Mickey's Chronicals

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Chapter One

Mickey's Chronicals

“Mickey, I need to see you in my office this afternoon,” Ms. Chapman says, jarring me out of my daydream of me and her in some very compromising positions. All I could think about was what I had done that she would need to see me? My friends and I leave her class to have our ritual last class of the day blunt until time for my meeting with Ms. Chapman.

We sit down on the bleachers next to the football field, looking out on the artificial green turf. We enjoy the flavor of the blueberry blunt wrap filled with the best blueberry Kush we could find, inhaling and feeling the calming effect of the Indica strain of weed, letting it relax us from a day of classes and preparing me for what may come when I meet with Ms. Chapman. When the session is done, my friends leave looking at me like I had a court appearance, and I was going to badly lose.

I walk to the office, contemplating some reasons about why she wants to see me. Yes, I daydream a bit, but who doesn't? I do tend to stare at her ass when she walks by, but so do most of the guys in the class. And I know it isn't about my grades because I get nothing but A's. I ultimately decide it's because she caught me checking her out, and she is going to tell me to stop.

I sit outside her office, thinking how I'm going to explain that I have had daydreams about grabbing a handful of her ass since the first day of class. But how am I supposed to concentrate on class when she walks around in these tight skirts and low-cut tops that hug her breasts just right. Sometimes I can swear when she catches me, she smiles. My friend Tre swears she is checking for me, too. And I constantly remind her that is impossible.

“Mickey,” Ms. Chapman says, loud enough to snatch me from my thoughts, “I see you're daydreaming again. I've called your name several times. Please come into my office.” I follow behind her and can't help myself. I immediately look down at her perfectly round ass that looks like it has been perfectly stuffed into her black pinstriped skirt.

“Ms. Tanner?” she questions.

“Yeah, what's up?” I say as I look up to meet her eyes.

“I can't seem to keep your attention in class. You tend to drift off and I know you understand the material. So why do you drift off? Are you bored?” She says as she sits in front of me and crosses her legs. I could do nothing but wonder if her skins taste like the soft caramel it looks like.

“Do you see something you like?” she teases.

And, without thinking, I blurted, “Yes. I mean no. I mean... Wait... What?”

“You always seem to be checking me out. I've caught you undressing me with your eyes since the first day of classes." She smiles.

“Okay, yeah, I've been checking, but every guy in the class checks you out. If I make you uncomfortable, I'm sorry. But I mean, come on, Ms. Chapman, how can I not? You know you're fine as hell.” The last word shot out of my mouth before I could stop it.

“I never said I was uncomfortable, Michelle,” she says, with a look in her eyes I never thought I would see. It was the clear look of sex. She looks at me like I'm a tasty dessert and hers to consume. Her eyes run up and down my body, smiling as she does.

“Mickey. Call me Mickey,” I say, smiling.

“Why can't I call you Michelle? That is your name, isn't it?” she teased with a sexy tone.

“Yeah, but only certain people call me by my government name. My mom, dad, sister, you know? My family.”

“Did I not hear Lacy call you Michelle? She's not your family.”

“She has,” I chuckle, “special privileges. She knew me before I went by Mickey exclusively.”

“Oh, I see.” She moves closer. “How do I gain these privileges?”

I sit there speechless for a second, staring in disbelief, wondering if I'm getting my messages crossed. Is she really flirting with me or is it the blueberry in my system? It isn't until she places her hand on my shaking knees and runs her hand up to my thigh that I realize I'm not dreaming. This is really happening. Ms. Chapman is really coming on to me. She moves in closer to me and I follow suit. Leaning in with anticipation, I wait for our lips to connect, waiting to feel the softness of her lips finally on mine. I can feel her breath on my lips and it sends chills all over my body.


The sound of the door forces us away from each other quickly. We smile and look at each other for a second before she says, “Mickey, we will have to finish this discussion later.”

“Okay, Ms. Chapman. I'll be around.” I smile at her and lick my lips, making her blush a little. I walk out, feeling her watching me.

I look at my watch and it's 7:30. I look up and the moon is bright and the stars light up the sky. I stand there and admire their beauty. Feeling the night air cool down my already heated skin, I walk toward my apartment, thinking of all the possibilities with Ms. Chapman. I think about how she smells. The soft, floral sweetness seems to float around her. And as the night air blows, I can still smell it just as strong as if she is still right in front of me, giving me an even more elevated high, making me feel like I'm skipping on the clouds and singing.

When I get back to my apartment, my friend Tre is there waiting for me with a half concerned, half amused look on her face, waiting for the details.

“Dude,” she says, “did you get caught staring at her ass again?”

“No.” I start to tell her what happened, but I couldn't. “She was just telling me she didn't appreciate my daydreaming in her class.”

“I think she needs to get laid. She seems so uptight. She needs to unwind a little. I bet you could help her with that, couldn't you?” she says, laughing as she throws a mini basketball at me.

“Whatever, man,” I say, shooting the basketball in the over-the-door hoop.

“You know good and damn well that if Ms. Chapman threw it at you, you would catch it with your mouth wide open.”

“Yes. Yes, I would. But we both know that would never happen.” I laugh, hoping that she can't tell how nervous I am.

I end the conversation so that I can take a shower just to fantasize that Ms. Chapman is walking into the bathroom and climbing into the shower with me. The warm water running all over us as we kiss. The water running down her body while I lick slowly up her soft thigh, making my way to where I need to be. Her fingers running through and grabbing the short black curls on my head. Her breathing beginning to speed up as my lips get closer to her love. She inhales deeply as the tip of my tongue lightly touches her clit. I give it one full lick and she shudders. She starts moaning my name over and over, the better it starts to feel to her. I could feel her body tense and begin to shake. Her thighs close in on my head like a pair of padded vice grips. She starts pulling my hair and screaming my name as she comes hard in my mouth.


The banging on the door knocks me out of my fantasy.

“BRO! Stop jacking off and get out the damn shower,” Tre yells through the door.

“Damn, man I haven't been here that long. Calm down!”

“Bitch please, it's been an hour and a half. You know that the hot water runs out in this cheap ass apartment!”

I curse low to myself and get out of the shower to go to bed.

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