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My best feeling till now- 2

by Lana Ridlon 2 years ago in erotic
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Lacey DuValle, the light-skinned black gal seen on the middle of the right-hand side of the front cover (second from the bottom), was up first as she visited her cousin's clothing store at the strip mall.

Scene One: Lacey DuValle, the light-skinned black gal seen on the middle of the right-hand side of the front cover (second from the bottom), was up first as she visited her cousin's clothing store at the strip mall. Her clothes were tight on her curvy frame and since she had nothing better to do, she went with Preston to his place, publically flashing him behind the location where the threat of getting caught was lower but still present. The lengthy tease continued in the parking lot and out by the pool on top of the building, her bikini hiding little before she was joined by some mope named "Buddy" (at least that was what she called him) in the 27:03 scene. He used a condom and the sexual activities included more tease, some blowjob action, and a vaginal screw, several positions proving her active riding skills were as good as ever in the open warehouse setting. Her booty shook like thunder and the genetic juice landed on her face and chest, their personal chemistry pretty high for such a scene.

Scene Two: Jenny Hendrix, the hotty featured on the left-hand side of the front cover, was up next as she followed the formula before engaging in sexual activities with a guy called Chris for 32:04 minutes in Preston's grandmother's house (his place was being fixed up). She wore a black tank top and blue jean shorts as she teased him, granny having quite the kicking pad from the looks of it. Jenny masturbated and otherwise teased the camera too, the booty shaking and anal fingering getting her moist enough for the small cock she took. Her blowjob was effective and the moderately active vaginal ride showed her living up to previous scenes, her grimacing during a few positions serving to weaken the action slightly as far as I was concerned. Jenny is a gal with a lot of potential to improve, her anal work this time not as active as it could have been but showing she was better than her first such scenes that came out not long ago. There was no chemistry but she took the facial well enough, never swallowing the population pudding but still meriting extra attention by fans.

Scene Three: Giselle Humes, the curvy brunette seen on the top of the right hand side of the cover, was up next and one look at her body was enough to cause my heart to skip a beat, the gal prancing about on the public beach in front of numerous people. Her half dressed form looking good but her sweet booty one of the best of the entire show. Preston spent a lot of time capturing her ass on camera too, the topless beach allowing her to peel off her bottom too from the looks of it, her all natural body worthy of more footage. The gal is from Puerto Rico and she continued the tease on his bed, that heart shaped ass pushing back on his hand as he fingered her biscuit during the 22:04 minute show. There was some POV blowjob footage, a lot of very active vaginal sex, and her partner fingering her backdoor before he busted a nut on her. The scene was actually very classic and proved her skills, though I wish it was longer than it ended up being.

Scene Four: Vanessa Lee, the frisky gal spotted on the lower right hand corner of the front cover, was up next and as far as public nudity was concerned, she was the queen of the show by the way she let her sun dress and bikini move to the wayside as she teased and masturbated. Her partner was likely Preston Parker in the 24:26 minute scene and she seemed to truly like the guy, aggressively working his cock inside of her mouth and pussy as though she was on a mission to get him off. The added chemistry made it a better scene overall and with a few rough spots, it did appear that she was in top form, even after her public show as they drove down the heavily populated street was over. The screwing took place by the pool on the top of the building, her aural additions were decent but so was her decision to push back on his rod when getting pounded by the guy. He literally doused her face with spew and she laughed at the result her work had, making it an even funner than an average scene.


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