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More Than Friends: Night Three (2)

by Asrai Devin 3 years ago in fiction
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Soft and sweet

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I know I should leave. Chloe’s wants radiate through our conversation. She wants more, a relationship, a commitment. I want those too, but my heart is still bruised. My emotions are tender, they limp instead of skip, dance, or sing.

I should leave, but I can’t. I want more of Cinnamon, to see her squirm, hear her moans. To fill her in all the ways we talked about.

I leave the bed and get cinnamon buns. I return to Chloe and open the box. While I sit beside her, I feed her bites of sweet dough and tease her. She nips my fingertips, and I let her suck them clean.

“You’re good with your mouth, Cin. Time for you to show me the result of your deep throat practice.”

She looks down at my cock. It’s half hard. “I don’t know if I can take anything that large.”

“You have bigger dildos.” I stroke my erection to grow it. She reaches for me, but I catch her hand. “On your knees on the floor, proper blow job position.”

“There are dozens of ways to give a blow job. There is no right way.”

“Sassy Cinnamon. I’ll punish your smart mouth later.” If we don’t pass out from exhaustion. “On the floor.”

She grins and slides to the floor. She was pushing for punishment and I’m tempted. I wind my fingers into her hair, gripping her. She wraps her fist around my cock, I remain still while she guides me into her hot mouth. Slide, suck, slide.

“No hands,” I command. “Put them behind your back.” I glance over and catch our reflection in her closet doors. She has the old style ones that are floor to ceiling mirrors. I can watch myself fucking her mouth and that may be the most erotic act I’ve experienced.

Her hand drops away and she bobs her head. In and out, my dick slides. “Yes.” I lean back a little, letting her pleasure me. She pulls me deeper into her mouth. I want to yank her hair into submission and fuck her.

“Deeper baby. Take me all the way in, swallow me down.”

Her moans turn to choking as she takes me to the back of her throat. She holds me there, a couple heartbeats before she sputters my rod out of her lips. My fingers massage her scalp. “Good girl. That’s my good girl. Take me back in. Do it again.”

Chloe’s lips part and she wraps herself around my cock again. She’s a fucking angel. She presses right to the back, swallowing the head again. Her mouth holds me one heartbeat longer. And then she sucks, pure pleasure pulsing through my body. Her fingers feather my balls, her nails scratching lightly, perfectly. She’s either had practice or she’s just naturally good.

Her tongue swirls the head of my cock and my control slips. I tug her hair a little tighter. “You stay still. I’m going to fuck your mouth. When I come I’ll cover your breasts. Okay?”

She nods a little. Her eyes are wide. Which part is new for her? I don't care I’m going to come in her mouth shortly.

I pull her hair so tight she must be uncomfortable. She doesn't show it, or maybe it relaxes her. She looks calmer. I thrust into her mouth. I have to be careful not to hit the back of her throat. She already had enough of that today, I don’t want to bruise her.

My balls pull up and I pull out of her mouth. I stroke my erection, trying to keep it pointed at her chest until I burst all over her. My cum drips down her skin, making her look delicious. My dick is half limp when I pull it from her lips. “I knew you could handle it.” I pinch her nipples, my fingers sliding through my cum on her.

“It’s sticky, and it was hot. But it’s getting cooler.”

“You look hot as hell.” I want to fuck her again; I just came and I want her again.

“Do you want to continue with the fantasy or call it a night?”

“Are you done?” she asks, getting to her feet. She avoids my gaze.

“I don’t want to be done.” Ever. “After that, you deserve a reward. Then the bath.”

“What sort of reward?” Her worry turns to excitement

“Pain, Cinnamon. You asked for it repeatedly, so now I will hurt you.” I sit on the bed. “Over my knee, and I’ll spank you.”

She can’t move fast enough to throw herself over my knee.

Fuck. How’d I get so lucky that I can kiss, spank, and fuck my dream girl? Her ass is beautiful, her soft skin tempting me. “And now to turn your ass my favorite color.” I rub her ass with one hand, my mind racing ahead to fucking her again.

Slow down. I force a gulp of clean air. This is Friday night, as long as we have nowhere to go, and she agrees, I can possess her the rest of the weekend. I can brand her. Get her addicted.

And that’s where the plan goes wrong. I want to get her addicted, but I might get myself addicted. Accidentally. When she is in top form she’s difficult to resist.

Spank her ass red as my favorite pair of her underwear. I grip the muscle harder, digging my fingers into her. She is still so I slap her, hard, and she jerks. “Checking if you are awake.”

“I’m awake. You make it hard to be good when you tease me.”

“That is true.” I slap her ass, lightly to start. I should have had her retrieve her paddle before I started. More pain, see if she was spanking as hard as it looked. There is something about skin to skin that’s more satisfying. I increase the speed and weight of my hand until she is moaning. The bloom of red grows with each hit. The more she moans the harder my blows become.

I freeze, caressing the rosy cheeks. My rosy cheeks. Tonight they are mine. This weekend she is mine. I hope she doesn’t have plans. “You look gorgeous. How does it feel?”

“Lovely. I can take it harder.”

“Can you? Maybe you should grab your paddle and we’ll see what you can handle. What’s your stopping word?”

She rolls off my lap and crosses to her computer desk.

“My safe word is donkey.”


The box of toys is under the desk. Her body blocks my view so I concentrate on her ass. “Are you trying to get me to bruise you?” I stroke my cock while I wait for her. It wasn’t many minutes ago I came, but her jerking on my lap while I spank her has me hard again.

I could order her to her knees to suck me off again. Fill her mouth this time. Not yet. She returns with the paddle. “Here you are, Sir.” I take it from her.

“Good girl. Hands and knees on the bed. Or would you prefer bent over the desk?”

She blinks at me, confused by the question. I grab around her waist and kiss her. “Never mind my questions. I’ll choose the bed.” I grab her hair and yank her in my desired direction.

Once she’s in position, back slightly arched so I can get a good angle, I bring the paddle against her. No warning, no pretense, no holding back. “Fuck,” she yelps, her body shooting forward. She almost falls onto her face.

“You said you could handle harder. Stay there. We need music.” I find my phone in my pants pocket and tune into some hard rock music with a beat the speed I’d like to spank her.

“I’ve never been bruised before.”

“Let’s see what it takes to get you to stop me.”

She nods, her head dropping. “I’m ready. Green.”

The paddle makes a great clap as it hits her. It drowns out the music for a moment each time. Her moans rise above the music. She’s hurting, but she’s trying to power through it. She’s trying to be more stubborn than me. I hit harder, making her swear. Again, she whimpers. Another blow and she whimpers, “Donkey.” Her body stiffens. A little louder, “Donkey.”

I stop and caress her scarlet skin. She falls onto her front, her body shaking. I gather her in my arms and wrap a blanket around her. “You okay?”

Her eyes are shining. “God yes, that was amazing. The last one hurt so much, I thought I might burst into tears.”

“I will run a bath. Clean you up was next. Then maybe let you sleep.”

She touches the glossy cum spot on her chest. “I like being painted by you. And you promised to make love to me next in your plan.”

“If you aren’t too tired. We need to pace ourselves. I was hoping we could play all weekend.”

“I have a show tomorrow night.”

“You can still do it. I’ll find something to do while you sell yourself.”

“Do you mind?”

“What you do?” How can I complain? I was purchasing what she was selling. “No.”

“Not jealous?”

“No. As long as we hide nothing, no one can be jealous. I can’t take any lies.” Sherry lied about our relationship.

“Okay, no lies.” She opens her mouth, but I kiss her. I don’t want to talk. I let my tongue swirl in her mouth, tell her everything she needs to know.

Once she’s relaxed, I roll off the bed and pull on my underwear. I run the bath, finding her bath salts in the cupboard and dumping a healthy dose into the water. Once it's full, I return and pick her up. She squeals and wraps her arms around my neck.

“What are you doing?”

“Carrying you. What does it look like? You rarely ask silly questions.”

This mollifies her and she relaxes her head on my shoulders. In the bathroom, I put her on her feet and help her into the tub. I retrieve a bowl from the kitchen and pour water over her head. She sighs happily as I massage shampoo into her hair.

I wash her body slowly from neck to feet. When she’s clean, she pulls the plug and steps out. I insist on drying her body. She looks satisfied wrapped in an oversized fluffy purple towel. “Do you want to cuddle?” I cup her chin and kiss her softly.

She shakes her head, stretching to linger in the kiss. “I want you to make love to me, Taylor. Slow and sweet.”

Make love to Chloe. I can do that. I can do soft. “Some sugar to go with the spice?” I don’t let her answer, I cover her mouth with mine. I slide my tongue past her lips, exploring her mouth thoroughly. My hands slip under the towel, brushing the back of her thighs, using her ass to pull her against me. She whimpers and wiggles against me. Her ass is tender.

Knowing she’s sore makes me surge. The two orgasms so far have taken the edge off my need for her. I can do slow now. I can take my time and tease her properly. I bend my knees so I can rub my cock against her cleft while I continue to make love to her mouth. Nipping her lips, stroking her tongue.

I pull back. We need to get horizontal. I take her hand and pull her to the bedroom. Pussy is on the bed, staring at us. I scratch the soft grey fur behind her ear and she arches into my hand. Always wanting more pets, just like her mistress.

“Puss, off the bed.” Chloe pushes her toward the edge of the bed. Pussy moves her fluff to the side, but refuses to vacate.

“She’s fine. You like having an audience.”

“Not my cat. She’ll be traumatized. I lock her out during shows.”

“That’s why I’ve never seen her on screen. You should introduce her. You should also get on the bed.” I pull the towel away and drop it on the floor.

She sits cross legged on the bed, making me smile.

“Lay down, Chloe. Let me see your gorgeous body.” I stretch on the empty side, my legs at an odd angle to accommodate the ball of fur. Chloe lies on her side facing me, her cheeks are a little pink. Her hand lies on my chest; her fingers stroking the hair and my nipple.

I lean forward, kissing her again. My fingers curl around her breast, molding her to the shape of me. I almost let her feel the bite of my touch before I remember I promised sugar and silk. I roll her back and dip to suckle her. Her back arcs, demanding more. I circle with my tongue, and she digs into my hair. I can’t help myself, I sink my teeth into her flesh until she cries out.

My eyes drag to hers, searching for recrimination for the transgression. There is none, her head is tilted back, her throat exposed. I let my teeth sample that tender expanse, she opens further for me. I treat her other breast the same, tame then harsh.

My erection flexes against her side. Her fingers trace the outline through the cotton.

“Bad girl.”

Chloe doesn’t look sorry. She gives me a sweet smile, a flutter of eyelashes, and a soft kiss.

I can play that way. I press my palm to her mons, sliding across her labia. She’s heeded my plea and stopped shaving herself bare, the new hairs rasp across my skin. I need to taste her spicy sweet desire. Two fingers dip inside, stroking her slickness. I lift her fingers to my lips and suck them with a moan of pleasure. I breathe deeply, savouring the scent of how I arouse her.

I make a second pass of her juicy pussy. This time I press my fingers to her mouth. “I love watching you taste yourself.” Her smile parts and her tongue slides between my digits.

She lets her saliva flow over me, reminding me of how she sucked the dildo on camera.

“I remember this moment. On cam.” My words are more like a series of groans.

The desire to climb over her and pound into her overwhelms me for a moment. I close my eyes, my finger brushing her clit, until the need passes. I will be inside her again.

I keep the teasing touch on her clit until her hips rock. She wants it hard and fast. “I promised soft.” Brush, brush, tap. Mellow, soft, easy.

“You’re teasing.” Her lips are pressed together, barely opening as her frustration leaks out in puffs of air.

Her legs press together, her hips circle. “I’ll have to restrain you, Cin,” I warn. I press my knee between hers, stopping her from getting her legs too close together. She relaxes her thighs, letting them drop open.


“Good girl.” I reward her with a firmer touch. She sighs with relief. I push two fingers inside her, using my thumb to stroke her clit.

Her hand reaches inside my underwear and strokes my erection. Her fingers twisting off the head.

“Sweet Cin,” I whisper against her lips.

“I need you inside me, TJ.” She kisses me this time, her tongue probing the recesses of my mouth.

I push my underwear off and shift my weight over her. She’s so wet, so aroused, so ready, my cock glides into her. I tense my thighs as a reminder to make love to her sweet self. She needs me inside, I need her period, all around me, all the time.

I roll my hips, her luscious body grips mine, milking me. My eyes meet hers, our lips pressed together, and without formulation we move as one. Together and part. Her hand wedges between us, and through the lust I remember she needs clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Imagining her touching herself is hot, and she knows her body better than me. Though I should have enough knowledge, I’ve watched her masturbate enough times.

Her hand vibrates between our bodies as I thrust faster. It’s her quivering legs and the way she milks me that forces my pace to quicken. I can taste the orgasm as she muffles her cries against my mouth. I grab her ass, pulling her against me as I drive for my gratification inside her.

My cock is buried deep in her when I climax. Fuck, my body goes limp, lust for her finally satisfied for the evening. She’ll rouse me again by morning, but I can rest for a while.

She pushes at me. “Crushing me,” she wheezes.

I roll to the side. “Sorry, darling. You drained me there. It will be a few minutes before I can walk.”

“That good?”

“Foreplay has lasted more than two months.” She’s propped on her elbow, looking down at me.

“That’s true. I’m starving since we never ate the cinnamon buns earlier. You want one?”

“Yes, please. Will you feed it to me?”

“Possibly. Are you staying the night?”

I smile. “Yes. I have plans on how to wake you in the morning.”

Next Chapter: Morning One


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