now that he has his house to himself, he may feel like a man and take advantage of that and me. Fingers crossed.

As Saturday approached, I bought myself a nice skimpy tight black dress, a new bra, panties, and heels. I was debating if I should get stockings, but the lingerie representative told me I had sexy legs, and they would be better without the stockings, so I trusted her instincts and did not get them. I did, however, buy a pair of seven-inch heels, which I assumed I would remember how to walk in, like riding a bike.

I did my make up in a way Doug would be impressed by and curled my hair. Put on my new matching red lace bra and red lace G-string got my seven-inch heels on and pulled up my dress and zipped it up. I'm 5'6" so the dress seems a little short, not too short, but sexy short; if I were to bend over my pussy lips would be visible to the naked eye. That did not stop me from having the time of my life tonight.

I left my house around 6 PM, took a cab to Doug's parent's house, paid the cab driver who gave me a discount; probably because he could see my boobs wanting to be ripped out of my dress. I did not care, I wanted to go into Doug's parent's house and have my way with him. I slammed the cab door as I existed, walking fast towards the door. As I opened the first door, I knocked on the second. Leaning against the first door, biting my bottom lip, thinking of what Doug will do to me as soon as he saw me in my outfit. I rang the doorbell as I patiently waited for Doug to open the door.

A figure approached the second door, and unlocked the door and began twisting the handle. Out came Doug's dad, Tony Martin, who looked at me from my head to my toes and seemed speechless. I looked at Doug's dad and gasped, thinking that he was not going to be home that evening and how my plans have now been ruined.

"Hi Mr. Martin, is Doug home?" I exclaimed, hoping there was a mix-up and I arrived the wrong day.

"Hey Tori, no he had left a couple of hours ago with his mates, would you like to come in?" He asked me, concerned.

I did not know how to respond, trying to take in the new information Mr. Martin told me while I was trying to unwind on how Doug can forget about a plan he had made, and forgetting how I am dressed in something that felt like it was about to pop off of me. Rage filled my head as I took out my phone from my purse and tried to turn it on. It was dead.

"Yes Mr. Martin, I would like to come in. Could I also trouble you to use your phone? Mine seems to have died." I said trying to hold it together.

Mr. Martin smiled at me and gestured me to come in. I walked past him, and I could hear him take a hint of my perfume. I turned around and asked him where Mrs. Martin was, to which he replied. "Carol is on her business trip, she thought it would be better if she went alone, to get some space and clear her mind, and I agreed. I wanted some time to myself as well."

I nodded my head and said, "Yeah space is always a good idea Mr. Martin. Hopefully, there is nothing wrong."

I turned around and bent over to take my seven-inch heels off. As I did, I forgot that my pussy lips would be noticeable. Mr. Martins had got a nice view before he told me to leave my shoes on and to follow him to his study.

As I followed him to his study, I noticed that his house was empty, both his sons were gone for the evening; his wife was not home either. He was just home alone until I arrived. As we got to his study, he handed me his phone and unlocked it for me. I opened up to the messages and got to Doug's name and there were texts exchanged between his father and him and I do not think Mr. Martins knew who Doug was talking about. In the text, it read, "Hey pops, I am going to be with my mates until tomorrow night if Tiffany comes over let her know I am at Ron's place. If Tori come over for whatever reason; tell her to go home. Thanks pop." I was confused over the texts. Who was Tiffany and why tell me to go home?

I gave Mr. Martins phone back and walked over to his liquor cabinet and poured myself a tall scotch and chugged it as I poured another and sat down on the couch. Mr. Martins looked at his phone and realized the message I must have seen and shook his head and said he was sorry, but it was the wrong Martins the apology came from.

Mr. Martins looked at me and informed me to stay at his place as long as I liked or until I felt better. He also told me I deserved a lot better than his son, someone who would respect me and honor me like a queen. Everything Mr. Martins was telling me was true, that was truly what I needed to look for and get, but I did not know where to begin.

I looked at Mr. Martin and said: "Yes you are absolutely right, only if you were my age and single, Mr. Martins, you would be a perfect catch." I giggled, and Mr. Martins began to blush.

Mr. Martins looked at me, poured himself a glass of whiskey and said, "Trust me, if I was your age, I would never let you out of my sight, and also please call me Tony."

I smiled as I said, "Okay Tony... It feels so weird to say, but I will try."

Tony sat next to me on the couch holding his whiskey, looking at my face as he asked, "Do you want to watch a movie? I have Netflix."

I looked at Tony, smiled and said, "Yes, I would like that."

He took the remote off the coffee table and put the television on and searched for a movie to watch. Instead we saw a show called You which was about a stalker kidnapping his victim. It seemed interesting and I asked if we could binge that instead. Tony smirked and said yes, both of us not knowing what that show had in store for us.

The show was a little dark for my taste, but it was a good darkness, it got to the part in the show where Beck masturbates, I got up to pour myself another drink as I did Tony stopped looking at the show, heard the moans and looked at my ass swaying as I walked towards his liquor cabinet. I could hear him lick his lips, but I assumed it was for the show and not me. I turned around my ass leaning against his liquor cabinet as I crossed my arms, pushing my tits upwards as I took a sip of my scotch.

Tony pressed pause on the show and turned looking at me asking, "Tori, is this show turning you on?"

I spit some of the scotch out after hearing his question, I chugged the rest down as I told him it did. Tony then asked when was the last time I had sex, to which I replied four years ago. Tony did the math; a llama could have done the math on that. Tony said, "My idiot son never touched you in that way?"

I began to blush, talking about my sex life with the father of my boyfriend just seemed wrong, but the fact I was tipsy did not hold me back from the truth. I let Tony know the only thing me and his son had done was kiss and hold hands. Doug would not let me suck him off or eat me out, let alone screw me.

Tony got off the couch and walked towards me, leaning down as he looked down at me, his chest up against my chest, his left hand on my hip as he whispered, "If I were your age, I would have taken you as soon as I opened that door and saw you before me."

I looked up and whispered back, "Tony... You are marr—" and Tony kissed me, biting my bottom lip and saying, "I won't be married much longer, Tori. I have always found you so sexy, way out of Doug's league, and the fact you have not been screwed in four years makes me want you that much more now."

I looked into Tony's eyes, all I could see his pupils dilated and hazel eyes staring back at me, at that moment I wanted him more than anything, but it felt so wrong and right at the same time.

"We should not" I whispered to Tony.

"We should" he whispered back in my ear, licking my ear as he did, biting on my earlobe.

As Tony bit on my earlobe and licked my ear, a strong tingle went down my back and into my inner thighs. I did not want Tony to stop, and I felt like taking it as far as we could take it. I put my worry aside, and I shifted my head towards Tony and bit his bottom lip, I could feel Tony smirking as he moved his hands closer to my hips. He pulled me in closer, as he took his left hand and put it on the side of my face, brushing my hair back as he kissed me more. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and taught me the art of French kissing.

He took his right hand and placed it on my thigh, rubbing it in circular motions, making me tingle even more. I took my hands and placed it on his lap, caressing him in a gentle manner. Tony then took his hand off my face and placed it on my back, took his other hand off my inner thigh and placed it under both thighs and picked me up. He carried me to his bedroom and placed me on the bed he shared with Carol. He smirked as he took several steps back to get a clear view of me. I was still in my tight black short dress that looked as if it was going to burst at any moment. He went to his window and opened the blinds and came back and locked his door, turned off the lights and came towards the bed. I scouted up, but he pulled me down and climbed on top of me.

Tony looked as if he was doing push-ups around me, but he was just getting a better view of my body, and planning on how he was going to make the most of his time with me. He pushed down and kissed me, biting my bottom lip, sniffing my face as he released my lip. He then got off of me and pulled me up. He wanted me to walk around his room, so he could get a better view of the dress I was wearing, and how I could walk in my seven-inch heels. He savored every minute he wanted to spend with me, and I did not mind the attention I was receiving.

As I got off his bed, I began to walk around for Tony, showing off my assets, bending over every chance I could take, so he could see my pussy lips and my butt cheeks. I turned around after bending over, and I could see Tony biting his lips, and groaning as he saw me tease him. I pushed him down on his bed, so he was sitting down, and I got on top of him, sitting, him facing him. I took his hands and placed them on my ass, as he and I could feel my dress riding up my thighs. My tits brushed against his neck, as I pulled his head back and I leaned in as I planted several kisses along his neck. He squeezed my butt as he felt the tingle rise in his cock.

He picked me off of him and threw me on the bed, ran his fingers across my face, licked my lips and asked me if I ever experienced the pleasure of being eaten out. I told him, "No, I have not Tony."

He smirked and said, "I will show you how I eat someone out, and you will become addicted to it."

I smiled back at him and told him, "My body is your body now, pleasure me, Tony."

With that, Tony took his time and teased me, making me stand before him as he took his hands and unzipped my dress slowly, watching it fall to my ankles as the zip collapsed, my DD 38 tits bounced out of the dress. He took his hands and wrapped them around my bra and unhooked my bra. He slowly took each strap off my shoulders and we watched my bra fall to the floor. He stared at my DD 38 tits for a few minutes, pinched my nipples and they immediately got hard for him. He smirked as he licked my right nipple gently, watching it get harder for him, I held onto his shoulders because my legs began to tingle. He noticed my legs tingle and he pushed me on the bed and got on top of me. He began to slowly kiss my forehead, making his way to my lips, to my neck, to my tits, taking a few minutes on each nipple, as he made his way to my belly, he pulled against my belly button piercing, taking his index finger as he gently pulled down my G-string, running it across my legs and taking it off of me.

I slowly spread my legs for him, making his way clear, I got on my elbows so I could get a view of what was about to happen. Tony stared at my waxed pussy; I don't think he had ever seen one so smooth before, he bit his lips as he saw my pussy. He began smelling my pussy fumes, getting aroused with each sniff. He slowly came close to my pussy lips as his tongue slid into my navel and my body began to shiver with that first lick. To tease me, he went near my butthole and licked it, and got back to my opening and licked some more. He slurped all the juices that came out of me. He began to lick up my slit, going in an upward and downward motion. He took his fingers and began playing with my clitoris, as he put his index finger in my pussy, deep in my pussy, as his tongue went in and out. My body kept quivering to every motion Tony was giving. I had never felt such pleasure in my whole life; I don't think many people have. Tony was extremely detail-oriented when it came to pleasuring me with his tongue.

The short amount of time I spent with Tony, I learned so much that I never would have learned if Doug did not bail on me. I wanted to learn more. I slowly started to become addicted to Tony. Tony stopped me from thinking and got back to work, causing electric shots to enter into my pussy and inner thighs. He slid his finger inside me, I could hear how wet I was. Tony began to suck and lick on my clit, I could feel myself climaxing before him, he could feel my clit tightening and pussy getting a little drier and he knew it was time. He took his two fingers and placed then quickly into my pussy and began fingering me in a different motion, that motion caused me to lose control of my pussy, and I squirted all over Tony's face, the amount of cum that came out of my pussy, it was as if I had not touched myself in years.

Tony looked at me and grinned saying "Ready for round two babes?

I tried to open my eyes, looking at him, whimpering, "More like round seven... I never want you to leave my pussy."

Tony replied, "Babe, whenever you need it, I will come to give it to you." I knew he was serious.

He seemed like the type of guy to leave work or get me to come to his work so he could fuck me, probably be okay with others watching as he had his way with me. Tony bit my pussy as he held onto my thighs pulling him up.

Tony stood before me; I got on my elbows watching him undress. He ripped his white shirt off his stone-cold body, unbuckled his belt, and unzipped his pants, kicked it across the room and slid his briefs off. His nine-inch cock was hard and throbbing. I had never seen a cock like his before, not only was it long but it was massively thick. I was certain it would not fit inside my pussy. Maybe if he rammed it inside me, it would fit. I was ready for him and ready for the pain followed by pleasure.

I bit my lip in anticipation for him to enter me, ruin me, make me addicted to him, and he did not disappoint. He leaned down and brushed my hair off my face, making it a clear view watching him, he picked his cock with his hand and pulled me down for a better entrance, he spread my legs more as he put his hand on my tits, pulled on my nipples, kissed me and right when I closed my eyes kissing him back, he rammed his nine-inch cock without giving me notice. My pussy immediately tightened around his cock, the way he rammed into me caused me to scream so loudly, I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him down, but he was not budging, he began to screw me at a fast pace.

I could not stop groaning, moaning, screaming, yelling... He was causing so much pleasure, taking his hand and rubbing it against my clitoris, causing more stimulation. I squirted all over his cock, but he did not stop there, he continued as my orgasm squirted all over his cock. I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist but that did not stop his pace, it picked up his pace if anything. It was as if he had a lot of energy saved up and he was taking it out on my tight young pussy. He smirked as he screwed me; his pace was at a high steady pace.

He then decided to turn me over and began screwing me in the doggy style pose, getting ready to bend me over more and put it in my ass. I was ready for him, but he never did it. Tony kissed my body all over and got me to go on top of him and ride him. My tits hitting his face, every time, his cock slid in and out of me, I held on to the bed to get support on riding him. Moaning out loud as I rode him, Tony biting my nipples as he held my ass making me ride him faster, he pushed down on me as he picked me up and put me against the wall and screwed me against the wall and thrusted into me deeply as he came all his semen into me. At that point, I believe we had screwed for a good three hours, and he finally came.

I bit his lips, and he placed me on the bed gently and we made out for a couple of minutes before we stopped and we went into the shower so we did not smell like sex. He was probably the best sex I had ever had and will ever have.

The next day Doug calls me, letting me know that his parents are getting a divorce and he was confused on why. At that moment I broke up with Doug and texted Tony. I made plans to see Tony in his new place once he gets all his shit together.

This is the kind of relationship I signed up for.

How does it work?
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