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Monster in Your Closet

by Jay Taylor about a month ago in erotic
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F4M Erotic Audio Script

Monster in Your Closet
Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash

(I wrote and recorded this script in one night after absolutely getting my brain rocked by FadeByNightVa's Sleep Paralysis Demon audio. You can hear that on his Reddit, Patreon, or Pornhub and you can hear my version [as of posting] on Reddit.)

Oh hello there… You didn’t hear me come in but that’s ok… You never do. Shhhh, it’s alright. There’s no need to move… In fact, you can’t, can you? Hahaha no. You can sense me back here, in your room, watching you, but there’s nothing at all you can do about it. Can’t even turn and look at me. Are you afraid? That must be a strange sensation for such a big tough guy as yourself… hahaha no…. I know you’re a nice boy. I’ve been watching you, and I’ve seen that you’ve been on your toes. Always polite, always careful not to offend or make anyone uncomfortable… especially that pretty little girl you flirt with. Do you think she notices? I’m sure she’s quite aware of your pathetic advances but is just too sweet to tell you to fuck off… hehehe. I know what all you nice boys really want though… an insatiable little whore to worship your cock, right? It’s ok. You can’t fool me. I can read you like an open book. I know that when you ask how her weekend was you’re thinking of how her tits would feel in your palm. When she takes a drink of water, it’s your cock she’s slurping into her throat. When you shake her hand it’s her pussy squeezing your fingers. And when she bends over to pick something up you can almost feel her ass grinding against you. I know I’m not wrong. You pathetic little weasel. Heh heh.

I’m not here to give you what you want, but I am here to take what I need. Mmm you’re not quite sure about that, are you? That’s… that’s just too bad. You see, my little pet, all that wishing and stroking and mental BEGGING has called me to you, and I am more than ready to play…

Have you figured me out yet, darling? Do you know what I am? But no… that’s impossible, isn’t it? You were taught as a little boy that there were no monsters in your closet. Well, maybe there weren’t in that closet… You see, I am free to roam and toy with whomever I see fit, and you were calling so incessantly that I couldn’t resist. I know you’ve felt… a strange sensation before… being watched without being fully aware? Hmm?

I think I’m tired of your whining though… Tonight I’m going to give you what you’ve been asking for… Don’t play coy… you’re not in charge here and I know everything that’s inside of you; and I’m going to take every little bit of it that I want. My advice is to simply relax and enjoy the ride. After all… you don’t really have a choice.

Now… let’s uncover you… (pulls off blankets) Tsk tsk tsk… you’re a tummy sleeper. It takes a confident man to sleep with his most vulnerable spot exposed… (giggle) Let me come a little closer… Can you feel my weight at the foot of your bed? It makes you want to squirm, doesn’t it? I like knowing that you can’t… that you just have to wait and hope I’m not going to hurt you… HAHA I could, you know? My powers of paralysis leave you soooo very defenseless, but where would be the fun in that? You can be my pretty little doll but it is so very delicious feeding off your emotions… that sharp, tangy fear; and the warm, melty lust. You can’t deny that you enjoy this… being helpless. You can’t lie to me, remember?

You don’t mind me removing these shorts, do you darling? Oh well, they’re coming off anyway… :) Mmm… pretty boy. Does this embarrass you? Knowing that I’m gazing at that cute little butt of yours? I would imagine it makes you a little tense… After all, you have no idea what sort of equipment I have. I could do all sorts of terrible things… but I’ll just start with reaching out to touch… OOH! Ticklish, are we? You can’t squirm away from me, but I can tell you want to. Just relax… Let me stroke your skin… Maybe this is all a dream and if you just assume this will be pleasurable, that’s all it will be… Maybe. Since you have nothing to do and (giggle) nowhere to be, I advise that you just give into the sensation and FEEL everything I’m doing to you… What do you have to lose?

Feel my fingers walking up your back… my claws digging into your shoulders. What if I just climbed up next to you and…whispered into your ear? Mmm does that make your hair stand on end? Set every nerve on edge? Good. You know… for as much as you men want to shove your dick into everything, I think a far more pressing desire is to have your tight little hole played with. No? HAHAH YOU’RE SO CUTE WITH YOUR LIES! I know you’re scared… but I also know how desperately you crave it… You just don’t know how to ask. Well. I hear you loud and clear, my dear. I’ll touch it for you… Ooh… It’s not even tight! Haha… you’re so relaxed, practically asleep, you can’t even pucker it! I bet with just a little bit of spit I could really stretch you out… (giggle sigh) but to be honest, that’s not really my bag, darling… Although, I do know just how many nerve endings are back here and how sweetly they can be played with… what if I gave you a little lick? Teased my pointed little tongue right over this secret little spot of yours? Mmm! You like that don’t you? It must make this soooo much easier when I take away all your ability for even feigned protest… You greedy little whore. I can lick it for you… Relax, and focus on my sweet mouth…

(Ass licking sounds and description)

(Growl) I could’ve stayed back there all night, couldn’t have I, slut? Tonight isn’t just about your pleasure though, nooooo. I am ultimately here to take. So why don’t we roll you over? That’s better. Oh look at how hard you are, my sweet… Are you trying to see me, pet? (Giggle) It’s so dark, and your eyelids are soooo heavy… I imagine I just look like a dark shadow with a vaguely human shape… That’s probably for the best though… there’s a reason we avoid the light… Now back to that cock… The rest of you can’t move at all, but that thing is straining so hard it might burst… and I know exactly what you need…

(Handjob / blowjob sounds and description)

I feel… that I have paid SOOOO much attention to you tonight. And it’s finally time for me to get what I want from you… So let me just crawl on top… my skin doesn’t feel quite human, does it, pet? But I’m not sure that matters to you now… No… I’m sure all you’re focused on is my wet little hole pressing your shaft up against your belly… I know you want soooo badly to be inside there… I wonder if I could distract you? What if I laid my hand upon your neck… and wrapped my fingers around your throat? I like feeling your pulse race against my palm… I don’t weigh very much, but what if I just pressssssss down? (Giggle) Breathe little toy soldier… you’re no good to me if you stop. I’m just teasing.

Let’s get back to that warm, wet hole of mine, shall we? I know how bad you want to be inside me… It’s taking actual effort to keep your cock pressed to your stomach… You ready?

(Sex noises, description, steal seed, tease pregnancy)

(Low laughter) What a good boy you are… when you wake up you’ll be all sticky but won’t remember what happened… I’ll leave you with the knowledge that I’ll be watching… and can come back whenever… I… want.


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Jay Taylor

Hi there, I’m Jay. Just here for another place to post my pieces. :)

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  • Shawn David Kelley27 days ago

    I love the imagery and the building intensity. How many have night terrors or sleep paralysis and read this would have a moment of asking themselves, "Is that what happened to me?" Succubus and Incubus are not wildly thought of but with your work, they would put vampires and werewolves to shame, not mention zombies, lol. Great work.

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