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Mr. Officer Sir

by JLM fantasies 2 years ago in erotic

I shouldn’t have been speeding.

Mr. Officer Sir
I can’t believe I got pulled over. 

Shit, are those flashing reds and blues in my rearview? Damnit, I was probably driving close to 80. What is the speed limit here in the middle of nowhere anyway? I think it’s been at least an hour since I’ve seen another car. Awesome, the first person I see to verify people actually live here in the middle of nowhere, and it has to be a freakin cop pulling me over. Thanks, Murphy.

I wonder if it’s a man. I wonder if he’s hot. I wonder if he has any cop fantasies he might like to see come to fruition today. I wonder if maybe he’d like to hear my cop fantasies. That would be the perfect way to help me unwind after driving for so long. One can hope. Guess we’ll see.

Yeah!! The cop is a man. He’s like God's gift to women kind of hot! I watch him slowly stride up towards my car. I quickly tug on the top few buttons of my shirt, exposing ample amounts of cleavage. He peeks in to my car, instantly staring at my chest. He taps on my window.

“Well, hello there Mr. Officer sir. Was I speeding?” I ask in a sweetly seductive voice.

“I clocked you back there driving 89 miles an hour.” He looked at me over his sunglasses with unbelievably piercing blue eyes. I swear they match the sky.

“Oh no… how bad is that?” I barely stammer out through my nerves. Man, he is really really gorgeous.

“Ma’am, the posted speed limit for the last 100 miles, and for the next 100 miles, is 65. I have you clocked on radar driving 24 miles an hour over the speed limit. Around here don’t just call that bad, we call that reckless driving. Then upon arrival at your vehicle I also detected the faint smell of marijuana. Ma’am, are you carrying any illegal substances?”

Shit, fuck, shit, fuck. Maybe that’s why my mind keeps wandering, talking to me and even yelling here and there. It had to be like 20 miles ago when I stopped and took that tiny hit. Surely he’s fishing, I don’t think he can smell the residual. It’s been such a long drive. Ugh, I wonder how much trouble I’m going to be in? Hey dumbass… my brain yells at me snapping me back into focus. You better answer the officer.

“Oh, I’m sorry sir. It seems like I have been driving forever… for speeding I mean, I’m sorry for speeding sir. See officer, I’m on my way home, I’ve driven 250 miles and have about 120 miles to go. I wasn’t paying attention to the speed limit since I’m the only person on the road. I’ll definitely pay more attention for the rest of my trip. Do you think maybe you could let me go with a warning this time?”

“And the marijuana, ma’am?” He asks again, ignoring my request and pressing the issue.

“I’m sorry? I’m not sure what you mean?” I say as sweetly as I can, looking innocent and unsure. There you go, pretend you are totally sweet and completely confused by his initial comment about a smell, that will totally work. I don’t know, maybe I should fess up.

“Please step out of your vehicle ma’am. I asked if you had any illegal substances. I am going to conduct a search of your vehicle. I have probable cause with the odor I detected and your unwillingness to answer a direct question. Do you understand what is going to happen now ma’am?”

“Yes, sir. I understand” Freakin' really? Damn it!! I knew he’d see right through my ruse. I think maybe my brain gives me bad advice sometimes, I think this may be one of those times. He’s not stupid.

“Ma’am, please step out of the vehicle. Interlock your hands on the back of your head and slowly walk around to the rear of your vehicle while I conduct my search,” he said opening my door. After a minute or so of me being in shock, I hear him say “Ma’am? Do you require assistance?”

I realize he’s been waiting for a really long time. I slowly start to get out of my car. “Oh... uh... yeah... sorry... no, no I don’t need help. I’m okay. Yes, Sir. I’ll get out.” Shit. Fuck. Shit. Fuck. Shit, fuck. I can’t believe this is happening.

As I walk back to the rear of my car I think about the pipe in the center console, no way he’s going to miss that, I think to myself. Good thing I threw out the empty sack when I stopped for gas.

My mind starts to wander, maybe now is a good time to give my fantasy a whirl. Of course, if I do and he’s not receptive then I may end up adding a soliciting charge. I don’t even know how much trouble I’m in now, I better not. Damn he is crazy fine though. Crap, here he comes. Wait, is he holding my pipe? Great, just great. Of course he found my pipe, I’m not sure how I was still holding out hope.

“Ma’am, I found this marijuana paraphernalia in the center console of your vehicle. As the driver and the registered owner, you are responsible for everything in your vehicle so don’t bother telling me that you know nothing about this pipe,” he says in an angry, exasperated voice. This is very bad, I think to myself.

“Please face the vehicle and put your hands on the trunk, shoulder width apart in front of you.“

“Yes sir officer.” Is this happening, like really happening? Damn it, stop laughing. It’s not funny! I hate that I always laugh because of nervousness during the most inappropriate times. I choke back a giggle. And don’t even think about your fantasy! My brain yells at me. Okay okay, maybe for a minute. No! No! No! Bad idea! Shut the fantasy down and focus!! I can’t, he’s gorgeous!

I guess a little show won’t hurt, he did have a hard time averting his eyes from my chest. I’ll give it a try. I put my hands on the trunk. I hunched my shoulders forward a bit to hike my skirt up in the back. It is a very short pleated skirt so I know he can see the bottom half of my cheeks. I can even feel the breeze through my panties.

I wonder if the trunk is too high for my fantasy. Maybe he can reach that high and still have enough leverage to thrust. I start to get really wet thinking about it and I’m worried I might drip down my leg.

My brain starts yelling to snap back into reality. Seriously, get your shit together! This is not a fantasy! This is not a freakin joke! It’s not a joke, even though your ass is hanging out. Do you have ANY idea what’s coming???

“Ma’am, I am going to put hand-cuffs on you. I will not put them on too tightly as I do not believe you are a threat.”

Aw, sweet. He cares. Damn, I can’t believe this is happening.

“However, if you chose to misbehave I will have no other choice but to treat you like any other noncompliant criminal. Do you understand?”

Harsh. I wonder what he considers misbehaving? Does he think my shirt unbuttoned and me bent over with my ass hanging out is misbehaving? If he doesn’t, my fantasy might become a reality… at least I’ll try.

“Exactly how do you handle noncompliant criminals, Mr officer sir? Do you ever get... um... you know, physical with then?” I ask seductively while I squirm on the trunk, slowly moving my body from side to side

He doesn’t even flinch. “Ma’am, I am going to move one arm slowly behind your back and then the other.”

It’s funny how close this is to my fantasy so far. I hear the first handcuff larch. Don’t giggle!! Not a fantasy! Just breathe. I hear the second handcuff latch.

“Turn and walk slowly to the front of my vehicle.“ he says in such a commanding way that I really begin to wonder if the wetness is going drip through my underwear. Shouldn’t he be reading me my rights or something, maybe it’s not set in stone yet. Maybe I really should go for it.

“Lean over the hood of my vehicle while I conduct a search of your person.”

This may be my chance. Shit, should I? No, I shouldn’t, definitely not. Don’t.

Well… maybe.

“Do you have any sharp objects in your pockets or anything else on your person I should expect to find?”

“No Sir.” What? Like I’m hiding a knife in my six inch skirt or something?

Fuck it, I’m doing it. He’s totally leaning into me… frisking me. He’s rubbing all over me. Damn I’m wet and my nipples are so hard they are pointing right through my shirt.

I’m going for it now, I’m all in. I raise up on my tippy toes and gently push my tush back towards him until I make contact with his groin.

Holy shit, I can’t believe I just did that. I can’t believe I felt him against me. My ass was in direct contact, I swear I felt his zipper.

Why isn’t he doing anything? Maybe he didn’t feel it or thinks it was an accident. I push my ass into him again, wiggling against him a little.

There, how about now? No way he could have missed that intentional little ass wiggle.

I think I felt him, semi-hard, between my cheeks. He might really be into this.

I push back against him again, lifting my hips off the hood of the car and rubbing my panties around his cock in a circle.

“Ma’am, this is highly inappropriate, what exactly do you see happening here?”

Shit, I’m in big trouble… I would have sworn I felt him push back against me that last time.

Maybe I should just tell him I’m sorry.

What’s done is done, at this point I don’t have a lot to lose. Maybe I can talk my way out of this.

“Well sir, I know I was speeding a little and…”

“Not a little, 24 mph over the speed limit is not a little, it’s flat out reckless.”

Ugh, semantics.

“Yes it is, I’m sorry. I was recklessly speeding and I don’t think I should get away with it, but maybe we can handle it here and now, in a different kind of way?”

Did I seriously just say that?

“I’m intrigued,” he smirked.

Is he laughing at me… great, never a good sign.

“Ma’am, you are saying that in lieu of a speeding ticket you would prefer if right here, right now, I were to use corporal punishment?”

“Not exactly, I didn’t really mean corporal punishment.”

Wait, did he just lift up my skirt? He did! I feel it resting on my back. No way, he’s going for it.

“Wait sir, I didn’t actually mean a spanking.”

“Too late, I agree to your terms.” He said with a smile

No way, no way, no way. Just thinking about it makes me incredibly nervous but I also feel my clit throbbing. What?

Oh my God... this is happening?

Oh shit... What did I do?

What the hell did I just agree to?

“I will be issuing one swat for each mile an hour you were traveling over the posted limit. Do you understand?”

I nod and he begins.

One, two, three, four…”

Holy shit, this is actually happening. He is actually spanking me on the hood of a police car. Ouch, I had forgotten how much spankings sting. Only now, it’s also making me horny. The sting excites me, at least it doesn’t really hurt, at least he’s not doing crazy dad swats on me.

“Five, six, seven…”

Oh my God, this is amazing. It is kind of starting to hurt a bit. I wonder if the pain will deplete my horniness or if it will intensify it. So far, it’s pretty intense.

“Eight, nine, ten...”

He stops for a minute resting his hand on my panties and I’m a little disappointed he’s stopped. I feel his hands on my thighs sliding up to my hips, pushing my skirt up all the way so he can see all of my panties. I feel his hands massage my hips and then rest them there for a minute playing with the waist and of my panties. He must be taking in the view, I think with a smile.

“Ma’am, you need to understand I mean business. Because of your reckless abandonment of the posted speed limit, I am going to take down your underpants and spank your bare bottom. Do you understand?”

He slowly pulls my panties down over my ass and down to my knees. He rubs my tush for a minute, I think trying to rub away the red coloring that’s starting to come in.

“Yes Mr. officer sir. I understand.” Knowing he’s about to start spanking my bare ass floods me with excitement. Wait… he said this was for the speeding but didn’t say anything about the weed. Shit, Shit, Shit. This hurts already, what punishment is he going to give me for the paraphernalia?

“Ten, eleven, twelve…”

“Mr. officer sir” I spit out through clinched teeth. Holy crap he means business. These swats really hurt. “You counted ten twice.” His hand cracks down again on my bare ass making it jiggle beneath his hand.

“I don’t think so. I guess you should have been the one counting out-loud... remember that for next time you’re in this situation. Always count each swat out loud.

Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen…”

It really surprises me how much this hurts, and how much I like it. Both a lot actually. The pain is almost bearable and somehow leaves me wanting more. My responds to each smack.

“Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen…”

The way the warmth radiates from my cheeks all the way around between my legs, vibrating my clit, the way my nipples harden and the way every inch of my body seems to be screaming to be touched. Mmmmm, I love it.

Almost on cue, he stops to rub my tush, I imagine it’s about crimson at this point.

“Nineteen, twenty, twenty-one”

Saving the hardest for last he cracks his hand down across my cheeks and I cry out after each swat.

“Twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four.”

“No more speeding, do you understand Ma’am?” He asks a bit out of breath from spanking me.

“Yes, Mr. officer sir... no more speeding. I understand,” I reply fighting back the tears.

“Now, you said you had some other type of physical punishment in mind ma’am? As far as the marijuana paraphernalia goes ma’am, I just don’t think corporal punishment fits that crime.”

What? “Sir, I can’t have this on my record, isn’t there some other way we can handle this? Please?” I stammer out barely able to hold back the tears from the mixture of pain, frustration and fear..

“Ma’am, what exactly did you have in mind?” He said gently. He must have been effected by my tears.

“Well sir, I haven’t seen another car for quite a while now. I was thinking something of a sexual nature. Haven’t you ever fantasized about having your way with a subject?”

Come on, come on, come on. Why isn’t he answering? Why is he being so freaking quiet? Maybe he needs me to admit it first.

“Mr. officer sir, it has been a fantasy of mine for a longtime to be bent over a police car, out in the open like this and to be fucked hard by a man in uniform.”

“I agree to your terms,” he says with a sly smile.

That’s what I’m talking about. I hear his belt unbuckle and his zipper unzip.

Oh hell yeah.

“Like this, ma’am?” He asks as he enters me from behind slowly but firmly.

“Uuuuummmmmhhhhhaaa, yes just like that Mr. officer sir, but harder Sir, harder.”

I assume that becasue it is a punishment he takes no time to prime me, no time to caress me or feel his way around my body. He simply grabs my hips and pounds into me from behind. He pushes my back down so I’m standing, bent at the waist with my top half laying flat on the police car, my face is on the police car.

He slams into me and lifts me up off the ground. God he feels so good. With his cock still inside me, he flips me over and spins me around, pulling one leg over his head so I’m sitting on the hood of the car facing him.

With his hands on my hips, he pushes me up to the middle of the hood. He spreads my legs wide with his hands and puts them over his shoulders. He starts to gently kiss my inner thighs. He slides his hands under my cheeks and lifts me off the hood.

With his tongue licking and mouth sucking, he works his way up my thigh and around my parted wet lips. He tastes me slowly at first then darts his tongue in and out of my pussy a few times, licking deep inside me. He softly flicks his tongue on my clit and sucks it into his mouth. I moan loudly throwing my head back, this does not feel like punishment to me.

He slides two fingers inside me. His hand palm up he thrusts his fingers in and out of my slippery wet pussy while sucking on my clit. I almost lose it squirming beneath his mouth. He stops thrusting and bends and straightens his fingers over and over deep inside me, like he’s saying "come here" in rhythm with his tongue softly flicking my clit.

As an orgasm starts to bubble over the top. I lay back on the hood looking up at the beautiful sky. Watching a cloud pass by an orgasm rips through my body making me shake and convulse. I grab his head pulling it into me, locked between my legs he sucks on my clit holding on tight as the waves rock through my body. I cry out and collapse back relaxed and satisfied but wanting more.

As quickly as he set me on the hood he pulls me off and flips me over. I guess he wanted more too.

Pressing down on my back he flips my skirt back up, grabs my hips and rams his cock into me with hard and fast thrusts. I push back against him to protect my hips from the hood and to feel him deeper inside of me.

He presses down on my back with one hand, pulls my hips back with the other so my ass is sticking out at him. Pounding into me he starts to grunt and shake, his knees get weak and almost buckle, his toes curl in his boots. He begins to moan loudly and with one final grunt, he cums deep inside me.

He gives himself a minute of rest while his cock is still buried deep in my pussy. He unlocks the handcuffs and pulls out. He helps me up and helps me to stay steady on my feet for a minute while my wobbly knees recover.

“Speed through this area again anytime ma’am,” he said to me while walking me back to my car.

“Thank you Mr. officer sir, I certainly will.” I said breathlessly as I continued to recover catching my breath.

Climbing into the car I turn back and watch him walk back and get into his. I can’t believe this is real, that really just happened! Definitely makes me want to speed more and try it again.

JLM fantasies
JLM fantasies
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