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Misty Demon and Caden

by ruth sline about a month ago in fiction
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Misty of The Clark Clan


During a rave one night in the Chamber, Misty stepped out of the bathroom. Trying to get to the table where her friends were, she was bumped many times. Two women were fighting, with a ring of men surrounding them. When she pushed through into the ring, they looked at her.

At once, they headed fast for her. She ducked taking both their legs out and elbowing them in their stomach on the floor. Everyone was stunned, but she left after that. Finally getting to her table, she finished her drink, sending her friends off with a salute. She was heading for the door, while being watched from the high beams.

These two owned the club, watching for something special to show. Max and Frank, looked at each other. “Lets send her to our cousin’s place in Ireland?” Max said, Frank nodded his head. They snapped their fingers, pulling a portal out of thin air. Frank pulled Misty up and tossed her in.

At once, the portal closed, only after they sent a note in her purse. She was whirled through time and space. Not understanding where she was or anything. She was going to be in for a surprise though.

Misty fell onto a bed, crashing instantly. She didn’t believe what happened, but she would see what awaited her. She didn’t think she was in trouble though. So she didn’t care about that aspect.

About four hours later, Demon and Caden came through their bedroom door. Stopping dead, they picked up the letter from their cousins. Smiling, they shook their heads. She really looked pretty, but she was already on the way to flipping out if they just sent her through a portal.

Moving her purse, getting the coat off and her shoes. They decided to lay down, getting sleep now would only give them some leverage when she woke. Frank had dosed her up good before tossing her in, they just hoped it would last a bit longer.

Misty was starting to stir, alerting Caden in an instant. She was pinned by Demon and Caden. Oh they knew she wasn’t going to be happy about this, but they knew she was special if they sent her to their bed.

Curling sharp nails into Caden’s chest, she started to notice things. Their cocks encased in boxers, were hard and pressing against her body. She curled more into their heat and went back to sleep. She just didn’t want to move.

About three pm, Demon woke up. Caden had their gift tucked tight against his chest. Once he sat up, he heard her stomach go off. Caden looked at his brother, keeping her locked against him. “Tuck the covers around us, if the sound was what I think it was. She will get cold quickly. Fetch us all mince meat pies, maybe a few sweet rolls as well. Don’t forget the coffee pot to get started.” He said, watching his brother nod his head.

One hour later, breakfast was there and Caden had to move. She stirred as soon as he left the bed, making them groan. Demon stayed while Caden tended to his needs. “Coffee, mince meat pies, and sweet rolls are around here darling.” He said, as she just covered her head with the pillow.

Caden came back in, swiping two pies and a coffee. She stayed where she was, not even daring to move. Her hair was tossed all over, it was a shade of soft red roses. Not dark, but they didn’t think she would deal well just yet.

“Angel, you need to stop hiding and eat.” Caden said, sitting on the bed. “Last time I woke up, I don’t drink coffee nor was I in an area that serves mince meat pies.” She said, glaring at them.

Her eyes were a blood red, but she curled back into the blankets. “Angel, can you tell us what you remember about last night? We have sweet rolls which are good.” Demon asked, rubbing her back.

She was really tense, making him wonder. “Care to talk while I massage your back?” Demon asked. He heard her say, “Okay,” only very softly. As the blanket was moved, Demon got her flat on her stomach. She had a very tiny waist, he started at the base.

Hearing her groan, he worked cutting her shirt wide open in the back with his claws. She was not a normal female. He saw the tattoo on her back of a swan. Starting near her ribs, he had to back off. She had them broken at one time.

“How did your ribs get broken?” He asked working the area gently. She sighed, “My ex. He got pissed off, while I went to the dojo. What he didn’t like were the men there. I stayed in shape and gave private lessons for last several years. He drank a lot and then snapped.” She said.

Demon couldn’t understand that, but he knew she was tender. “So what do you eat Angel?” Caden asked, holding a strand of her hair. “I eat salads, and fish. No other meat. I drink either juice or water.” She said, as Demon reached her neck.

She was not going to stay like that with these two. Caden looked at Demon, finding a dead locked stared. She was marked by her ex, but she wasn’t claimed. “So how old are you angel?” Demon asked carefully.

“24,” She said, relaxing into his hands. “Anything going on within the last few months you can’t explain to anyone?” Caden asked grabbing his coffee. She thought for a moment, “Extra strength and thats it. Clark clan ring a bell for you two?” She asked.

“No way is this good. Who was your father?” Caden asked, covering his eyes. “Coan Brian Clark.” She said, grabbing a sweet bun. She took small bites, but both brothers had a strange look on their faces.

Sitting up with the blankets around her, she grabbed another roll. “He was our friend for years, but then there was an argument. No other information given to you on your heritage from your father?” Caden asked.

“Nope, never said anything. When it even came up in high school he locked up tighter than a wolf in a cage. I swear he damn near snapped at my mother even. Sour subject in general.” She said, licking her fingers.

“He knew it would come up and didn’t even try to give you a hint. Is how you eat his idea or your own choice?” Demon asked, massaging her head and neck. “His idea, he just wouldn’t even buy pork or beef at all. Not even hot dogs.” She said.

They both looked at each other and sighed. What would happen if she had the pie? “Try the pie if you want. They are the best all around.” Demon said, with a smile. “When did you stop aging angel?” Caden asked.

She didn’t know these two guys well. “What would it mean? Honestly I still don’t know who you are or your names. Why would you even ask that kind of question?” She said, avoiding the pie for a roll.

They took one look at her and then said, “We want to know. You are not 24 years old.”

Demon said, watching her face. “I am 24 years old, my age I look like is 15 years old. Still dad chalks it to the family genes.” She said pulling the blanket up higher on her. She was very spirited, but knew nothing of the wolf inside.

She was a demon in the bed department Demon guessed with a grin. “Not even a small bite of pie?” Caden offered her. “No, I don’t eat beef or pork. I told you already.” She said curling back into bed and going back to sleep. She was strong willed that was for sure. They left her be, watching a brief second.

She had tossed her clothing to the floor, before settling deep into the covers. They left one plate with three pies on it near her. They would test her, knowing she wouldn’t be able to resist. Leaving to go get some clothing for her, she would decompress.

Once she heard the door close and nothing more, she sat up. Seeing the pies, grabbing one and bit into it. She moaned, damn near wetting herself. What an explosion of flavor. She finished the plate off, settling with the taste in her mouth still. Sleep took her though.

Hours later, they returned. She was sleeping still, and managed to down the plate. They had to smile, she really didn’t know what was in the pies. Everything would show later this evening, her dormant gene would show.

They went ahead and took the tray away. Settling on either side of her, she would be calmer. The meat alone in the pies were good, they wished they knew what was in those pies. Once they settled, she even sighed.

They had slept for at least 5 hours, when Caden woke up. This time he got the food, she had her nails dug into his body. Smiling he took a really good look, finding blood welling up. Demon saw the marks, pulling her harder against his own.

Caden came up with steak, potatoes and sweet tea bottles. Demon sighed slipping out of bed, tucking her in. Sitting at the table, they ate. Once the food was gone for them, they headed for the showers.

She woke up alone, but stretching out she looked around. She was alone, finding everything quiet. She found bags around, paying no mind to them. Wrapping the sheet around her body, she went to see out the window.

She opened the curtin up, backing up quickly. Her skin was burnt on her hand, that was a first in a long time for her. Her body had burned really bad when she was ten. Took forever to heal. Demon and Caden came back then.

They looked at her and only had to grin. “Can’t do the sun anymore angel. I know you’re like us.” Caden said, taking her back to the bed. “Lets get you to eat and all the plate.” Demon said, bringing her plate.

“I don’t eat steak. No beef or pork.” She said, turning away from them. They didn’t believe her, but turned her around. “You ate the pies we left beside the table. Your wolf is waking up even more. You are an immortal werewolf. You need beef and pork.” Demon said, signaling Caden to hold her against his chest.

Demon fed her the entire plate, while she kept saying no to the steak. Once it was done, she was freed. Glared at them even, she was not happy none the less. “You gonna get in a hot bath now, while we clean up in here. We covered all your needs even.” Caden said, carrying her over his shoulder.

She fought Caden the entire time, glaring hard at Demon who only grinned. She really tried, but she just gave up. Once in the bathroom, she was seated on the toilet. She swore she saw him grin as he carried her. Her temper was going to get her in trouble.

He took the sheet from her and placed her in the tub. Taking his leave, she still glared at him. What in high hell was wrong here? She was being treated like a princess, yet she fought them on things. What was her life supposed to be like anyway.

She looked around, finding soaps and shampoo and conditioner. She even found the body wash was her favorite. Irish rose and sweet pea. Moaning in delight as she savored the scent and feel of the foam. It was worth giving up her temper for.

She didn’t even dare miss one inch of her skin. She swore they were in contact with her father. Everything was damn near perfect. She was finishing the conditioning of her hair, while Demon was coming in with towels.

He left her be after that. She wasn’t even at her best, these two wanted her bad. She was even feeling for them. The heat they provided was what she craved for the longest time. She had been freezing forever it seemed.

She was more than willing, just fighting her feelings. Her ribs were hurt over some stupid shit. She wanted to kill her ex as it was. What she knew, Ireland was where she was. She was not able to stand sunlight.

Hell her body loved the meat, no matter how she fought to not go after it. She was not willing to go back with her parents at all. She dipped into the water, getting rinsed off. Stepping out, that was the challenge. Once out she wrapped herself in a towel. Finding a brush and hair ties, she worked through the knots.

She was finishing her braiding up, when Caden came through. “Stay there for the time being. I am finishing my hair.” She said, watching the mirror. She didn’t like help, but when she was done. She really had cleaned up.

“You talk to my dad or something?” She asked, looking at him in the eyes. He couldn’t hide his smile. She really had the prettiest eyes. “Nope, we are not even on speaking terms.” Caden said.

“Then who grabbed the irish rose and sweet pea?” She asked, arms over her chest. “That would be Demon. He smelled it on your skin the night you got here. He knew what you used. Its cheap here but where you live its seven dollars on the market.” He said, holding the door for her.

He led the way, showing her the path. He was sighing, what a little minx she was. She thought they didn’t know what she used. Their sense of smell was their best feature. She would not understand it until it opened fully for her.

Getting her back to the bedroom, thats was fun. She started to yawn. When he heard her snore, he turned around. She was passed out sitting down on a step, it was a site. Seems her temper drove a lot of energy out of her right now, but that was their bonus. Lifting her up he doubled his pace.

Once in bed, her body was stripped of the towel and Demon got her tight against him. Caden got her near his chest, making her cuddle and dig her nails in. She was quite a looker, but they had so many plans coming to her. Kissing her head they crashed.

Now when Misty woke up this time, her head was pounding. She couldn’t understand why the pounding was hurting her. Taking a look about her, she didn’t know where she was still. Once she noticed the darkness, she was not alone in the bed.

Caden had started to move when he felt her shift slightly. She still was on top of him, but she was trying to figure something out. “Princess, lay back down and rest. Demon is fixing dinner. You don’t need to worry about anything.” He said, running his claws down her back. She shivered, but did go back to sleep.

When Demon came up with dinner, his brother was eyeing him. “You woke her up, she is still on the defensive side brother.” Caden said, watching his brother place the tray of pies down.

Her temperature dropped in a matter of seconds, causing Caden to worry.

Demon noticed within seconds, she was ice cold. “We need to get her to wake up. A few pies in her. She needs to get warm inside bad.” Demon said. Caden lifted her into a sitting position.

She did open her eyes slightly, they were not red either. “Okay princess, you have got to get some food in you. Can you work with us?” She nodded her head once, nearing falling asleep again.

Demon got one of the pies near her mouth, she bit it. Still shivering, but she ate. After four pies, she was starting to warm up. Caden had tore though four himself, knowing she would sleep after this. Demon noticed the mark from her ex glowing like a homing device.

She fell asleep again, Caden moved. Laying her flat on her back, Demon bit the bite pulling out the object. She wasn’t even bleeding either. They were thankful for that. Demon got in bed, while Caden got up and grabbed his phone.

Caden called up a favor from Uncle Conri, hoping it wasn’t too late. This small device even had a needle full of something in it. They were close by how the needle was coming out. Placing it in a cup, he left it be.

Their Uncle was on the way for this small thing. She was out of it bad, Demon was licking the spot closed though. He wished he knew what this stuff was. If shot on the base of the neck, it wouldn’t take a whole lot. It still took a chunk of her body away from her.

Handing over the cup, Uncle Conri sighed. He knew the tracking company, but not the stuff that came out. He covered it up, glad for his help. Just then there was banging on the door. His uncle hid the cup, dealing with these buddies.

When they opened the door up, two men came in closing it fast. “Where is Misty?” The big one said. Caden looked at him funny. “Who are you talking about?” He asked. Pulling a picture from his wallet out and showing them.

“She is not here. Please head back outside.” Uncle Conri said, standing up strait and tall. The other one who had come in was upstairs, but the sounds coming from up there had all turning their heads.

Misty had woke up and beat the crap out of Bob, her ex’s bodyguard. He was pushed down the steps hard with one kick, landing in a blob. Demon caught her, heading back to bed. She was a pistol, when she had to fight that was for sure.

“That is Misty. I knew she hadn’t told you her name. So what can you tell me. I am Tom, her ex bf.” Tom said. Uncle Conri opened the door and said, “Leave now, if you couldn’t keep her happy and content. You do not need her for anything.” Tom grabbed Bob and headed out. “This isn’t over.”

“Okay you two can get into the big family house. I will take this to my friends and they will see about figuring it out. Tinted limo will be here in twenty minutes. Pack for about one week.” His Uncle said, heading out.

After twenty minutes, they packed everything up in the back of the limo. Caden had slid in before with Misty in arms. She slept soundly and was snug in the coat that was placed on her. She maybe small, but no doubt special in a way.

The drive to the family mansion was far too long, she was already starting to get chilled. Once they stopped in front of the place, they were shipped in fast. A huge plate of mince meat pies, waiting for them in their room.

Striping her of the jacket, shoes, and socks. She warmed up enough, she opened her eyes. Demon was pulling things off, that was for sure. She spotted the tray of pies, snagging one before they could see. She really didn’t understand much, but she was hungry.

“Where did you get the device in your back Misty? Or would you prefer Princess?” Demon asked, looking over at her a second later. She had a pie in her hand, chewing a bite. “Princess is fine, my ex doesn’t like it and I enjoy it. The device was placed in my back after two dates with Tom. My dads idea.” She said, finishing the pie in her hands.

Caden looked over at Demon only had a small smile. “At least you’re eating.” Demon said, laughing with his brother. “I didn’t learn self defense for nothing either. It was my choice and I pissed off daddy with it. Mom took me to any and all classes.” She said.

She grabbed her third pie, not really thinking of much. Caden and Demon now understood some things, but her mother had to stand up for something. She probably denied her father sex for a month if he didn’t allow it. She was worth keeping, but why was she set up with an idiot.

Over half the tray was emptied of pies, she was tearing through them fast. As she finished her last pie, she curled into Caden’s body. She was sleeping within seconds, making them laugh. Just what were they thinking days ago. Sighing Demon and Caden split the rest of the pies. Settling down with Misty between them.

When noon came around, she woke up. Watching both men sleep, she spotted the silver covered tray. Just as she was about to uncover it, “Don’t you dare. You will wait for us.” Demon said, trying not to bust out laughing. Caden already did though.

She hid and uncovered it revealing a roast with veggies. Caden really had to stumble out of bed, she was worse than Demon was. Even forked a potato, Demon was doubled over, but he was the last at the table.

She got extra meat, but then again Demon still didn’t understand her. She had polished her plate in seconds it seemed. What do you expect when she had been told no on beef and pork. She didn’t even want anything more to eat, but they finished off the food.

“I’ll see if the big bathtub is available. We can all settle down that way.” Demon said, leaving in his robe. Caden went after the bag with all the bathing supplies in it. Handing her a robe from their closet, she was swallowed in it. He saw how she looked and giggled.

“Don’t worry, I think we got you one when we shopped. It will be found soon.” Caden said, Demon flew through the doors grabbing her up. Caden was right behind them, what two goof balls did she hook up with?

Once they got to the big bathroom, the doors were closed. Oh, the tub was huge, filled with steaming water too. She was stripped of the robe and anything else. Caden got in then and picked her up, she shivered as the water touched her skin. Demon was last, making sure everything was placed in the basket floating in the tub.

Caden kept her close, while his brother took her hair down. She had a lot of hair. Soft and silky, Demon smelled it. “Princess, ever have two men show you love?” Demon asked, licking behind her ear. She whimpered, but shook her head no. “Can you let us then? You know I loved it when you fought me heading to the big bath tub in our place.” Caden said, looking at her directly in her eyes.

The blue really showed through now, but it was Demon who started it. Sliding her body around, he had grabbed the sponge and irish rose and sweet pea soap. Caden nipped her neck and shoulder blades. She went totally relaxed in an instant, Demon started scrubbing her gently.

Working his way with her legs, he ran his claws down them slowly. She was a melted piece of candy for them right now, and she even looked it. He lifted her hips up out the water, and licked her lips down below. She was so innocent, but when her folds opened up.

Demon dove right in, feeling her clitoris and more. She was trying to move, but eventually she just made sounds. Caden had her breasts in both his hands, while his brother tasted inside her folds completely.

Her nipples had budded into red candies, while she creamed into Demon’s mouth. What a wonderful taste she had, Demon slid her hips down. He lined up her center with his hard member. Making this more enjoyable, he slid his mouth on a nipple. Sliding her on his cock, he felt her try to move.

She really didn’t even know what was going on, she was all nerves. Caden took her mouth, as his brother had first round in her body. She gave herself over to their trust, making them wonder what she had buried deep within her.

She clawed Caden’s neck, as his brother pushed her. She pulled off Caden’s mouth biting his neck, as Demon got his hot cream in her womb. Demon and Caden traded places, watching her relax from the first orgasm. He slid in her, Demon held her hair tight. She relished the pain, biting Demon’s neck.

Caden worked inside of her body, feeling her melt around his cock. Just what he wanted came, her teeth showed. She was so out of it, she was wild for them. He wound up flooding her core in seconds. He pulled out, moving to sit down with her on his cock buried deep.

Demon came to her back door, he pulled her hair hard. She let him, as he shoved in her tight ass. Her teeth became sharper, Demon was the first to claim her. His brother watched as her eyes became purple, glowing bright. She was pulled near Caden’s mouth, he moved her neck near.

Biting her hard on the opposite side, she gripped their cocks. They flooded her body hot and hard. She had her mouth near Caden’s neck, she marked him then. She really didn’t want them to stop, she sucked hard on his neck drawing blood.

They really pushed her hard after that, her eyes stayed purple with a blood ring around the iris’s. Caden was the first to see it, finding it hard to believe. Her wolf just woke up and really took hold of her. Bending backwards, she got Demon’s neck.

She marked him as well, sucking until his blood was on her tongue. She didn’t feel normal, but they both shoved in her body hard causing her to arch high. Orgasm taking her higher than ever, her form fell into their hands. She feinted on them.

Demon and Caden tended to her hair, she was out for the count. Marking them, and she had twin marks on her. She was almost awakened, but her wolf form had yet to be seen. She had really surprised them. She acted like a submissive with them, Tom must have been a dom.

They both looked at her, noticing behind her ear. Property of Tom was readable. Demon licked the tattoo, watching it disappear from her body. She would be theirs, but wouldn’t have tattoos though.

After about an hour later, they got her out of the tub and into her robe. She would sleep until later with how she had tasted both of them. They were very content, leaving the bathroom as clean as they could. She was purring on Demon’s shoulder, making them smile.

“How are you boys holding out?” Uncle Conri asked. He got a look at her and both brothers. “Congrats, you two must like her a lot. Who sent this one to you?” He asked them. “Max and Frank, our cousins in USA. They have a club and hunting for mates for the family. You know how they can be.” Demon said.

He nodded and left them be. Just what did they think when it came to finding someone like her. She was perfect for them, keeping the line going yes. They fell for her, she was like a submissive they could teach. She would have to be used gently of course. Tom must have used her as a pet, she didn’t care for him. Once in bed, they slept.

After twelve hours, she woke up. She was looking around, finding everything brighter. What happened to her, she was never this way before. She even checked Demon and Caden. Their heat kept her stable, yet she didn’t ever see this good.

Demon and Caden raised their claws to pull her back down. She didn’t fight them, but she didn’t mind either. Sleeping again, they kept her close. She even felt like the world was at rights.

Caden slipped out of bed, heading to the restroom. He didn’t mind that he had to share, they both knew it would be one mate for them to begin with. She loved the idea, with how she responded. She was one who would work very well. Just thinking of Misty, made his cock rock hard.

Once he got back in bed, Demon took his shot at the restroom. She was worth keeping, but he did notice her hand touch his hard member. He watched her open her eyes, “Mind if I take a ride?” She asked looking at him.

He slid her on his morning wood, watching as her body took him deep. His cock was almost in her womb already, she moved on top of him. He had to hold steady long enough for his brother to get back. Her pussy was melting his cock it seemed, she rocked on it at just the right spot.

He moved then, shoving his cock into her womb. Working his cock in and out, she was holding on for dear life. His cock was shooting a huge load of hot cum inside of her. She moaned and pulled down hard against his lips. She was stretched out, as his cock pulsed more hot cream in her womb.

She didn’t even spill a drop of it, making him wonder. Demon came in, laying on the bed flat. She slid her hand over to his half awake cock, “Can I ride this?” She asked staring at him, begging with her eyes.

Demon pulled her over, sliding her down. She was already coated inside, but none was coming out. Caden spoke up for a second, “She isn’t letting go of any cum we place in her. Cream as much as you want.”

Demon looked at her and watch her body ride. She rocked back and forth, up and down. Demon finally had enough of her pace, he slammed home inside of her. Cock in her womb, his shaft was on fire. She dug her nails into his chest, making him pick up speed and urgency.

She thrashed more, as he filled her womb with a load of hot cream. Pulling her down and eating her lips. He was still rocking in her body, she made them both rock hard. Caden slipped behind her, filling her ass with his cock. She moaned nipping at the lips she was near.

Caden ran claws down her back making her pussy clinch both cocks. She didn’t even cum yet, she was a rare type. “Cum hard for us princess, release yourself.” Demon said, biting her neck gently. She came hard, their cocks coating her insides. She really was a submissive to them.

Her body lay shattered from the orgasm, on top of Demon. They both pulled from her body, not a drop of their seed came out. “She is starting her heat.” Demon said, watching her face. Caden laid down on the other side, she just cuddled between them like an Oreo cream sandwich.

Sighing, they covered up. She would sleep, fuck, sleep, eat, sleep, fuck. Until she came up pregnant, she was their perfect mate. Smiling they knew she was meant to be theirs. She was worth fighting for. Going to sleep when she did would save them.

After about two hours, she woke up finding everything much quieter than before. Her mates woke up listening as well. She didn’t know what was going on, but things were too quiet. Demon found the fire was out, but nothing out of the ordinary.

All at once, Marc came in with the pies. “We are running quiet tonight via instructions from your Uncle Conri. There is double the pies here this time. I will return shortly with coffee and sweet rolls. Do you want anything else when I bring the rest?” Marc asked. “Tea. She doesn’t drink coffee.” Demon said, watching as Marc bowed and left.

“Everything is alright princess, just a little precaution.” Caden said, curling her against his body. Demon moved the table over near them, she on the other hand sat up on Caden’s cock and ate a pie. Demon couldn’t help but laugh. She took to the meat much better now, making them wonder. They ate as well, covering her up when Marc came in with everything else.

There was no food left, she tore through half of everything easy. “Dear you are cute, maybe you would like a nice massage. I can see if your ribs have healed any as well.” Demon said, she settled on top of Caden. Demon came over and started, hearing her moan. Caden’s cock was in a oven and she had him shoved in her womb.

Her ribs were just about healed, her skin was even softer. The spot in her neck was filled in completely and healed without leaving a scar. She had her wolf sleeping almost too long. Right around her neck, he felt his brother move in her pussy.

Demon took his cue, filling her ass. She really had them wrapped around her finger, her body was made for them. She took to nipping and biting Caden’s nipples until Demon pulled her hair. Pulling her near his neck, she shifted partway on them. Her hands were claws, holding on as she rode them.

They rocked her insides over and over again, filling her with a lot of cream. She was creaming on top of them, making their cocks fill her more. Demon gave her his wrist near her mouth, she bit him hard. Drinking his blood made Demon’s balls shrink and fill her with a mega load.

Caden did the same thing, but when he came. She had her womb filled until a few drops were left. She licked the drops off and started to suck on his cock. Her ass was high in the air, but Demon pushed his cock in her pussy. Once fully seated in her womb, Demon fucked her with more force than before.

Her sucking became a vortex of heat around his brother’s cock. Her pussy gushed around his member, he shoved in her so deep in her womb. He filled her womb, making her stomach expand for a short time. “Keep pushing my body that way please?” She begged.

Demon and Caden traded places, looking at his brother. “Enlarged or normal cock Princess?” He said, sliding his cock around her folds making her move. “Enlarged sounds fun.” She said, sliding her mouth on Demon’s own cock. She really was perfect.

He slide in all the way to her womb, then he expanded. Her eyes popped open, making his brother gasp. She sucked hard on his brother, while she was pushed. The cock on her pussy formed a knot locking her wide open. She was begging for him to move, his cock flooded her insides to a whole new level.

She howled at that time, begging for more. She got her wish. Demon got in the same position, filling her and knotted at the same spot. She was pushed again and again, filled with so much cream she passed out on Caden.

Pulling from her body, they cleaned her up with a cloth. She was wiped out, sleeping soundly on top of one of them. They didn’t even care she took to the barb, their cocks had it and it intensified everything inside her womb.

After four days, Misty was sleeping through the day. She been through every position and more when Demon cuddled with her. Caden was washing up in the shower, they knew this was not over yet.

Her claws had scrapped them open so much, she licked them closed. They didn’t dare leave her alone during this time. She was still going through the heat, making them worry. They both knew she loved it, but time was different with each female.

She purred, while Demon traced lines on her back. Caden came through and was passed Misty. He took her, covering them up. She still wasn’t over it, but Demon made his shower a very quick one. Next washing would be in the big tub, with her resting.

Demon was back, joining under the covers. They needed food before the next round, their uncle knew to deflect anything from their direction. She was highly sensitive, would shift and tear most anyone walking through the door.

Marc chose the time when she was passed out to deliver the food and drinks. Making them sigh with relief. She was due to wake up, they didn’t think it would be much longer though. All they knew it was a once in a marriage kind of heat able to produce one round of kids.

They knew twins ran in their half, making her possible to have them. Grabbing a few pies, they ate for a few minutes. After their forth pie, she stirred. Curling a claw on Caden’s chest, she was still out of it.

She popped out from under the blankets, smelling the pies. Caden fed her, while Demon helped her sit up. She really was out of it, but between the food and tea. She did make it through five pies before she felt their clean bodies.

She was on Caden, causing Demon to grin. She was ready for the next round, not caring if they had enough. They could eat more later. So it began again, working the next round of hormones. She didn’t mind it so far.

The door to the mansion was being banged on loudly. Marc answered, showing Coan Brian Clark into Uncle Conri’s office. Seating him and leaving the room. “Where is my daughter?” He demanded.

Conri debated within before answering, “She is no longer your concern. Nor would I advise going near her. She might kill you right now or my nephews will.” He said, laughing softly. He could still hear them on the other side of the house.

“You have got to be joking me! She can’t be. I cannot believe this. She was set to be with Tom. He already asked.” Coan said, standing up and walking out. “Marc, do show him the direction of his daughter. Be very careful.” Conri said, winking.

Once she was flat on her back, she clawed for relief. They stopped what they were doing, covering her up. She was already partially shifted, trying to bite them even. The doors were thrown open, in came her father in a huff. She stopped her biting, watching his eyes go red.

“You got here how?” He asked, she was nervous. “Try our cousins in the usa where you live. You were warned about not coming near us right now yes?” Demon said, in a low tone. Misty moved from gripping Caden’s back to twisting into a black wolf. She shook off the blankets. Caden and Demon turned and saw her.

Oh, this was going to be a show. They sat back and watched the look on her father’s face. She walked to him nipping at his legs, he couldn’t even shift. The doors shut themselves locking instantly. She went for his throat tearing it all to pieces. His body was all over the room, she made sure not to be bothered by him anymore.

She sat on her butt, looking at her mates. She looked a bloody mess, but Marc came through. Opening the door, he said, “Okay, the big bathroom is set for you three. I shall take care of this mess. Forgive me for closing and locking the doors. He was warned. Pies are in there as well since your time got messed up.” He said with a grin.

Caden picked her up, Demon followed. They were all content, knowing everything was just about dealt with. Tom was waiting down the hall, watching them. She saw Tom, Demon killed him quickly. Caden knew why she stayed with them, but Marc didn’t help too often in that kind of situation.

Stepping into the bathroom, she shifted back fast. Marc had put Irish rose and sweet pea into the water. Demon and Caden knew she was theirs, diving in fast. Her love for this smell, they saw then. They got in though, thankful for everything. She was their blessing, her father had killed himself long before she got to him.

They took her slowly, keeping her close. She did get pregnant that time, making her melt into their bodies. They even had her fed, she was sleeping contently in the water. Demon took to washing and conditioning her hair. She was worth waking up, their own sleeping beauty wolf style.

A few hours later, once back in their bed. Demon and Caden had her laying curled up on one of them. “I will get that swan off her back and she won’t have the tattoo anymore.” He said, his brother nodded. “Don’t its my birthmark.” She said, rubbing her eyes. “I am the only one in my clan to have that mark. So don’t even try.” She said, clawing into Caden’s chest.


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ruth sline

I am 35 years old. deal with a 'mental disability' and writing helps me. I am working on a little series of sorts featuring dragons, mermaids, vampires. Romance, a dash of trouble and I think the craziness of what comes from boredom

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