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by Author Billiejo Priestley 3 months ago in erotic

A little white lie - Erotic story

Image- Book one in my series available on amazon.

Sitting I look at him, his slight smile making my heart skip. "Every Saturday Rosa, instead of smiling and melting get over there." Sara's voice amused, I look at Sara, I don't think I can.

"Honestly, how long has it been?" She looks at me waiting for an answer. I can't remember it has been that long now.

"I don't know, I'm picky, I like to be sure, and I like to be safe. So not today." I turn back and look at her and away from him.

"Well, you may not have a choice." I look at her confused by her words, feeling someone stopping next to me.

"A dance if I may?" I look up, damn why did he come over?

"Fine with me, my Master should be here soon and she doesn't have anything planned." I glare at Sara, what is she doing.

"Amazing, I'm Jasper." He glances down to me, why would she tell him I have nothing planned? Now I can't refuse and say I am busy.

"Well, I'm Sara and I best be off and seen as she's finally lost for words she's Rosa." I watch as she runs off leaving me, turning I look at Jasper.

"I would love to dance." I can dance, that's all. I know this guy, okay I don't but people talk. Everyone I asked tells me he's a mistake. He likes his Brats, but usually leaves them because like me, he's picky when it comes to choosing. I'm not ready to be one of his mistakes.

We begin dancing, his hand on my back as he smiles down at me. I feel like my head is about to explode.

"So, you always look and admire, but never talk or take action?" I look up at Jasper shocked, I didn't realise it was that obvious.

"Oh come on, I noticed. Everyone has noticed Rosa, this place isn't big, so when a woman as beautiful as you keep turning her head to look at a guy, it doesn't go unnoticed." I laugh at him, he is crazy.

"You have quite a big head there Jasper to assume I was admiring you." I continue laughing as he nods.

"Well Miss, my looks are about the only thing I can have a big head over." I look at him confused, what does that mean? Most men here have a big head over the way they look, their bank balance, and every stupid thing they own that was a ridiculous price.

"To ease your confusion, I am not a big millionaire, I don't own a mansion, I don't run a business. I am a simple bank worker. The men here let their money speak for them, and the women tend to drift towards those men." All I can do is nod in agreement with his statement. He is right, men show they have money and the women flock to them. Not because they want the money, but those with money have houses, their own rooms, everything. We continue to dance, neither of us talking.

He is right though, many of the men here have money, more than most could dream of. They don't have to work so hard, a sharp expensive suit, flashing the cash, offering an expensive lifestyle is enough to tempt most women. So Jasper uses his looks, they are to him what draw women in. She can see why it is hard for him, among these men who have money.

"So, you still have not explained why you never took the step to talk to me in all the years you have come here?" That is an easy answer, and she assumed he would know.

"Well, Mr Jasper, the word around here isn't exactly quiet. You're well known, and not because of your dashing looks, but because you change your Brats as quickly as you find them. I don't fancy been another mistake." He nods, not shocked by my statement, so it is true and he knew somewhere inside him that is why.

"I have heard that rumour along with many others myself Rosa, but that is what they are, rumours. Do you think an establishment such as this would let me stay if there was any truth in those rumours?" I don't know what I should say, he is right though, the business would have banned him. If he was using women they would have banned him ages ago.

"It is always the guy that is at fault is it not? Ever considered it was the women?" I look at him shocked, how can it possibly be the women's fault that he gets bored and throws away the brats before they even get to know his last name?

"How do you mean?"

"Well Rosa, the guy is always to blame, ever thought it was the women I hired as brats who were? Ever thought they were not satisfied with a guy like me who can't fly them away every weekend?" I look at him shocked as we continue dancing. Surely that is wrong? If they went to him why would they then leave because of money?

"You're saying the women you choose drop you because you don't have money?" I laugh as I shake my head, that is just crazy.

"No, I do drop them. There is signs, the eye roll when my house doesn't have 15 bedrooms, or the shocked expression when I say I have to work. There are signs they would not be happy in life with someone who can't offer them all that." I get that, I guess he has a bad choice with women, maybe he needs to change the women he goes after?

"Surely you are not that bad done by?" He must have his own house and things? Or is he renting a house? This place isn't cheap to get into, so how does he?

"No, I am doing perfectly for me. I can afford 2 or 3 holidays a year, I have my own house, my own car, no debt and nice savings." I nod smiling.

"I understand, for some they believe money comes first, then objects, then looks and if they have all those three they will then be happy. But anyone can be happy living in a cardboard box if they have the right person with them." His head tilts to the side, looking at me amused slightly.

"Very wise words Rosa." I nod smiling.

"They were my dad's words." I smile remembering them, but the memory also brings sadness. A sadness that will always remind me I am happy with just having people there.

"Very wise man then your father was, or did he find out the hard way?" I laugh and nod.

"My dad had money, probably more than you. However, even having me and my mother he felt like he needed to give her more. His habit lost him everything. One bet turned to another until we literally had no home, no money and food. It was then he realised my mum and I were just as happy without all the things then we were with them, as we had each other." He made a mistake, he thought my mother envied the women with beautiful branded clothes.

The big houses, massive gardens and pool, and the chance to go anywhere. My mum however was happy with just us, which my dad soon realised was the only thing needed to be happy.

"Well, as I said, still a wise man, many men have fallen and got back up without learning lessons. So, anyway, now you know the reason behind those stories, will you talk to me again?" I nod smiling as we stand together on the dance floor.

"Or, you could do more than that Rosa, and maybe we can sit down and discuss what we would both like moving forward?" I look around me, I want to say yes, he seems sweet and genuine but I'm still not sure.

"I have not seen you with a Master before, so is your worry and doubt because this would be the first relationship of this kind for you?" I look at him shaking my head.

"No, it wouldn't be the first. I have been in a relationship before. I have been a brat to a Master while we were dating, I also had strict contract brat and Master relationships with the extra, that isn't the issue Jasper." He nods smiling as we still stand together.

"So it is the words that have been spread around this place then?" I should lie and nod, but I like him.

"No, my last relationship was not very positive." He looks at me shocked.

"No, don't think that." I can see what he is thinking and he is wrong. "It wasn't abusive or anything. But the last Master I had while he swore there was only me, I found out years later he had many Brat's as well as a wife, so I am always cautious." I am, he said he loved me then I soon found out I was just another number.

"Well Rosa, I can guarantee you I do not have a wife, a partner, nor do I have any children or ex's who are going to say I am the father. I currently have no brats and I have only ever had one at a time anyway, I am not a greedy man." I feel my head nodding as his hand grasps mine and we walk to the table. Sitting down he pulls out paperwork, a laugh escaping my mouth as he does.

"After months of seeing you look at me, I told myself two weeks ago I would do this, I have had these in my bag since then. Every time I came I told myself to do it, but like you Rosa, I have been hurt so my doubt stopped me." Nodding I take the papers from him, sitting for the next hour we discuss the rules.

"Date nights will happen, for me, this is more than a lifestyle relationship but a lifetime relationship. I will only have you, Rosa, no others will be welcomed, however, I understand if you want this open to having others." I shake my head at him.

"No, I do not want anyone else, one guy is more than enough for me." I laugh as I finish and sign the contract.

"Now what?" He looks at me, I should go home, but I don't want to.

"Now we use a room here for a few hours Master, and find out how much this works." I stand up and walk towards the desk, the woman handing me a keycard. Walking upstairs I stop outside the room, my hand scanning the card as the door unlocks.

Stepping inside I feel his hands grasp my body and turn me to face him, his mouth pressing against mine as I walk back into the room. His hands removing my clothing as I remove his until we are stood together naked.

His hands stroking along my body, pulling my arms above my head, I feel them fasten together so I can't move, his head moving as his mouth kisses along my body, moans escaping my mouth as his hand slaps down over my arse.

He moves, walking around the back of me, the whip swinging and hitting my arse, my body jumping as he does, as I relax he swings it again, a scream escaping my mouth. He keeps watching me, waiting for me to calm down a bit before swinging the whip again. Another scream escaping my mouth as he does.

He steps back, his hands collecting something as he walks back over, the feel of a collar wrapping around my neck, as the lead clips on. His hands pulling me closer to him, the feel of his cock hard pressing against my stomach as he does making me moan. His hands wrap around me, lifting me so my legs wrap around his waist as his cock pushes into my sex, his hips moving slowly purposely teasing me as I beg him for more.

His amused look clearly telling me he is enjoying me begging, his hips begin to quicken, my moans slowly turning to screams as his hand pulls the lead, my head falling backwards as I feel myself orgasm as he cums. His hand's release mine as he carries me to the bed.

I find myself smiling as he holds me until I fall asleep. Maybe this was a mistake and everything he said was lies, but it felt amazing, I smile as I drift asleep.

**Author note** I was considering making her wake up to him gone and making the original story true, but I kind of fell in love with this relationship as I wrote it! So nothing but happy endings here!

Author Billiejo Priestley
Author Billiejo Priestley
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