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Mistress Manor

by Marie Ross about a month ago in erotic

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen

The night of the auction the whole manor was abuzz with activity, those that were on the block for the night were in the back of the auction hall getting ready, The Mistress there inspecting them to make sure they were at their finest, naked with a supple black leather collar and matching leash around their throats. And those that weren’t on the block wandered among the guests with trays of drinks and hors d'oeuvres, also naked but for collars that showed the color of their training level.

All the while Grace and Marcus sat on a raised dais draped in the wine-red silk of their station, on display but not for sale. The settee they lounged on was arranged next to a throne like chair that placed Marcus head just above the armrest and Grace laying with her head in his lap it gave the Mistress freedom to stroke her prized pets as she desired.

When the lights flickered the guest went to take their seats and the subs faded into the background, and as the lights dimmed to give the best view of the stage where the merchandise would be presented the Mistress came out from behind the curtain.

“Good evening guests, and welcome to tonight’s auction. I can assure you that we have some very prime specimens on the block for you this evening. Though I must remind you to keep things civil and no disrespecting the winning bidder, and with that I turn it over to the auctioneer wishing you all the best of luck.” Bridgett exited the stage taking her place on the throne petting both Marcus and Grace as the auction began.

There were ten subs up for bid this night five females and five males. The first on the block was a young female that had begun her training just six months ago and was fast becoming a crowd favorite, and the bidding began at five thousand dollars, going up until finally coming to an end at twenty thousand dollars to an older gentleman that had been coming to the auctions since they started.

The next was a male sub that went to a long-time female guest for fifteen thousand and on it went until coming to the last subs of the night which happened to be Conner this night. When he was led onto the stage his toned tanned body on glorious display with his cock standing proudly at attention. The women in the crowd ohhed in delight, and the bidding began at twenty thousand dollars.

“Well, I’ll give him that, he does get the women’s panties in a twist.” Bridgett remarked as the bidding increased above forty thousand, finally ending at sixty thousand dollars.

Conner kept his head down and a passive look on his face as the woman who paid sixty thousand dollars for him petted, pawed, and pinched at his body as she picked up the leash and leads him from the room like some prized stallion. God these auctions were getting tedious, did these women really think they could control him, and the Mistress making an obscenely large profit out of it, and did the subs see any of it…no. She kept it for herself and lorded it over all but her prized pets. Well, that was going to change, and soon. He would show them.

When the woman had him in her chamber, she slapped him across the face and ordered him to kneel binding his wrist with steel shackles then chaining them to the floor before picking up the flogger and working his back over with giddy delight, giggling with a shrill tone that pieced his skull like needles every time he grunted from the impact. When she tired of flogging him, she ordered him to roll over and slide down so his arms were stretched above his head and she mounted him like a sex starved wild cat, scratching at his chest as she fucked him fast and hard, and when she found her climax, she slapped him again before leaning down to bite his throat.

The fake dominatrix climbed off him and crawled into the bed leaving him there as she fell asleep, the little whore. He heaved an angry sigh and shifted trying to find a way to get comfortable and wait for the whore to wake up and use him again. When she woke again, she knelt on the floor and sucked his still hard cock into her mouth and worked him like he was the last ice cream cone on a hot summer day, and when he blew his load into her greedy mouth, he wanted to wrap his hands around her scrawny neck and squeeze.

And so, the night went on, she was either beating him, fucking him, or blowing his cock. But on the final time she forgot to bind his wrists, and so it was his time to act.


Marie Ross

Marie Ross is a new author just starting out, living in Washington. Stay up to date by fallowing me on Facebook. Looking for the missing chapters of Mistress Manor? you can find them on Amazon, it is free through kindle unlimited

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Marie Ross
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